Moncada worked out for Tigers in Lakeland

Add the Tigers to the growing list of teams with a level of interest in Cuban teenage talent Yoan Moncada. The team brought in the 19-year-old switch-hitting infielder for a workout last week in Lakeland.

Lynn Henning of the Detroit News first reported Sunday the Tigers had seen Moncada work out privately. later confirmed the Tigers had brought him in to work out for team officials at the the Tigers’ Spring Training complex. Moncada also worked out for the Rays last week down the road at Tropicana Field.

Moncada had a showcase last month in Guatemala before scouts from most Major League clubs. Moncada established residency in the Central American country and has been heading to the states.’s Jesse Sanchez reports Moncada has also worked out for the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Padres, Giants, Rangers and Brewers, with the Cubs, Phillies and Cardinals also interested.

With that much competition, the Tigers’ interest could simply be due diligence at this point, or it could be the prelude for a push depending on how far the bidding goes. A lot might depend on bigger-market teams’ involvement, if indeed they’re allowed to be involved.

Since Moncada is younger than 23 and didn’t play pro ball in Cuba, he’s subject to international signing guidelines, including the bonus restrictions each team is given. Each team gets a $700,000 base pool plus bonuses based on reverse order of finish the previous season. The Tigers had the sixth-lowest spending pool at $1,946,900, while the Astros had just over $5 million.

Fitting Moncada within what’s left of those pools isn’t likely to happen. The key is having money left to spend, and being allowed to spend it.

According to Sanchez, the Yankees, Rays, Red Sox, Diamondbacks and Angels all went over their spending limit far enough that they’re in the maximum penalty range for the next signing period, including a 100 percent tax on overage and a ban on signings over $300,000. The next period, however, begins in July. If Moncada signs before June 15, he still counts towards this period, and those teams can go further over their limit to sign him as long as they’re willing to pay the penalty.

The Tigers rarely make big-ticket signings on the international market. They were in the market for Cuban outfielder Rusney Castillo last summer and Yoenis Cespedes a few years ago, but they qualified as pro free agents. Moncada’s talent level, however, makes him an exception. The Tigers would be subject to penalties if they signed Moncada, putting a cramp in their efforts to restock a farm system that has been thinned out by trades.  The question is whether the impact of Moncada would be worth the lost flexibility in future years.

Moncada has been unblocked from the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to sign with a club, but Major League Baseball is reportedly trying to clear up its policy on signing Cuban players in the wake of recent changes in U.S. relations with Cuba.


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Gronkowski bears a resemblance to Scherzer.

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At the least, they took a look.

Avila for the tigers 2-hole? I guess it kinda makes sense….as long as alex isn’t appreciably slower than miggy… which i’m unsure of.

in particular – i feel it makes sense because Alex get a lot of pitches per AB…..which should allow miggy to get tuned in.

“turn on. tune in, and drop out.” – that bastard, Timothy Leary

Avila, Base running – 9. Miguel, injured :0.3, there were 79 worse base runner than him

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Avila strikes out to much to bat second … Cespedes would the perfect person and on o ccasion Davis on a part time basics .

Avila OBP against RHP is higher than Cespedes´: 340 /311 thanks to 54 BB

Said that: Kinsler, JD, Miguel, VMart, Cespedes/ Davis,Kinsler, Miguel. VMart , Cespedes, JD

I think you will see Castellanos at the 2 spot before you see Avila. I personally like Cespedes at 2, a pure power lineup. He will get a lot of fastballs in the 2 spot.

I think Iglesias will hit there eventually. I don’t know if he’ll hit there right away after missing a full season.

Ausmus said Cespedes would be at the heart of the order, his numbers are best at the 4th spot. He is a traditional cleanup hitter. But will he move VMart out of there?
mlb lists their top 30 international prospects from 2014. Yankees signed 10 of the 30 for a total of $14.65 million which is far beyond their allotted budget. the Tigers have one on this list, Julio Martinez (not to be confused with Julio D. Martinez aka J.D.). 17 year old from the DR, righty OF-1b who grades out as 60 Hit, 55 Power, 45 Run, 55 Arm, 50 Field. he signed for $600,000 in July.

‘New York’s bonus pool total for this year’s signing period is $2,193,100’
‘In the most severe penalty, teams that exceed the pool by more than 15 percent are not allowed to sign a player for more than $300,000 during the next two signing periods, in addition to paying a 100 percent tax on the pool overage.’
the tax would double their expense of signing this player, but Yanks are clearly willing to accept the max penalty for this signing period.

RIP Dave Bergman , the other player in the Willie Hernandez trade.

There is another factor beside the money, the Evil Empire has caché.

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Moncada would be a nice addition to the Tigers’ system, which is one of the worse. Not if will impede building it back up as a whole, though. I’d love to see him with the Whtiecaps this season if it works out.

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