Saturday’s lineups: Tigers at Rays

Trop 004

Rajai Davis makes his second consecutive start in center field, though Brad Ausmus said Davis and Anthony Gose will play roughly the same number of innings. “The coin fell on Rajai starting today,” Ausmus said.

Other than that, it’s an Opening Day lineup. Look for the regulars to get a couple at-bats or three innings before giving way to other guys. By the late innings, we’ll probably see a good number of minor leaguers. Thirteen of them made the trek over from Lakeland.


  1. Rajai Davis, CF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF
  6. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

P: Alfredo Simon


  1. John Jaso, LF
  2. Steven Souza Jr., RF
  3. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  4. Evan Longoria, 3B
  5. James Loney, 1B
  6. Desmond Jennings, DH
  7. Logan Forsythe, 2B
  8. Rene Rivera, C
  9. Kevin Kiermaier, CF

P: Matt Andriese


In 4 IP Simon has thrown about the same number of pitches that Anibal threw inn the first inning the other day. Impressive.

He looked real good today. Btw, today’s game is being broadcast free on So many interviews with players and then suddenly there’s no sound.

I know the starter’s all checked out before today’s game but Simon looked sharp and the relievers, other than the 3 walks given, looked good. Good to see VMart crank one which was the difference. Nesbitt could be the “wildcard” for the 1st couple of months until the hitters either figure him out or he wears down. Ausmus is going to have to mix n’ match his bullpen (aka short leash) this season!

ST gave me a few impression of a few Tigers:

Jose- He’ll be just fine. Contact, speed, glove, physical integrity seem to be there.
Nick- bit worried. Bad habits still. Tends to get into slumps.
Ian- Ready to go
Miggy- 90% full strength makes him better than 95% of everyone else
Victor- What you see is what you get..a good BAT and nothing else, tangible at least.
JD- Have to prepare for less BatAvg this year but RBIs will be solid
Yoenis- Will carry the team at times.
Alex- It was a shame to see that LHB of his fall go dormant 3 years ago, cause it ain’t comin’ back.
Gose- Can see why the concern has ALWAYS been his offense. When pitchers started getting cut form other teams he started to cut (and miss) himself.
Rajai- Gonna be tough to keep him motivated.
McCann- Perfect year for him to take over–and he will.
The Bench- Less than breath-taking.
The Rotation- Hold your breath.
The Bull Pen- B-R-E-A-T-H-E. and then Hope and Pray. Kinda the same approach Dombrowski had.

Pretty much agree with your assessment with two comments:
1) I think Kinsler should be given more days off this year.
2) I don’t see Rajai as motivation challenged. He knows his role. At any rate, between injuries and days off, he’ll get plenty of PT.

Anybody else a tad surprised that Simon didn’t go out for 6 IP?

Just got back from a ten game Florida trip. Miggy is about 90% and Victor is @75%. The teams play will improve as they round into shape. I think JD will have a monster year. The last week of Spring play the regulars start to look uninterested, so the play can get sloppy. Nick didn’t seem motivated and hopefully the bat will catch fire as the season starts. Alex is starting to go with the pitch more in the last week. When Gose is in center, the team is going to rack up some outfield assist. The pitching has been a concern. Hopefully, they were working on things that they will not do come Monday.

Well, I figure by now they’ve probably landed in the D.

Nightengale:”The #Dbacks release Cody Ross and swallow $9.5 million”

Cafardo:”Jonathan Papelbon, RHP, Phillies — How long will it be before Toronto or Detroit gets serious about obtaining him? Both teams have resisted so far. That $13 million vesting option for 2016 is a killer, but for Rogers Communications (Blue Jays) and Mike Ilitch (Tigers) it’s chicken feed. Neither team can afford to go short in the bullpen. Papelbon, despite some loss in velocity, can get the job done”
Nathan one year and team option. Papelbon one year and vesting option. Phillies are going nowhere, that would help them reduce payroll.As I said here, last season by the deadline , one for one would be fair.
Papelbon in the clubhouse rumors? I dont buy them, he and Scutaro supported Francona and that was all , at least for me that is a point for them.Cespedes was trashed too by Boston and the Tigers have him

Of course, they have a closer, a real one : Soria

Nathan for Pap straight up? Hell ya!

Not enough salary savings for the Phillies.

Dear Mr. I,

Nathan + 3MM for Pap. Please!

Phils wouldn’t want Nathan, not a player to aid the rebuilding process, even if they get $15 million off the books. price for Papelbon will increase between now and trade deadline unless he gets hurt. Phils seem willing to take that risk…see Cliff Lee. they might get burned by injury again, but their GM is clearly going down with the ship.

yeah that’s a fair assessment

Bob Nightengale:
“The complete #Padres-#Braves deal: Kimbrel and Upton to #Padres for Quentin, Maybin, Wisler, Paroubeck and 41st pick, per Rosnthal”
Melvin Upton

Upton brothers reunited. will it work in a new venue?

Upton is to Kimbrel like Willis was to Cabrera.

NL West is winnable though.

DBD: (David Blinders-on Dombrowski).
If there is a significant, lock-down, guarantee a pennant closer out there, DBD will let somebody else get him.
To think Kimbrel was up fro grabs for the like of what the braves got is unforgivable.
i think DD has lost his edge.
The one thing that is separating the Tigers from success is the one thing DD persistently ignores.

I’m not sure if the Padres made out in their deal. Upton is virtually useless to them and they took on $56M in salary according to MLBTR.

Wow that’s great to see Coke come into the game against the Cards and strike two guys out!! Good for him.
Wierd to see that little tweak he has made with his right foot.

Coke looked as goofy as ever. But he did his job. Kudos to him.

i’m surprised Maybin is making 15MM and didn’t hit over .240 last year. Padres are trying to become the next Marlins or something. Still, Colorado/Arizona are weak….Giants off year…..just got to beat the dodgers….to get home field in 1st round

I just hope that Carlos doesn’t go straight to an ALCENTRAL team and rebound….like KC or something….. they won’t have to pay him much, you know!

Hunter hits in the 4 slot tomorrow. Hope our fans show some class.

Well Guys, another year ahead for all of us Wacky Tiger Fans. I look forward to an interesting dialogue this year as we search for three good things to like about the game. win or lose. Oh yes, Evan, we’ll lose at least 10 games this year. For those who have privately asked about my health, I had a little setback this past Thursday. Was having a liver procedure done called TIPS, and the Surgeon hit an artery. Thanks to the grace of God, I came home today, and will be “sorely: recovering in my chair tomorrow as I watch our beloved beloved Tigers for my 56th. season. Hear’s to blogging.


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