Kyle Lobstein’s lobster hat at TigerFest

For a trip up north into the thick of the Michigan winter, most players try to enjoy themselves when they come to town for TigerFest. Kyle Lobstein might have more fun with it than most.

When the Tigers left-hander wasn’t photobombing pictures of other players with fans during Saturday’s event at Comerica Park, he was creating a stir with his hat, a giant lobster-shaped cap complete with eyes and antennae. The hat was personalized with Lobstein’s number 53 on the sides, his name on the back, and “Crustacean Sensation” on the top.

It was a visual demonstration of a nickname he undoubtedly heard often while he was growing up. The kicker, though, is that Lobstein’s family was in on the joke.

The hat, Lobstein said, came from a family member. Though Lobstein grew up in Arizona and makes his offseason home there, he has a sizeable family presence in Michigan, which gave him a loud cheering section at Comerica Park when he made his first Major League start against the Yankees last August.

Lobstein went 1-2 with a 4.35 ERA in seven games with the Tigers as a rookie last year. The 25-year-old beat the eventual World Champion Giants with 5 2/3 innings of one-run ball Sept. 7 in Detroit.

For years, Giants fans made a sensation out of Panda hats in honor of Pablo Sandoval, now with the Red Sox. If Lobstein finds his way back into the Tigers rotation this year — he’s currently a backup option who could make the Opening Day as a reliever — his hat could become a hit with his family, if not fans.

“Maybe it’ll catch on,” Lobstein said with a smile and a shrug.


That cute little girl in the Tigers onesie showed up in a number of pictures today. Looks like everyone had a real good time.

that’s really wacky…but in a good way…helps fill the crazy void with Coke and Chamberlain gone. still can’t believe Coke once half-joking, challenged a Tigers beat writer to wrestle. it didn’t dawn on Coke that writers wrestle with words not people.

I was there when that happened. It was as weird as it reads. That said, Coke knows how to fill a notebook.

Batting coach needs to train hitters to avoid low & away pitches. They were the bain of last year’s strike out kings. I’d rather risk a call strike than swing for the outside corner.

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