Former Tigers pitcher, coach Bill Monbouquette dies at 78

Bill Monbouquette, a former Red Sox pitching great who pitched parts of two seasons with the Tigers and went on to coach in the system for several years, passed away Sunday following a lengthy battle with leukemia, according to various reports.

Monbouquette was a 20-game winner and authored a no-hitter in Boston, where he’s part of the Red Sox Hall of Fame. He came to Detroit after the 1965 season for Jackie Moore, George Smith and George Thomas, then went 7-8 with a 4.73 ERA in 1966 in 14 starts and 16 relief appearances. The wins included a complete-game shutout of the Washington Senators that April 24 on seven hits with no walks and two strikeouts.

Monbouquette ended the season in the bullpen, then made two relief appearances in 1967 before the Tigers released him in May. He returned to the organization years later to serve as a pitching coach in the organization, including at short-season Class A Oneonta. Among his products, according to this obituary from Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald, was a young Tigers draft pick named Justin Verlander.

“I thought Verlander was going to need a year in Triple-A,” Monbouquette said in 2007. “But his stuff was just plain nasty. It was just a matter of time with him.”

Monbouquette was reportedly diagnosed with acute leukemia in 2008.


Don’t remember a whole lot about Monbouquette with Detroit. The Tigers got everybody excited when they started 1966 by sweeping the Yankees (NY would finish in last place) and Monbo won one of those games. The bigger deal with Boston came in June when Detroit acquired Earl Wilson for outfielder Don Demeter; one of the best trades the Tigers ever made. Most of my memories of Monbo are from his Boston days.
RIP Bill.

Mark Simon about Castellanos:
Defender of the Day
What does it take for a 3rd baseman to finish with -30 Defensive Runs Saved

Farewell to Monbo and farewell to Max.
Say what you will and think what you think but Max is not any greedier or sleazy than any other MLB player. He gave us nothing but effort and had the class to leave a message to Detroit fans:
Yes, I know he can afford it.

I wish I would have thought to place a full page photo of myself when I moved away from Michigan. And I was there longer. 😉

Newspaper ads were a lot more expensive in the old days Rich, players could not even afford to do it. Dan, it is also different these days as you know, even in the workforce, there is no loyalty. I appreciate everything Max gave to the Tigers. It is a business, and he went to the sell the competitive product because the company offered him a better commission. Is it 68 days? Go Tigers!

Looks like the O’s picked up a nice piece (Travis Snider). Kind of a low key guy but he is vey talented. Be nice to see him get his act together.

Casey Janssen?

Somethings new happen today .. A reporter on MLB said don’t be suprice that the Tigers are on James Shields … Sound like the Tigers to do something right before Spring Training …

Pass. Third in IP since 2006. 33 Yo. He is not worth a draft pick

paying for past performances? a fools errand! I’d rather develop players – and we’ve got plenty of AAAA starting pitchers….might be the only thing we have plenty of.

WOW on Nick Castellanos!

I mean, when you make Miggy look like a stud at 3B…$h!t that’s really something! The dude – just didn’t have the reflexes – he might need to be replaced after 2015 unfortunately. If Vmart wasn’t here – that wouldn’t be a problem.

Nick is working to improve his defense. His talents will limit his progress. I nevertheless hope he can attain an average performance level. If so, Nick’s bat could still make him a valuable Tiger. Otherwise, as I’ve said before, he plays 3B like he’s auditioning for DH.

Caribes, Magglio´s team ,won the Venezuelan Championship.

Pretty interesting analyses and comentary by Blair Tatrault at MotorCity Bengals:
I particularly am concerned ab out the Simon trade. I am not sure why he was so much sought after. Pretty ordinary pitcher with a troublesome personality to boot.
Not sure DD would want that hanging around the clubhouse, especially after last year’s episode with ER.
Simon has a past that has included lying about his age, firearms use resulting in death and injury during a ‘celebration’ and an accusation of rape.
A trifecta of issues.
As I say, not sure why we gave up a promising backup shortstop and our top starting pitcher prospect.

Kind of intersting ..

The firearm incident? he was cleared by the authorities. He was accused of manslaughter for supposedly firing into the air but no evidence was shown linking him to the shots
The rape charge? There were no criminal charges against him. So, he remain innocent as he was before the false accusation.
The age? It a first for me about Simon. There are some players desperate for going out of poverty . Usually, I dont condone that but usually the agents are to blame not the players.
Puzzling? Yes. He does not seem to have the talent. BTW: the fact that the Tigers have to send two prospects for him show how thin is the farm system. The Tigers need to compensate with quantity for the lack of quality

Depends what you read. And where it was read from. Personally I was glad to be rid of Evan Reed. I am not a prude but I am stupid enough to believe in the adage that where there is smoke there is fire.
Beyond the issues there are the stats. Be they traditional or sabremetric, Simon’s are just not good enough. Throw in the age, the lack of identity (starter or relief) and the salary—I don’t get it.

Totally agree about the numbers, I dont get it either. A swing guy can be valuable, JL used Miner, Grilli, Ledezma that way.

Joba failed badly after Scherzer left the game but the Tigers have been loyal to a faulty point in the past. Would they give Joba another shot?

Whating Mlb Tonight yesterday … They say that the Tigers are still in the top ten in starting pitching … They have them at seven … Still not bad out of thirty team…

Seattle by10 non deflated points

Kathy, it looks like old man winter is back. I like listening to Ken Rosenthal on MLB. At my store on Friday this young lady was wearing a stocking hat with the olde english D on it. I said go Tigers. We got talking and she is a Grand Valley volleyball player and her best friend is Dan Dickerson’s daughter! See ya later January. –Dave

Small world when it comes to Tiger fans, Dave. It looks like White Christmas where I am and still coming down like crazy.

The good news is the PECOTA projection for the Tigers is to win the AL Central. The bad news is the projection for the win total, just 82-80.

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