Iglesias scratched after being hit by liner on shin

For the second time in three days, Jose Iglesias has left a lineup with a bruised right shin. This time, it was a scarier incident, with the Tigers shortstop struck by a low line drive during pregame batting practice Sunday.

Iglesias, who left Friday’s game against the Mets with a right shin contusion suffered on a late slide into second base, was in the starting lineup for Sunday’s game against the Astros. He was taking ground balls and working with Ian Kinsler when J.D. Martinez smacked a line drive that caught him. Kinsler said the liner seemed to catch him in the same spot as the bruise.

Iglesias immediately went to the ground in pain. He was helped off the field by Tigers assistant athletic trainer Doug Teter, but was able to put weight on the leg.

It was a scary incident for a young shortstop who missed all of last season with stress fractures in both shins. The Tigers emphasized that Friday’s injury was unrelated to the fractures.

Dixon Machado replaced Iglesias in Sunday’s starting lineup.


Not a good start for Shane.

Oh, my, it’s just getting worse.

Early spring training but this pitching has been unimpressive and I am talking about the guys you are counting on. It seems to me pitchers are usually ahead of hitters but has not been the case for our team

not today, for sure, or at least up until this point in the game.

They all carried their gas cans and got lit up!

today’s game reminded me when Neil Young sung “..sooner or later it all gets real. Walk on! walk on!” in 1974. http://youtu.be/9n7kOATMJ6I

No one’s gonna give a d.. in July if you lost a game in March.


Too early to tell with the pitching staff . I will give them another 2 weeks to figure out what is what .

You would expect a GG caliber SS to keep the eye on the ball

I like seeing tram out there!
On a non-baseball note, I received notice that I am being granted a job interview in Kalamazoo next week…so there’s a chance I’m back in Michigan with a good job this fall. Anyone else, around here, live in Kalamazoo?

No, but close. It’s a college town.

well to be fair, i would be working at the college.

which one, or would you rather not pinpoint that right now?

Evan it’s a good city with a diversified economy and about 2 hours west of Tiger stadium! Good luck!

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