No Cabrera exam results until Wednesday

Miguel Cabrera and his surgically repaired right foot will have to wait until Wednesday before potentially cleared for running and baseball activity. The Tigers slugger underwent a CT scan in Miami to see how much his foot has healed from the stress fracture that hampered him down the stretch last season.

Dr. Robert Anderson, the Charlotte-based orthopedic surgeon who operated on Cabrera’s foot and ankle last October, will review the results on Wednesday, according to a statement from the Tigers. What he sees will determine how realistically the team can hope to have Cabrera in their lineup for Opening Day.

The CT scan had been scheduled as part of the exam. Head athletic trainer Kevin Rand mentioned it back in January after Dr. Anderson had cleared Cabrera to remove his walking boot and move around in his normal shoes. Cabrera was always scheduled to have the exam in Miami, according to team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski, rather than travel to Charlotte, which was hit by a winter storm earlier this week.

Dombrowski is expected to talk about the results Wednesday morning. Dombrowski has been publicly optimistic that Cabrera will be ready for Opening Day or shortly thereafter.

Clearance from Dr. Anderson would allow the two-time American League MVP and three-time AL batting champion to take part in workouts when the full Tigers squad reports next week. He’ll likely be in camp before that.

Cabrera has been limited to upper-body work and limited weight-bearing activities on his legs since undergoing surgery in October. Dr. Anderson removed a bone spur from his right ankle, which was expected, but he also had a stress fracture of the navicular bone in his foot, which wasn’t previously known.

Not only was the fracture a surprise, it was a marvel that Cabrera was able to play through it down the stretch last season. Cabrera was clearly hampered running the bases, but that was thought to be a result of the bone spur.

Cabrera couldn’t put any weight on the right leg for much of the early offseason, then had to use a walking boot. He didn’t receive clearance to walk normally until January.

Will Carroll, who has written about injuries for several publications, said the exam is standard procedure, and that only a major issue would likely delay clearance for activity.

Cabrera’s rehab coincides with the recovery of fellow All-Star and AL MVP runner-up Victor Martinez, who underwent surgery last Tuesday on a torn meniscus in his left knee. Martinez is expected to be back in 4-6 weeks, giving him a chance to be ready for Opening Day as well.


Verlanderd relied too much on his not so fastball,even if he hit 99 once and then, and the HR prone slider. He needs his curve back.He abandoned rhe change too but with a slower four seam it wont work that well anyway

I remember several years ago whenever JV would be in trouble he would just start firing fastballs as hard as he could – until one or two went yard. He figured it out then, he’ll figure it out now. He has too or we’ll be the Detoit Philadelphia’s in a year or two.

reminds me….whatever happened to Urbina? is he out yet?

gosh he might still have enough left in the tank to help this bullpen. jk jk

ya know….enough gas left in the can….

No, he is out of jail and pitched for Caracas two years ago

I have heard it argued that Vmart and Cabby missing ST is actually a good thing, for October.

Not happy with the Simon trade. Didn’t know the facts until reading your link Dan. Bad move by DD as far as I’m concerned.The fangraphs article seemed a fair assessment too. They missed some very good opportunities over the last 5 years. Watching aging players is cool if they’re winning, not so cool if they’re losing. The Cardinals have had far and away the most consistently competitive team over a long period of time.

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