Dombrowski: Boras called on Scherzer, no negotiations

The Tigers were not actively pursuing Max Scherzer, Dave Dombrowski kept saying this offseason. He said it enough times during the Winter Meetings and in the weeks since that it almost sounded like a mantra. Even he grew weary of the same answer to the same question by the end.

On Monday, with Scherzer having agreed to a seven-year, $210 million deal with the Nationals, Dombrowski had a little more to say about his end of the Scherzer saga, and what contact he had with agent Scott Boras.

“A couple of times in recent weeks, Scott reached out to us to say that Max still liked Detroit and had interest,” Dombrowski said. “But we didn’t have any contract negotiations.”

Whether Boras had any discussions with owner Mike Ilitch isn’t clear. Still, the end result suggests that the Tigers were not going to go to a seven-year offer, if they were going to move from their Spring Training offer at all.

“From our perspective, I think we were pretty clear that our best opportunity to sign Max was last year,” Dombrowski said.

When they couldn’t find common ground on the six-year, $144 million deal, Dombrowski said, “We kind of felt that he would probably leave [at season’s end].”


After the Fielder thing – I would have been surprised to see Mr. I go for the Bora$ routine again.

Boras is scum.

Why? Because he maximizes his clients contracts? I would love him to negotiate for me, I would gladly pay the 5% to get above market rate for my services. MLB revenues last year were 9 BILLION, why do people get upset when the players get their share? Would you rather Mike Illitch make more of a profit?


He has 85% of the risk. For starters I’m not sorry Max is gone especially for seeing how long term contracts for pitchers usually work out. But back to the owners let’s use Justin Verlander as an example he signed whatever his contract is worth I think 180. Since he has signed that contract that made him at the time the highest paid pitcher. He is pitching more like a 4th or 5th starter but getting paid like an ace. So does JV give any of that money back No he can go on pitching like that 4th or 5th starter without out any fear. He doesn’t have to hold up his end of the deal….owners do. A young guy signs a contract for let’s say 4 mil a year for however many years but because of arbitration he can keep going back to the well because of service time, I would much prefer if there was less guaranteed money and more incentive based money that if you perform you might get that 30 mil a year but it is going to be because you reached certian goals. Just my opinion.

Boras is great. It’s not his job to have a conscience, it’s his job to get his clients as much money as possible. I’d say he does that. Scherzer wasn’t a smart business choice for us. Nothing wrong with that. It happens. We still have a great team and are still WS contenders. We’ll move on and be fine.

I never believed for a minute the Tigers would sign Max, especially when they traded for Price. Of the the pitchers who have come and gone, Fister remains my favorite and his loss still bothers me.

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