Tigers have three Sunday night games in May

Some eyebrows were raised when the Tigers did not show up on ESPN’s early slate of Sunday night games. That changed drastically in May.

Detroit will be on Sunday Night Baseball three times in a four-week stretch, all of them 8pm ET starts. Only one of those games will be at Comerica Park, so those worried about changing weekend plans shouldn’t worry too much.

The stretch begins May 10, when the back end of the Royals-Tigers clash hits the national spotlight. ESPN passed on the May 3 meeting between the two teams in Kansas City, picking up Yankees-Red Sox instead. That made the rematch in Detroit make a lot more sense. The Tigers are off the next day and host the Twins after that, so it works out fine for them.

The Tigers are in St. Louis the next weekend, and the Cardinals have been a frequent Sunday night team for ESPN over the years. Thus, their May 17 series finale against the Cardinals made the list.

Detroit’s May 24 game against Houston remains a day game at Comerica Park. The next weekend, however, they’ll be out on the West Coast to face the Angels. The May 31 series finale will be on Sunday night, or late Sunday afternoon Pacific Time.

Add it up, and as Bill Shaikin of the LA Times astutely pointed out, only the Yankees (with four appearances) have more Sunday night games through May.


So, getting back to the last thread and as a way to pass some time before ST, I propose that we continue the theme of combining defensive shift philosophies with old fashioned sand lot rules.
My thought is to permit the first baseman to shift wherever needed and then implement the old “pitcher’s hands out for 1B” rule that we had as kids when we only had 4-5 guys playing on each team. Those were the days, although I never learned to hit to right field as a result of playing 2 OF and 2 IF on the left side and closing the field to the right of 2B.

Vmart is the most fragile SOB on the planet…good thing we’re paying him instead of putting together a bullpen that won’t blow the next playoff series. *thumbs up*

No Vmart would have meant no next playoff series anyhow. Wow. This is a disaster. Does this mean JD to DH and Moya or Collins in OF? Is there anyone left available in FA to DH for us for one year? The Tigers will probably start the year without their 3 and 4 hitters. This could turn sour in a hurry. ESPN may want to cancel those Sunday night games.
— Bob

It’s terrible news about Victer … Just step back and take a deep breath .. Know we got to rely more on the whole pitching staff that incluee relief pitchers ..That open the door for Steven Moyerand posable for that first baseman ,,He can start for Mikey when he is ready sometime in April … We will be just fine …Go Tigers 2015 ..

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