Tigers avoid arbitration with Alburquerque with $1.725M deal

Al Alburquerque said at the start of the Tigers winter caravan that he expected to have a deal done next week to avoid arbitration. Instead, he left town Saturday with a deal in place and the Tigers’ streak of avoiding arbitration intact for another year.

A source confirmed a report from Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com on the one-year contract with a base salary of $1,725,000. The 28-year-old reliever make an extra $12,500 if he pitches in 75 games.

The deal comes just over a week after the two sides exchanged numbers. Alburquerque and his representatives at Beverly Hills Sports Council filed for 2.05 million. The Tigers filed at $1,375,000.

Unlike some other clubs, the Tigers continue negotiating after exchanging numbers with players, often using the set of the numbers to find a middle ground. The midway point between the two figures was $1,712,500. Alburquerque made $837,500 last season, during which he set career highs with 72 appearances, 15 games finished, 57 1/3 innings and his first Major League save.

The Tigers have not faced an arbitration ruling since Dave Dombrowski took over team president/general manager duties in 2002. They had four cases to settle this month, including a record $19.75 million deal with David Price last week to avoid a hearing.


$12,500 extra bucks if Al pitches in 75 games! Woohoo! Just 3 more games than last year. Come on Al, we know you can do it. That’s a full $166.66 per game. You can’t leave that kind of money on the table. Max will earn a crumby $10,000 per pitch for the Nationals.

Wonder if Al can be that first one up to be that three headed moster ….

Al had the 11th highest numbers of game for a Tiger ever. Walker and Valverde had 75 or more recently. Coke had 74 in 2010

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