V-Mart tears left medial meniscus in workouts

For the second time in four years, Victor Martinez has suffered a major knee injury during offseason workouts. This one doesn’t appear to be as severe, but it’ll put the start of his season in question.

The Tigers announced Thursday that Martinez has torn the medial meniscus in left knee. Martinez tore the cartilage last week during workouts in Florida, and underwent an MRI and exam on Wednesday in Lakeland, where the extent of the injury became clear.

Noted orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews will perform the surgery next Tuesday at his clinic in Pensacola, Fla. The Tigers aren’t giving a timetable until then. Past timetables in baseball have been six to eight weeks, though Phillies slugger Ryan Howard missed the second half of the 2013 season after suffering a similar injury in July of that year.

Martinez, who turned 36 in December, finished runner-up to Mike Trout for American League MVP honors last year, batting .335 with 32 home runs and 103 RBIs. His presence was supposed to help balance the Tigers offense while Miguel Cabrera recovers from offseason surgery to repair a stress fracture in his foot.


Awesome. Another large contract (Miggy, Verlander) and another injury!

36 year old with 63 year old knees: quick lets sign him for the long haul! what a joke – a shame I’m not the GM – we’d have a bullpen and a DH who can play more than DH.

They are developing pitchers for the bullpen

Would your DH be a career .330 hitter with power?

I assure you, port, he won’t be hitting .330 with power in 2015

I’ll take that bet, especially the average part.

hitting over avg, hitting for power, throwing arm, base running speed, and good defense…those are the 5 tools right? Vmart is a 2 tool player, no?

Yes but he is only a DH how many tools does he need?

he is only a DH how much money/years should the team commit to him at 36 when he is so fragile?

Breaks of the game, so no point in playing the blame game. It’s become even more challenging, but not insurmountably so.
I foresee Victor hitting from one side of the plate upon his initial return.

this is awful, awful news😦
hang in there victor and get well soon. we’ll want you back in the lineup asap.

Hessman in Venezuela:227/.341/.443 /.784 13 SO/44 AB
091 in Mexico

this makes me want to cry

Breaks my heart.

Other reports say it might be 12 – 16 weeks depending on what the doctor finds. That’s post all-star game. It’s the same leg he hurt before.

Good that the team has Cespedes, at least.

That’s all we need togear……what with Cabrera recovering from his acchile injuryn and Sferzer deserting form bigger buck(to the Marlin”) what else we fans forward to we’llmbe l;ucky to fiinidh lsst in the Centrsl Divison bennd the Adtrod! It bilss fownn tother perrennial Tiger problem …..yjr pivvinh roystyo!

good point todd – maybe cespedes goes nuts…..and the injuries make for fresh 3-4 guys in october. who knows. still – this is an example of why you don’t give VMart that kinda contract. Paying for what players did…what a joke.

Think Positive …. He came back from the last leg surgery and played a like a All -Star … Knowing Victor he will do it again … The other players need to step up and play like they are All -Stars too …That is the only way that we are going to survive… Go Tigers…

Remember think positive…!!

Still 8 weeks until opening day. Even if it takes him 8 weeks to recover and a couple weeks of extended spring training, it is not terrible news. Watch for Lennerton in the short term. His glove will help at 1B and any offense he gives will be icing on the cake.

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