Price: Nothing new on contract talks, but no deadline

Much like every other time we’ve asked, there’s nothing new on David Price and his contract status after he made his final start of the spring Tuesday. That’s good and bad news from the Tigers’ standpoint. The latter is obvious, that he remains on track for free agency at season’s end. The flip side, for what it’s worth, is that the window isn’t closing for talks. Price said Tuesday he remains open to talks during the season.

He hasn’t let it become a distraction for him this spring, he said, and he doesn’t expect it to be a distraction once the season starts.

“I left it open to talks throughout the year,” he said. “There’s no rush for them.”

Part of the reason for that seems to be the relative simplicity. The way Price described it when asked if talks could linger sounds very much like there’s a certain point in mind.

“It wouldn’t be something that would linger on,” Price said. “These guys, they know what they want to do, and so do I. So if we get to that point, then I think once it gets going, it would go quickly. If it doesn’t happen, then it just wouldn’t happen. It’s not something that we’d revisit every two weeks. I’m sure the Tigers would rather it be either we can get it done or we can’t and leave it alone. We’ll see how everything starts shaking out.”

Asked if recent contracts have set a range for him, he said, “I guess you could say that, but that’s not my thought behind it.”


I’ll be shocked if they sign him. I hope he signs, but the Price might be too high..
Victor’s leg hurts. Oh, that’s just great!😦

Tigers projected payroll:173,813,750 4th after Dodgers with $275.9 million, Yankees $216.5, and Boston with 187,9

If Nathan didn’t suck then it wouldn’t matter.

Tigers 2015 franchise value, over 1 billion. Perspective

Joe Nathan threw us under the bus on MLB radio today. He was not misquoted. Told us he might have misspoke. We reran what he tried to say

Suarez optioned to Lousville

I know Price had a rough day today in spring training. Not typical. I think the Tigers crappy bullpen will have an effect whether he will sign with Tigers for next year. Can’t think a starter will want to be on a team with a bullpen that can’t hold his leads.

Good point, Jackie. Everyone an their brother talks about our lack of a bullpen.

Well, I think Price is different in this regard. He’s a guy who expects to go nine.

Does anyone remember what happened with Josh Smith was traded from the Pistons? Is that possible, here, with the tigers and joe nathan? the 11MM is toast either way.

Nathan wil go. He is a negativity that can’t be overlooked or tolerated. A mistake was made. Iis the GM big enough to swallow his pride and carry on?
Can Nathan help the team or will he only salvage his own dignity?
If he can it should be in a non-contending situation. There is too much at stake here.

VMart? Let him be. He will hit and to expect anything else from him is ridiculous. He can’t run? Tell us something new. One trick pony and the trick is pretty damn good.
On another note:“Ausmus said Rondon needs to be able to throw back-to-back games in order to make the roster.” What about Nathan? Has he been disqualified from this obligation?
Rondon is a worry because of his repertoire but Nathan is a disaster because of his age. Tell it like it is.

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