Wednesday’s lineup: Tigers at Astros

Day off for Miguel Cabrera, Jose Iglesias and Alex Avila. Another day of utility work for Andrew Romine and Hernan Perez.

Also, a reminder that this is a bullpen day. Kyle Ryan gets the start, and Tom Gorzelanny will pitch a few innings, but today is also a key hurdle for Bruce Rondon. If he can pitch a second consecutive day effectively, his path to the Opening Day roster looks a lot clearer.


  1. Rajai Davis, LF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  3. Victor Martinez, DH
  4. J.D. Martinez, RF
  5. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  6. James McCann, C
  7. Hernan Perez, 1B
  8. Andrew Romine, SS
  9. Anthony Gose, CF

P: Kyle Ryan, Tom Gorzelanny, Bruce Rondon, Joe Nathan, Blaine Hardy


looks like Ausmus intends to put Gose and Davis in either 1 or 9 spot in order, depending on the handedness of the opposing starting pitcher. for Oakland’s ambidextrous pitcher, total lineup chaos would ensue.

Kelly was Nick’s late inning defensive replacement in 2014. Who, if anyone, fills that role this season?

Hopefully his defense improves enough to keep him in all game. Romine, Perez and Iggy all play 3B

It would be Romine, as he has much more experience than Perez at third, though Perez has played there some this spring. Iglesias is likely to stay a shortstop if he’s in the game.

joba’s not on the list as potential pitcher. and he didn’t pitch in yesterday’s game either. is there anything to that? i ask b/c it seems as if they’re trying to get the pitchers into back-to-back games & ready for the regular season grind. joba hasn’t done that yet (or maybe he’s at the minor field sometimes?)

A test for the BP today according to Dan and Jim. Let’s see if Gorzelanny can manage not to get beat up.

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