15 Tigers spring training games to be televised

We already knew the Fox Sports Detroit broadcast slate for spring training, which includes a half-dozen games over the last couple weeks of camp. ESPN, meanwhile, picked up the Tigers’ April 2 matchup against the Yankees. Now, you can add eight more games to the television slate on MLB Network — three of them live, the other five on tape delay, usually rebroadcasts from local networks.

A handful of those broadcasts will be in the first two weeks of games, a stretch that had previously been barren as far as TV goes.

Here’s the full TV schedule for the spring (the full radio/TV broadcast slate for the spring can be found here):

Friday, March 6 — Tigers at Mets, 1:10 (MLB Network delay at 9pm)
Tuesday, March 10 — Tigers at Phillies, 1:05 (MLB Network live)
Wednesday, March 11 — Tigers at Nationals, 1:05 (MLB Network delayed until March 12 at 6am)
Monday, March 16 — Tigers at Cardinals, 1:05 (MLB Network live)
Wednesday, March 18 — Tigers at Pirates, 6:05 (MLB Network delay at 8pm)
Sunday, March 22 — Tigers at Braves, 1:05 (FS Detroit live)
Tuesday, March 24 — Tigers at Yankees, 7:05 (MLB Network live)
Wednesday, March 25 — Tigers vs. Marlins, 1:05 (FS Detroit live)
Thursday, March 26 — Tigers vs. Orioles, 1:05 (FS Detroit and MLB Network live)
Friday, March 27 — Tigers at Jays, 1:07 (MLB Network delayed until March 28 at 9am)
Sunday, March 29 — Tigers at Phillies, 1:05 (MLB Network delay until midnight)
Monday, March 30 — Tigers vs. Braves, 1:05 (FS Detroit live, MLB Network delay until March 31 at 6am)
Thursday, April 2 — Tigers vs. Yankees, 1:05 (ESPN)
Friday, April 3 — Tigers vs. Rays (FS Detroit and MLB Network live)
Saturday, April 4 — Tigers at Rays (FS Detroit live)


We sure are waiting a long time to hear about Miggy!!

Jason at twitter:
Miguel Cabrera underwent follow-up CT scan today in Miami. Specialist will review results in Charlotte tomorrow, according to Tigers.
CT scan was always planned. Not sure if having it in Miami was planned or if weather issues in Charlotte made that more sensible.

I’d prefer something like an everyday lineup with Kinsler batting in front of Miggy and getting used to staying there:


Of course those guys have to hit there or things change.

Kinsler 2014 as lead-off:287 /.316 /.457/ .773.Second:265/.302 /.389/.691. The OBP is a little low but Gose´s track record is not promising

Let the fear and hope begin:

From Anthony Fenech (Twitter):

anthony fenech @anthonyfenech · 8m 8 minutes ago
A CT scan was performed on Miguel Cabrera today in Miami and the results were sent to doctors, who will review them tomorrow.

So we wait yet another day with crossed fingers. Gotta be good news.

Gose’s track record is not an indicator of a good lead-off man. Actually his offensive stats in general are not good for any part of the lineup. BUT, the bet is he is finally ready and a new home and a change in management may get him going. If he is able to hit even .250 and c ut down on his strikeouts he will be an asset.

can he bunt at least?

Yes. But he doesn’t do it enough. That was a complaint here in Toronto. That and the Ks. The glove is exceptional though.
— Bob

In my opinion, you are not a professional baseball player if you can not lay down a bunt.

We learned how to lay down a bunt in Hight school ball. If you wanted to play you learned to bunt, If not there was plenty of space on the bench .

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