Tigers get at least seven FOX Saturday Baseball appearances

FOX announced its first-version list of Saturday baseball broadcasts on the national network and Fox Sports 1, and it includes a lot of Tigers games. Detroit will get seven Saturday national or regional broadcasts.

Most of them do not involve a major scheduling change. All that shifts is the television network and, in some cases, the availability on MLB.TV.

Here’s the list (all times Eastern):

  • April 25: Indians at Tigers, 1pm, Fox Sports 1
  • May 9: Royals at Tigers, 1pm, Fox Sports 1
  • June 6: Tigers at White Sox, 7pm, FOX regional
  • July 11: Tigers at Twins, 4pm, Fox Sports 1
  • August 22: Rangers at Tigers, 7pm, FOX national
  • Sept. 12: Tigers at Indians, 7pm, Fox Sports 1
  • Sept. 19: Royals at Tigers, 7pm, Fox Sports 1


Ugh. …

Thought Greene looked OK.
Definitely worried about Avila. Has that lost look again this year. Drew a walk but probably should have been called out looking. Slower. Not sharp behind the plate.

Really glad that baseball has decided to accerlerate the “pace of the game”!

I got so excited when the Pittsburg announcers said Julio Iglesias was on the field.

Those announcers were a snoozefest! I’m noticing with these new rules guys are still in and out of the batters box. I also see no difference.

DD is going to get skewered again by fans for his bullpen construction this year.
The Chisox got Duke and we get Gorzelanny.

Need skewering? Call THE FANS.
“It’s What We Do”

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