Tigers rotation set for first week of games

The Tigers rotation is now set for the early stretch, including a nice early spring matchup next weekend.

We already knew Kyle Lobstein was starting Tuesday’s Grapefruit League opener against the Orioles at Joker Marchant Stadium. From there, Anibal Sanchez will face the O’s on Wednesday in Sarasota. Alfredo Simon will face the Braves on Thursday in Lakeland. David Price will make his first start of the spring Friday against the Mets in Port St. Lucie opposite Matt Harvey, who makes his return from Tommy John surgery.

From there, Justin Verlander will make his return against the Braves at Disney World. The rotation comes around Sunday to Shane Greene, who will make his Tigers debut Sunday against the Astros in Lakeland.

If you’re into counting turns to Opening Day, Verlander is on track. Price, however, could easily get on track with an extra day of rest.


when you run your organization into the ground, there are prices to pay. Phillies lose first spring training game to Division II University of Tampa http://www.philliedelphia.com/2015/03/phillies-spartans-division-ii.html

Pretty much the way I see it also. Philly is a mess and the GM could be on thin ice.

The Tigers were able to trade their Howard.
They owe 111, 108, 106 MM. That gives them 60–70 MM to spend. So 2/3 of the division rival payrolls
If needed, Kinsler, Victor and Anibal have trade value. If Kemp was traded, JV can be traded.
The farm system? that comes with the territory, if you are top 10 year after year you draft late and late draft are not worth that much anyway.
DD has been praised for trading those no value picks for gold but usually he has to give 3 or 4 players. For a year and a half of Price he gave 2 MLB players, one with years of control, and a top prospects
The Venezuelan Academy? Rondon, Suarez and Garcia and he traded away two of them. No big deal if the draft force them to close it
They are in a dangerous place but they are not the Phillies as soon as they keep spending

So happy I’ll be able to watch the Tigers on MLB.tv this week! Baseball is back, and life is good!

It Happens Every Spring. (Ray Milland)

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