Dombrowski: Tigers aren’t actively pursuing relievers

The Tigers currently have 24 active players in camp, if you don’t count Justin Verlander and Bruce Rondon as active. They can have 25 active players on Opening Day. Barring a drastic change, the Tigers won’t be adding someone from outside the organization to fill the 25th spot.

The topic came up after the Tigers optioned Kyle Ryan and Blaine Hardy to Triple-A Toledo Friday night, followed by a report from’s Jon Paul Morosi that the Tigers were close to acquiring a relief pitcher. The news apparently reached Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski.

“Someone told me this morning that somebody wrote that we were close to getting a reliever,” Dombrowski said later. “I said, ‘Well, I wish they’d call me on that.’ … I don’t know where that would even come from. But whoever said that, hey, if they’ve got somebody that would help us, we’re open to phone calls.”

He was kidding, but he also said they were open to listening. At this point, though, he said nothing’s happening.

“I don’t know what the next phone call will bring at this time. You never know what’ll happen. But we’re not actively doing anything,” Dombrowski said. “But if somebody picks up the phone and says we’ve got such-and-such, the season doesn’t start until Monday. You’re always open-minded, but I’m not close to it or have an open discussion on it. ..

“You can always get better. Let’s face it, there’s no club that’s perfect. But I would be really surprised if that happened at this point.”


Soriano hired Boras. Someone who likes to push Boras client starts a rumor…

“you can always get better” …..pitchers than our bullpen already has?

who could possibly improve this bullpen? it’s so great and all….

George Sipple:Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Dave Dombrowski likes the bullpen: “I think they’ll go out there and do the job for us”

Just once I’d like to see and hear Dombrowski own up the the perpetual mess that defines Detroit Tiger bullpens.

“accountability is a course in high school” – Jim?

Nick struggling lately. He has such a natural swing to the off field but last year and this, he is just missing the barrel of the bat quite a lot.

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