Monday: Tigers vs. Florida Southern

FL Southern 001

The unofficial Spring Training opener has arrived, even if not all the Tigers regulars are ready quite yet.

Detroit traditionally plays its regulars against Florida Southern for an at-bat or two. As Jim Leyland used to say, it gives college kids a chance to say they played against big-league stars years from now. They won’t get to say they played against Miguel Cabrera or Victor Martinez this year, but the Tigers have six regulars in their lineup. That includes shortstop Jose Iglesias, whose first game action in a year will last one inning.


  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Jose Iglesias, SS
  3. J.D. Martinez, RF
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  5. Rajai Davis, CF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. Jordan Lennerton, 1B
  8. Bryan Holaday, C
  9. James McCann, DH


  1. Kyle Richards, LF
  2. Sam Machonis, CF
  3. Chris Dennis, 3B
  4. Jhalan Jackson, RF
  5. Blake Swann, 1B
  6. Dominic Brugnoni, DH
  7. Shawn Sanders, 2B
  8. Joey Miller, C
  9. Casey Eddinger, SS

P: Ben Richardson

P: Tim Melville (about two innings), Kyle Ryan, Buck Farmer, Omar Duran, Jose Valdez, Angel Nesbitt, Joe Mantiply

For the second, this is the 29th meeting between these two institutions dating back to 1979. The Tigers own a 25-1-2 advantage, having tied in 1992 and 2005 (Matt Joyce played for the Mocs in that game, and the Tigers saw enough to draft him that summer). The lone Florida Southern win was a 5-3 decision in 1986.


I like having both the catchers in there during the same games – allows you to get a better comparison. I think Holady has been written off by some and Alex hasn’t kinda unearned a starter spot over the past few seasons.

….HAS kinda unearned a spot….

Random thoughts: heard Caputo refer to Alfredo Simon as ‘The Big Pasta’…will that nickname stick to the wall?
according to a wire story, Scherzer had his manager hum the National Anthem in the bullpen before he went to the mound for his first live BP throwing session. evidently wanted the full simulated experience. it was a real humdinger.
Phillies lost to #1 ranked div2 baseball team yesterday. ominous?

Looks like our $2 million rag-ball champion is getting more medical opininon.

come again? Joel is a 1 million dollar man, right? can’t we get our money back if we walk away right now?

It’s about time. Dr. Andrews ? kept telling him he didn’t need more surgery, but obviously something is going on with his arm. I feel bad for him.

well my bet that danny worth would throw more meaningful innings than Rondon or Hanrahan is looking pretty good so far….

romine just hit a dinger?

nevermind i see he hit holaday in

atta boy lennerton!

aaaaaaand the games a blowout. well done boys.

Iott:”Contract: Hanrahan signed a minor-league deal with the Tigers in the offseason. That contract will pay him $1 million if he makes it to the majors with the Tigers and includes incentives that could pay him up to $2.5 million more”

OK never mind WE’RE GOOD. lol.

Valdez pitched like a C-L-O-S-E-R is supposed to.

10 pitches: 3 Ks

the last closer around here was a potato that most people couldn’t stand.

The Big Potato unfortunately lost the split on his splitter and the c on the closer.

well put, well put.

Been readin the various and sundry summaries of the game today. Oddly enough they talk about, Melville, Nesbitt, even Ryan, but no one breathed a word of praise for Valdez.

Got to see the Tigers in Tigertown this afternoon! Beautiful afternoon and was impressed with Nesbitt and Farmer both had good location and movement. Likewise, liked what I heard & saw from the bats of Westlake, Moya, H. Perez and even Collins.
Heard b/c I was 4 rows from the field next to Tiger’s dugout.

It’s a D2 College program but the Mocs’ starter was pretty sharp! Romine played 2nd and 1st this afternoon. Nice complex!! It’s great to see baseball again.

Cant wait to get down there myself . Tigertown is the perfect set up for Spring Training . This below zero weather is making me crave sunshine, baseball and the berm at Marchant stadium .

Nobody up north wants to hear this, but it was actually hot on the berm when we went out there for awhile.
Hard to judge results against a college team. Buck Farmer had a classic K on one of the youngsters. He busted him up and in at 94 mph then followed with a tailing slider low and away for the swinging strikeout.
It was nice to see Iggy sprint out there to the shortstop position.

Enjoy watching the games in person guys – one of these years I’ll be there too – I keep saying it not sure when I will make it happen though.

Tiger Girl, just tell yourself and your spouse “we’re going next year” and then plan your trip. People at Tigertown are friendly. It’s good to see baseball again.

financially i’m a long ways away from florida trips. but hey, i sprung the 130$ for this year, so I have that going for me.

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