Boras: “Tigers and us were always in conversation”

While Max Scherzer was the star attraction at Wednesday’s press conference in Washington to announce his seven-year, $210 million deal, agent Scott Boras wasn’t far off. He talked with reporters about the way the deal came together, then talked with MLB Network Radio’s Casey Stern and Jim Bowden, who brought up the question of the Tigers’ involvement as the market came together.

Dave Dombrowski said Monday that Boras stayed in touch to express Scherzer’s interest in staying in Detroit, but that no negotiations took place after season’s end. Essentially, the six-year, $144 million deal Scherzer declined last spring was the end to negotiations, and’s Jon Morosi suggested that owner Mike Ilitch wasn’t interested in pursuing an extension after that.

Boras took the high road, complementing the Tigers for how they handled everything. He did say they kept in touch, but didn’t get into the nature of the conversation.

“First of all, Mike Ilitch is much like the Lerner family: They’re owners that run their own shop. They do their own thing their own way,” Boras told MLB Network Radio. “I don’t think anyone should question anything about what the Tiger organization wants to do other than win. To suggest that, when a general manager makes a bright move and makes an offer for a player, I just don’t see the negative of it. And I don’t think that Mike Ilitch sees the negative of it either. And as you move forward and you continue to communicate, the Tigers and us were always in conversation, and the reason we were is that it was a place that Max Scherzer won 70% of his games there. He was a very important part to them potentiating them achieving Mike Ilitch’s goals in winning. …

“When you have a wedding, you don’t really talk about who you dated, and I kind of leave it at that. Certainly there’s nothing that the Tigers don’t do. They cross every bridge and they’re very conscientious about how they pursue players. They had great value for Max and it was a great relationship. Obviously this fit for Max was something that was, in his mind, something better for him.”


Based on the financial impact of a Max Shcerzer signing…………………..
Illitch and Dombrowski should be respected for holding their ground and making a sound baseball decision.

The Tigers should have signed Max when he reached out. He is dynamite. A premier pitcher in his prime. A very unwise decision.

I think they did… 144 million dollar offer last year, when he was in his prime. Tigers didn’t do anything wrong. Max bet on himself… and won.

You think Max will continue his success for the next 7 years? Paying for the past is a fools errand.

Rizzo seems to agree with me. And that’s the way business is conducted today, like it or not. See Verlander’s and Miggy’s and Prince’s and Kershaw’s and Stanton’s contracts for examples. And the list goes on and will soon include Price That said. I think all of these contracts are too risky. But MLB franchises are big money operations and that’s just the way it goes.

The Tigers have bailed him out more than once. Keeping then happy for the next time

I imagine $200 million would make it a hell of a lot more fun.

“I don’t play baseball for money,” so I hired Boras


I imagine $200 million would make it a hell of a lot more fun.

I know the Tigers extend their players two years in advance but some think they made a mistake with Verlander for hurrying to sign. Doing that they are taking a bigger risk. I still think they did the right thing with both Verlander and Miguel.A healthy Verlander should have a lot in the tank
Sanchez and Victor became FA and signed. Anibal even gave them the opportunity to match the offer

These guys are playing and making money. Most of us would like to play and get paid. But there is no one in baseball that is worth that kind of money. And they are suppose to be ROLE MODELS for the younger generation. Players now days play for money. Players are NOT loyal to their tem any more. Not like in the olden days when they plated for FUN; I know baseball is a business and I can understand players asking for more money. Bring back the old days when players where loyal to there team.

Thanks, but no thanks. Then they can end of up being Walmart workers while the owners starve them to death.


There is a happy medium though. For example look at Chris a Sale he signed a nice extension and got a nice chunk of change but took less because he wanted them to be able to sign others, Max doesn’t have the same character.

DiMaggio,held out himself,three times,to get bigger raises. The Black Sox did not sell the WS for fun.There were not good ol times.

There are plenty of players that play for fun. Go down to your local park and watch a COnnie Mack game, a high school game, or even a slow pitch softball game. There are plenty of people playing the game for fun. MLB is a business, a booming business and the players DESERVE their cut of the revenues.

Guess only owners should make big money cuz they are already rich. That’s an obscene idea.

They also have most of the risk. They pay for everything. Whereas a player can sign a large contract and suck and it doesn’t matter they still get everything. I admit I think these baseball contracts are out of control but Ive said it before I think I would have less of a problem if they were somewhat incentive bases. Let’s take someone like Max a high end pitcher. A base salary of 10 million, you reach 200 innings you get another mil, you get 15 wins you get another million, 200 strikeouts you get another. That way they have some incentive to live up to their end of the contract. How many times do you see players have a great year in their free agent year, sign a large contract and then their production amazingly falls? ALL THE TIME! And by the way nobody could ever accuse Illitch of not being overly generous to his players even to a fault.

No one forces these owners to offer 210 million for 7 years. It takes 2 to tango.

No i just think its out of control. Hell i remember when people moaned about Inge’s contract. 6 million is peanuts now

i don’t have too much heartburn over the big contract numbers…these guys are getting what the market allows. loyalty still matters but comes into play when the teams vying for a player’s services are in the same neighborhood with their financial offers. i do imagine the players’ union would frown upon a free agent’s decision to take a below market deal out of a sense of loyalty to the organization. these situations are few. Kerry Wood did it to return to Chicago and finish his career a Cub. in the pre-free agent era, what appeared to be loyalty on the player’s part was instead mostly a lack of any alternative.

was highly amused by the bingo quote from Boras awhile ago. perhaps the best part of what seemed like a neverending saga.

It is funny that people go on about Verlanders contract and then in the same breath bemoan Max for signing a big contract. Flip the table: celebrate the fact the Verlander and Miguel and VMart and Anibal all CHOSE to sign contracts and/or extensions to stay in Detroit. Appreciate those that stay.

$cherzer and Bora$ wanted the 200 million in some way. So they got it, even if some of it is deferred. It is a business, supply and demand. Hey, gasoline in West Michigan is down to 1.78 per gallon so I can afford the drive to Motown to see many more games. Go Tigers!

In the long run, we don’t know how baseball contracts will be down the road. Max gambled and won, but he’s just about always had what he needed. Then you look at guys coming from complete poverty. Their demeanor is different more often than not. Anibal was so humbled and grateful for his contract (I have no idea if he came from poverty). Not sure if Max understands the concept of humble.

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I couldn’t be happier for the Tigers, Max and the Nationals. This was a win-win-win. Of course that last ‘win’ – is the likely toll Max’s contract will put on the nationals.

because (*&^ the nationals to what they did to poor DD in the Fister trade

Max is certainly in the majority – get as much as you can.
Ideally players would balance many factors – including family life, the team’s situation, the money and the opportunity (e.g. andy dirks did).

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No matter how well off you are, almost impossible not to make comparisons with your surroundings. Biggest way to upset employees is not maintaining relativities.
Totally understand why Max was never going to sign for less than JV’s contract.

Off topic, what’s the matter with NE? Spygate and now deflated ovoids

The pinback: Santana was schratched from todays gsme. Maybe, he pitches during the Final against Magglio´s team.

Price on Detroit: “This is not somewhere that I disliked. I solely said that it was different and it’s not different anymore.”
Fenech too

I look for a big year from Price this year. And I look for a big year from JV as well.

JV says he’s put on 20 pounds of muscle. Feels great.

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