Rondon diagnosed with right shoulder tendinitis

Tigers reliever Bruce Rondon is considered day-to-day after an MRI exam showed tendinitis in his right shoulder, pitching coach Jeff Jones said Thursday morning.

The diagnosis came after Rondon was scratched from a scheduled relief appearance Wednesday against the Astros. Rondon, who struck out the side in order Tuesday, was scheduled to pitch a second straight game, one of the final hurdles towards being ready for Opening Day, but woke up with a sore shoulder.

A bout of tendinitis would make an Opening Day return seem difficult if not impossible. Still, considering the injuries the hard-throwing right-hander has had to overcome the last year and a half, it’s arguably good news compared to what the injury could have been.

The shoulder injury is not believed to be related to the sore neck that sidelined Rondon for a few days last week. It’s also not related to the elbow injury that led to season-ending Tommy John surgery about a year ago at this point.

If Rondon isn’t ready for Opening Day, his absence opens up a relief spot for somebody else. If manager Brad Ausmus wants a right-hander who can fill the Rondon type of situational role, rookie Angel Nesbitt is a likely candidate, having impressed with a mid- to upper-90s fastball and slider.

On the other hand, Ausmus hasn’t ruled out the idea of carrying three left-handed relievers, which would allow him to keep both hard-throwing southpaw Ian Krol and converted starter Kyle Ryan.


you mean Rondon isn’t on the verge of the quickest and most complete tommy john recovery, ever? That got me to thinking whether Danny Worth was going north was Arizona (per my prediction that Danny would pitch more MLB innings than Joel and Bruce in 2015)….but alas Danny was cut. We should sign him and have him work on that knuckle ball!

“We don’t think it’s something that he needs an MRI for, but we just thought it probably wasn’t smart given the surgery that he’s coming off of — even though it’s not in the same area — but given the surgery he’s coming off of and the fact that he hasn’t pitched back to back yet, today wouldn’t be the best day to do it,” Ausmus said.Huh?
Brad is starting to sound like Yogi.
Then of course the did do an MRI. Did we ever hear that they did an MRI on JV?

iott.Verlander and Rondon to the DL

Tendinitis, but shoulder or biceps?

Now, they carry Nesbitt and 3 LH . Or Collins?

“Rondon has biceps tendonitis, which is common among pitchers, according to Ausmus”

lol @ “according to Ausmus”

Of course the thing with JV will candy-coated by saying he only mises one start, he wasn’t really injured, it’s just precautinary etc, etc. But the reality is he loses what he had progressed to in ST. Definitely a step back. Saying that I agree it was the best thing to do. It’s just the rhetoric from the management that I dislike.

Nesbitt is a lock. His role will be to do when Joba can’t do his.
Kinda like Soria who will do when Joe can’t do his.
There is beauty in redundancy.

Saturday and Sunday will be a checkpoint for Verlander. They’re hoping he can throw a bullpen. If he can’t, April 12 start is in question.

Off the subject, but it looks like Boesch will make the cut with the Reds. He is hammering the ball JD-style in ST and had 27 HRs with nearly 100 RBIs in less than 500 combined ABs last season. Looks like he has recovered nicely from his hand injury. It took a while.

Baseball Reference says he’s hit 47 HR’s in the last 5 years. 2 last year.

25 were with Salt Lake. Moya had 35 with Toledo

What does Moya have to do with anything?

They have a player with similar number so no reason to miss Boesch

I see. My comment was solely about his status as a former Tiger. No need for you to read too much into my comments. I’ll let you know if I have a further agenda.

yeah I was going to say…… while you’re at it lets bring back Ramon, Danny and Papa Grande….

Out of curiosity, why would you want to do that?

Best of luck to Brennan. He was a good Tiger.

Agreed. It’s good to see people come back from failure or injury or whatever.

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