V-Mart expected to miss 4-6 weeks following surgery

On the same day the Tigers loaded up their equipment truck headed for Spring Training, they received a major message of assurance that Victor Martinez should be ready when the team heads back north for Opening Day.

Martinez underwent surgery as scheduled on a torn medial meniscus in his left knee Tuesday morning, but is expected to return to full activity in four to six weeks, putting him on track to be ready when the Tigers start their regular season April 6.

“We are very happy the surgery went well and that Victor will be ready to compete for the start of the 2015 season,” team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said in a statement.

Considering the Tigers had held off on any timetable for Martinez until Dr. James Andrews went into the knee and performed surgery Tuesday morning, it was a strong statement from Dombrowski.

“Obviously that gives him a chance,” head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said, “to be hopefully playing the latter part of Spring Training and give him enough at-bats. That’s obviously the hope.”

Martinez, who suffered the injury during baseball workouts two weeks ago, underwent a partial menisectomy, clipping the torn portion rather than doing a full reattachment. Rand described it as a bucket handle tear, in which the central portion of the meniscus tears and flips into the joint.

“It was not going to be repairable,” Rand said.

A full repair and reattachment could have sidelined the 36-year-old Martinez anywhere from three to six months. The different recovery periods made the difference in the procedures crucial to the Tigers’ fortunes.

Dombrowski had held off on discussing how they might fill Martinez’s spot until they knew how long he’d be out, saying he didn’t know what he’d have to fill. With Martinez on track to be ready on Opening Day or shortly thereafter, Dombrowski confirmed the Tigers won’t be looking to add anybody as a fill-in.

Martinez will be on crutches until the swelling goes down. From there, Rand said, they’ll work on getting range of motion back in his knee before ramping up activity.

“Then we’ll be able to work the muscles in and around the joint,” Rand said. “Vic was in great shape prior to the surgery. That should really bode well for his rehab.”


That’s extremely good news. As good as it could have been.

Well see what his numbers look like pre-all star break.

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Fingers crossed that Victor mends quickly and finds that sweet swing again.
Local fans are loving or hating the change to the broadcast booth that was announced today. Color commentating will be split between Rod Allen, Gibby and Jack Morris. Makes no difference to me, I just want to see the games.

Great news, should be ready for Opening Day.

Excellent news!

A bucket handle tear of the medial meniscus. That’s the actual medical term for it. No guessing this time. Hallelujah.
And excellent news.

Very, very good news!!!!! Go Tigers!!

My understanding earlier in the day was that Mario and Rod would continue as usual with the other two taking turns. Lynn Henning’s column disputes that and says Mario will be full time and the other part time. Not so sure how I’ll like that because I’ve never heard Gibby in the booth and Morris was OK. I like Rod and his Rodisms. When you talk about remembering “Country Strong” it was Rod that named him.

Mario stays for all games, local radio reported 60 games each for Rod & Gibby with remaining games to Jack.

I listened to Gibby for awhile before leaving Michigan. He was good. Excellent insight. I’m happy as long as it’s not a three man booth because I hate non-stop chatter when I’m trying to watch a baseball game.

Great news

Victor is a great pro … He will not miss a beat and he will give his all … It’s great news …Amen

Hey Woody, you nailed it! I’m impressed!

Woody nailed it first but I was the first to nail Woody’s nail. Therefore you nailed my nail of Woody’s nail, which was indeed the first nail. Just wanted to nail that down. Did I nail it?

yeah i’m about as accurate as your local fortune teller…and half as trustworthy

retirement hasn’t been kind to the MLB player they called ‘Nails.’ please don’t associate me with him

…just as long as Jim is still color on the radio broadcast….

Great news for Victor, but I am holding my breath for him to actually recover fully. We need him so please Victor – once healthy don’t do any crazy movements on that ball field. As for the new broadcasters, should be interesting. I like listening to Morris last season when he was apparently auditioning. I just would like to hear the announcers be a bit more like the radio guys in calling it like they see it instead of trying to make us watch the game through rose colored glasses when things are going bad. I love gibby, just not sure how he will be as a broadcaster. Getting those ’84 Tigers back slowly but surely into the fold!

Well, I guess if you’re a beat writer for the Tigers, you aren’t allowed to ever criticize any player.

I’m not referring to Jason.

I was in Kansan ,,,,, It was the year that Mikey won the Triple Crown ,,,, Watching the Tigers play Kansan City ,,,.. They had three people in the booth I sweare.there was this inning all they did was talk with eacy other ,,,. They would not tell the TV crowd who was at bat or abouts were the ball went … I pray that does not happen here …..Go Tigers 2015

A yesterday´s newspaper but just today I talked to a scout for Caribes that was present , Magglio´s team after being 4-0 was ousted in semifinals by Cuba who ended the eliminatory 1-3. The Cuba defeated Mexico ,3-1 in the eliminatory , 4-1 after the semifinal ,to became champion for the first time in 55 years. Venezuelan fans were in anger after the result of the preposterous system.
Morosi said that MLB have something to learn… the seats were empty when Puerto Rico was not playing. People screaming and showing emotion is no sign of success but of beer. The Series is successful only when played in Mexico( NB:the Mexican Winter League plays by the Pacific not the Caribbean sea) where TV guarantee the fiancial result and the public goes to the stadium( In Venezuela too but only a few times Venezuela has been able to organize it)

I don’t know why Morosi writes that stuff. He’s too young to remember when Jim Campbell had to close the Tiger Stadium bleachers because they were having too much “fun” up there. Nobody was even watching the game.

Rich, yours was indeed the finishing nail. And yes you did set it as all finishing nails must be.
Tiger Girl, if we can get Victor to run a little slower on the basepaths…..would be a start. (I know. I’m pushing the respect envelope a little here.)

One reason I don’t watch TV broadcasts is because they don’t talk enough about the game — the play by play is totally gone.

That’s true, but in that regard the Impemba/Allen team is excellent at sticking to the game at hand. They’ve said they make a point of it. When they stray, it’s very brief.

The play by play is totally gone… because is TV not radio. Most people here think that play by play on TV is an insult,you know the game so why telling you what you are watching.
Some, very few,defend them saying that kids and casual public need help
Others watched the game on mute because they hated the broadcaster ( many think that national broadcasters are biased against Zulia)
BTW: when I was a child I was amused by the sight of people that went to the stadium with a radio to follow the game.

I read that Mario and Rod don’t get along and Mario is seeking to push Rod out. I hope it’s not true. I also read that when Rod is not doing the color commentary on the game he will be in the studio. So what does that mean for C-mo?

yipes, they gotta keep c-mo!

OT- anyone else surprised joba isn’t signed yet? he had a great year that seemed to only decline at the end because of overuse.

Very surprised.

Joba is declining offers – is the word apparently

I still expect the Tigers to show some loyalty if he needs it

I am not surprised we haven’t heard more about him staying. He was dependable, as you say, for quite a while. However, he did become part of a laughing stock bullpen (truly, fans in opposing stadiums were mocking our late inning pitching changes) and may become somewhat of a sacrificial lamb.

Teams are probably low-balling him. I liked Joba’s personality and he pitched really well at the beginning of the season, then not so good later on. However, he was also over-used.

Joba seems to have more going for him than some of the guys touted to make the bullpen roster. According to the depth chart on the Tiger website Zeid and Nesbitt are in the pen. Can’t see either of them as better than Joba. The big questions about the pen rest in the arms of Hanrahan and Rondon. If those two guys are healthy and throwing like they used to–it could be very good.

I’d be willing to put hard cash on the line against either (ron-done, hanracan’t) pitching worth a quarter-damn in 2015. 50/50 Danny Worth pitches more than they do this year. That’s not a joke!

It’ is a joke . I would like to see someone that can trow 97 or 98 mph than someone that throws 92 mph … Major Leaguers can dial up on 92 then 98 … Ask Kansas City ,,.. They can bring it …

Anyone have words of wisdom for seating @ Joker Marchant stadium? I have a trip to Tampa / Sarasota in late Feb / early March and I’m looking to get tickets for online for March 2nd, 3rd & 5th. Looking forward to some 70’s temps! Thanks.

Rich is the Joker Marchant expert 🙂 . Make sure you have the strawberry shortcake. I had it last year. It is awesome.
— Bob

This bullpen still needs another arm. Sad but true.

Jay, anything in the reserved section is a good view. That’s sections 200-210. The lower rows near home plate are usually in the sun and the uppers in the shade. The 100s are box seats and usually not available, although I’m not sure about that for the Florida Southern game.
I personally don’t care for the 300-400 sections, which is that huge bleacher monstrosity (its days are numbered). The berm of course is a great place to get a sunburn……..I mean, tan.
You can also buy general admission and move around to see if you can “steal” some seats. DON’T try that in the box seats. Those ushers look elderly but they’re all trained at the Navy SEAL academy. 🙂
I have tickets for those dates too.
And definitely get the strawberry shortcake.

There are no really bad seats Jay. Small and very cozy stadium. Ospreys nesting on the outfield light towers. Temps should be in the 70’s. But I personally do not like being behind any backstop screen. Back in the 90’s I was fortunate to get Ernie Harwell to sign his book “Diamond Gems” and I took his picture as well on one of those sunny March afternoons. What a gentleman he was. Treated me like a friend.
There is a beautiful park, Myaka State Park, near Sarasota, where you can get up close to lots of gators and other wildlife if you like that sort of thing. Love that place.

Go ahead, have some strawberry shortcake for me, too. But, I have to say there is no better place/taste than shortcake made with Michigan strawberries. I naw on the California and Florida berries all year until June in MI. Then there is a raid to the fruit markets and roadside stands to buy them before they are gone. There is no better strawberry in the world than Michigan strawberries.
Just thought I’d throw that in.

I agree with that, and was chased out of the neighbor’s strawberry patch many times as a kid. Those stolen ones always tasted the best. My gangsta past…..

thug life

Bullpen additions:
White Sox: David Robertson; Zach Duke
Tigers: Tom Gorzelanny; Alex Wilson
As dynamite as the Royals’ pen was they still thought it prudent to grab another solid reliever in Jason Frasor

there is a circulating thought that bullpens are ‘unpredictable’ from season to season, so it will be interesting to see how that develops in 2015.
one stat that partly reflects bullpen performance is the percentage of time a team holds a lead in late innings and wins games tied in the 7th. for 2014, KC when ahead in 7th won 94.2%, 8th 98.6%, 9th 98.8% when tied in 7th won 54.2%. Tigers 89.7%… 93.8%… 93.9%… 52.4%. Clev 90.5%… 93.1%… 95.7%… 42.1%. Chicago 83.6%… 86.2%… 89.7%… 44.4%. Twins 91.2%…89.8%…95.2%…47.4%.
in 2013, Tigers were worse 86.5%… 90.7%… 93.2%… 45.0%. the 2011 team was 93.4%… 100%… 100%… 58.3%. the 2002 team was 76.9%… 82.1%… 92.5%… 25%.

for 2014, using all games played, the team ahead in 7th won 87.7%, 8th 91.7%, 9th 95.3%.

Thanks for your ticket insight to Rich & Marty I will see what I can get for the FLA SOU, O’s and Bravos games and of course thanks to Bob and Kathy for the strawberry shortcake recommendations. I see Plant City is the Capital of strawberries right there close to Lakeland! I’m looking forward to warmer weather and baseball!

I was just watching some games from this past season, and i gotta say, we were so very bless with JD Martinez. VMart too I suppose but WOW we got so lucky with JD.

Evan, are you surviving this winter up in the New England area? What’s the 10 day forecast for Lakeland? I’m seeing 50’s/60’s late this week.

oh yeah – lots of sledding and snow forts. looks like it should bounce back up to the mid-upper 70’s by sunday and remain that way until at least wednesday. 10-day forecasts can be wrought with hopes and dreams though – I must warn you.

@ESPNNYYankees “Yankees to retire Bernie Williams no. 51 on 5/24; Posada no. 20 on 8/22 and Pettitte no. 46 on 8/23. Also, Willie Randolph gets plaque 6/20”
But the Tigers wont retire Trammell´s and Whitaker´s numbers

Dear Jason Beck …. We need something to read and comment on …

Already, the news about Hanrahan doesn’t sound promising.

the heck did you expect?

After 1 year and a half , TJ recovery should be over and him ready to pitch.

Well I agree with that, albeit the vast majority pitch like dog feces for at least a half a year before their performances are tolerable. So whether he pitches or not is irrelevant, in fact, it’s probably best he doesn’t pitch and DD signed someone who we could put a little faith in. I can’t even hope and dream with Hanrahan and Rondon!

Phil Coke will pitch better than either Joel or Bruce in 2015. That’s a safe bet!

Joba may very well pitch better than half our bullpen in 2015. We should just resign him and get over ourselves. this pen is still smoldering from the last time it burnt my playoff hopes to a crisp.

Don’t think there’s anyone not on the Tigers payroll who is relying on Rondon and Hanrahan. None I’ve talked to.

I wish they’d remove Rondon from http://detroit.tigers.mlb.com/team/depth_chart/?c_id=det .
Anyhow, so what are we going to do when Holaday outplays McCann in ST? Can’t we flip a backup receiver for a bullpen piece?

My personal opinion is that won’t happen Evan. McCann seems ready to me. Doc is a good guy to have around though.

OK: so he’s goes to Todelo and awaits Alex’s next concussion. I suspect he’ll see plenty of MLB time.

Alex is nearing critical mass in his career. Hopefully the new look mask will help him out. He’s too nice a guy to be punch drunk.
I have always thought Alex would provide some excitement with a power LHB. Can you imagine this lineup if he were able to do that?

that’s like imagining how awesome it would be if the Lions won the Super Bowl.
Tigers 3rd most unimproved AL team this offseason http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/12334819/mlb-best-worst-active-offseason

He said, a couple of weeks ago, that Iglesias would bat at the second spot , eventually. But , to begin the season? Avila? Castellanos?
Kinsler should be a lock to lead-off since his career numbers are far better there.
Against LHP, Davis. Kinsler should be a lock too

if that lineup is correct, 3-6 is pretty much death row for mediocre pitching. Cast batting 8th would shore up the bottom 3rd of that lineup, too.

Probably right ET. Castellanos batting 8th though Jason? I’d be surprised.

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