Verlander: Triceps soreness feels same as yesterday

Justin Verlander said Saturday morning he feels similar tightness in his right triceps to what forced him out of his Grapefruit League start Friday, though he said his level of concern remains low.

“Pretty low,” Verlander said, “especially with the time we have [before next start], extra day and can even manipulate things forward if need be.”

Verlander is tentatively scheduled to start on Thursday against the Yankees at Joker Marchant Stadium, marking his Spring Training finale. He has another extra day of rest scheduled before his season debut, slated for April 8 against the Twins in the Tigers’ second game of the season.

Verlander was an early arrival at Joker Marchant Stadium on Saturday morning and met with head athletic trainer Kevin Rand. He did not have an MRI exam or any other tests. His treatment so far has been limited to ice, and he was in the outfield during batting practice.

Verlander’s injury remains listed as a right triceps cramp, though Verlander said the next couple days will indicate whether it’s a cramp or a strain.

“We kind of all assumed I’d be sore today,” he said. “It’s really [a question of] how it bounces back in the next couple days. That’ll tell us a lot more about the injury, I guess, whether it’s a mild strain or whether it was just a cramp. Either way, even if it was just a very mild strain, it’s still like I said, very mild. It’s nothing that would hold me out for an extended period of time.”


Doc or McCann? I think the belief that James would get the job has become somewhat of a competition now.
Would be nice to get some hitting out of that position. Alex is hitting about what we can expect in the regular season.

Putkonen> continued poor performance?

Ready for whatever it comes
Aníbal Sánchez is aware his 2014 results were below expectations.
“I m ready to face what comes “I mentally prepare myself and tell myself: this is your big year “You need great expectation and make an effort to fill them”
“There is nothing special or something changing, I always centered myself in keep consistency. There is no secret her, Everybody knows who is Aníbal Sánchez and what kind of pitcher I am”
For the third in the rotation: “It is all about location , independently of the pitch type, without good location, it wont have effect”
Thanks God, , my pitches have been responsive to my wishes, i need to be a little more consistent in the low zone , but taet will improve as soon as I gain innings and making adjustments”
His conditions ? ” Very encouraging”.
“I feel comfortable . This preseason, the schedule has been fulfilled . Last season, the rain allowed me just 5 inning during spring training ant that did not help me ( NB: so, that indoor works is not that good and it is not about him being unhealthy but rushed like Soria after him)
Life without Scherzer ( a little license) .” My role and responsibility will be the same , no matter who is part of the rotation, I know what I have to d do and the compromise that the organization has, for that I work daily, no matter who gets into or out of the roster”
The reporter: The Tigers have put interrogation signs Shane Greene, Alfredo Simón y Justin Verlander, ( Me: and fans and Iott in Sánchez)
“I dont have Miguel ´s responsibility on my shoulders, or another batter´s , I only control what I do on the mound and always do it my way”
“We are in a thought division, it will be an interesting battle, a competence that cheers us up because we have the pieces to get good results, however, it will be decided on the field”

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