Jose Iglesias’ classic car and its cultural statement

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The Tigers parking lot at Joker Marchant Stadium can resemble an auto show some mornings. Justin Verlander’s rotation of sports cars is dizzying. Alfredo Simon’s chrome-painted Mercedes and Yoenis Cespedes’ black Lamborghini have been well-documented.

In that crowd, a classic car can look completely out of place. But then, a baby blue 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible doesn’t have to blend in. If it seems like a surprise in a Major Leaguer’s collection, consider the player who owns it.

“Always been my favorite car,” said shortstop Jose Iglesias, who is 35 years younger than his car.

Photos 033The car also predates the Castro revolution in Cuba and the embargo between the Island nation and the United States. Between the severing of economic ties and restrictions on new car purchases, classic American cars, bought before the revolution, were vital transportation and maintained for years. Those that lasted, despite a lack of replacement parts, became valuable commodities.

Iglesias bought his car this offseason in Miami.

“My dad likes it,” Iglesias said. “When I saw the car, I said, ‘This is it.’ Convertible. And it’s really rare. It’s different.”

It’s something he could only dream of when he was growing up in Cuba.

“Now I have the money to have it,” Iglesias said. “In Cuba? No chance.”

Will he drive it to Detroit this season? He’s not sure. The early-season weather might lead him to keep it at home.


Oh, I absolutely love it! Someone wrote on twitter or Instagram that it was Miggy’s car, but I didn’t believe it. Jose is a true car aficionado.

Somebody’s got to take him to the Woodward car cruise this year. He’d love it.

The Big Guys are showing their rust today. Good to see them back though.

I am not getting the Tiger FSD broadcast. You folks experiencing the same?
If so, you must have watched the most boring stereotypical interview ever with Nick Markakis. Ugh.

I have it, but it’s not Mario & Rod. Braves anouncers.

Too bad. Would have been music to our ears to have heard Mario again.

Announcers got that right (Tigers must be envious of having a guy like Kimbrel in the pen).
Memo to DD, there is no reason not to find one next year if not this.
You have to be prepared to spend money to be competitive, especially in an area of the team that you are weak The ChiSox know that.

Another Nuthan from Nathan

Regarding the TV feed, in the last few days I’ve seen it listed as:
Braves @ Tigers FSD
Braves @ Tigers FSSW
Nationals @ Tigers FSD
Tigers @ Nationals MASN
Tigers @ Braves FSD carrying the FSSW feed
Obviously only the last one was correct. And still I read that someone had been blacked out.
Spring training for TV viewers too.

I think it is really time for Dombrowski to quit pretending and take stock of who can truly pitch out of the bullpen. Going with Nathan to justify his acquisition and salary is, well, unjustifiable. Soria was expected by many here to take over from Ol’ ChinFlick in the first couple of months. That needs to be re-evaluated. Rondon has had physical issues after two prior annointments. I find it incredible he has recovered so qickly from Tommy John. Joba is a great guy but DD is going back to the well with him after he pretty much forced him out and then signed him to a blue-light special.
DD is ready to go the later innings (and I do give Soria a pass here) with four (count ’em) guys who have failed before. And this after two post-season of unlearned lessons.
His approach this year to resolving the problem has once again been one of Hope & Dream.

Joe ChinFlick?

DD has had 6 months to get the pen fixed . The scrap pile from last year was a failure .Lets hope he has a plan B this year . Anything else is not acceptable .

A recovery that fast is not unsual for position players . For a pitcher was fast but young pitchers are able to

Is Iglesias ready? He is making contact but has nothing to show for it

Iggy’s defense is still stellar. But his offese remains questionable. Iggy has a relatively small MLB offensive sample to guage, but his larger MiLB sample shows only a .257 BA with 37 SBs. By comparison, the ever-criticized Romine has a MiLB lifetime .279 BA with 182 SBs.

of course the difference is Romine is not stellar at defense and 4 years older….

Maybe not stellar, but as you have noted before, he is a good defender. Don’t misconstrue my point. Iiggy is a glove guy but he is no Peralta with the stick. Kinda interesting aside, the Shredder had Tulo and Peralta as the 2 best SSs in baseball.

and we pretty much got peralta for nothing

Really. Jhonny? Tulo is a great player stuck in a mediocre baseball setting. He would have been good enough to play in Yankee Stadium or Fenway. I can only dream what he may have accomplished as a Tiger.
Jose will be OK with the stick. Contact is mportant and his hand-eye is so good one has to believe that will translate to line drives eventually. He seems to be way off his timing (understandably) and is topping the ball.

Thank your lucky stars we don’t have Jhonny saddled up next to Casty!
You could roll agym ball between those two guys.

According to Baseball Reference, Peralta’s Defensive Runs Saved Above Average was 12. Very impressive work.

By comparison, Iggy was a 2 for the last full year (2013) he played in MLB.

Corner outfielders seem to be somewhat interchangeable. I can see the advantage of Cespedes in left at Comerica. But why not (in this new age of defensive positioning) have a guy like Cespedes swap with JD at an away venue where JD would be able to handle the range factor in left and have Yoenis’ golden arm play in right field to keep runners from going to third?
Just a wild thought on a non-game day.

good point there dan

Regarding Peralta, Fangraphs has his WAR at 5.3. That is good for 25th among MLB players, including pitchers. Tulo was 26th. Fangraphs had Peralta with the highest WAR among SSs.

i don’t know what to say about that. perhaps my eyes deceived me in regards to his range….but i doubt it.

Don’t discount your eyes. But bias and prejudice need to be balanced statistically. Fangraphs, Baseball Reference and the Shredder are all on the same page. That said, I’m with you on Iggy. His glove overcomes Peralta’s in my eyes too.


TJ by Jon Roegele:
“Added a dozen MLB prospect Tommy John surgeries to the database, which now has 927 entries and counting

am not sure what the quickest recovery from TJ surgery is, but it appears that Rondon is on that end of the spectrum

interesting in that after Tommy John’s success with the surgery, the next 4 who got it, never made it back to pitch in MLB

Tommy John was the perfect pitcher to begin with. He was a crafty pitcher before the surgery.
Still, the recovery rate was more or less the same as today:

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Link at the right side:
“I m the king of batter that the more reps the better” I have always needed the work, but at this level you know what you need to do , and Thank God,I have been doing it step by step”
Old news: “Victor Martínez, days as catcher are over. Maybe once here or there at 1B , but who knows. Ilike to play 1B but , obviously, the regular is Miguel”
“I have had to be more patient” In the beginningi used to swing atalmost every thing and now, I have to be more selective, because they keep pitching me hard”
As I have said always to the boys:nNobody said it would be easy. Things are becoming harder. Those Kansas City and Cleveland guys are young with a lot of talent and they are making noise for a reason. They are good guys and here have been proved that games are not won on paper , you win on the field”
I took here and there some licenses

thanks El T. I google translated it but it was a tough read that way.

You are welcome.
“Old news” explained:
“I don’t think it’d be smart with those knee issues to catch Victor,” Ausmus said about Martinez
I think (playing first base) will still be on the table,” Ausmus said. “But when that happens, I don’t know.”
Pérez and Romine as emergency catchers

Re Tommy John surgery: one could call it Dick McAuliffe surgery.


It was intended as such.


2 on and 2 outs on MLB Network. Can Yoenis do it?


Gose showed his arm and legs off in the first inning.

When do you start wondering about starting pitching? April 6th? Hasn’t really instilled any confidence yet?

I’m not worried, yet. This is probably the first game where we had a regular lineup.
My computer crashed, gk and I’m using the next door neighbor’s. Have to buy a new one.

JD Martinez!

I watched the first 4 innings last night and I hear this morning that they ended up losing that game – will have to read up on it, or just not so I can save myself the worry for the regular season. First I have watched or listened or anything this year, so it was nice to see the guys again.

Well the guys you won’t be counting on in regular season blew it. Walks are alarming to me.

hows papa grande doing?

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