As Scherzer talks heat up, Dombrowski says they’re not involved

So much for the idea that Max Scherzer would linger on the free-agent market into February. Can the same be said of the scenario that the Tigers would jump in at the end and get a chance to match or beat an offer?

According to’s Jon Heyman and’s Ken Rosenthal, both also of MLB Network, the Scherzer market is nearing a conclusion, with agent Scott Boras in talks with the Nationals and one other club on a seven-year deal. Rosenthal reports growing confidence from Nationals officials that they’ll complete a deal, while Chris Cotillo of MLB Daily Dish echoed sources saying there’s an increasing sense from opposing clubs that Scherzer will sign with Washington.

That sense amplified Sunday night:


The setup is familiar enough to the Anibal Sanchez market two years ago — the one the Tigers won when owner Mike Ilitch answered the Cubs’ offer at the last minute — that the immediate thought was the Tigers are the other team.

Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski is suggesting otherwise. He said in a text message Sunday afternoon that their status on Scherzer is unchanged, that they’re not in active pursuit — the status he has used for several weeks.

Asked if that means that they’re not the other team reportedly in talks on Scherzer, Dombrowski texted, “I just answered that question.”

That doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility that Ilitch makes a last-second offer again. But for now, at least, it doesn’t appear to have happened. And the Tigers appear in line for their biggest free-agent loss of the Dombrowski era.

One thing that does appear definitive: The Scherzer saga should have a resolution very soon. If the Nationals sign him, it’ll resolve an interest that has been going on for more than a year. Washington supposedly had interest in Scherzer last offseason when the Tigers were looking to trade a pitcher. Nats GM Mike Rizzo was the scouting director in Arizona when the Diamondbacks drafted Scherzer in 2006. The Nationals were not willing to give up the haul Detroit wanted, so they shifted their attention to Doug Fister.

Ironically, the Nationals could end up trading another starting pitcher to make room for Scherzer in the rotation and on the payroll. Whether the Tigers, who have traded so many prospects since last summer that their rankings have been updated many times over, would be an interested party is an interesting question, though Dombrowski has said they like their starters.

Dombrowski also said Friday that they weren’t in active pursuit of any free-agent starter. That was in the wake of the rumor involving James Shields, whose agent was in recent contact with the Tigers according to Jon Morosi of

Also, if the Nationals — or any other team — signs Scherzer, the Tigers would receive a compensation pick near the end of the first round.


180 /7 would match Lester( with the option). 185-7 guaranteed?

Crossing t’s and dotting i’s at this point. Going to a good NL team.

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in some ways this feels similar to prince fielder’s trade to texas.
there’s mixed emotions at seeing the individual go, but relief that the team’s finances won’t be decimated by an albatross of a contract.
good call sitting out this one DD.

I figure Boras will wait until the football game is over.

After the ARod opting out during the WS PR debacle , one could expect that but

paying for someone’s past…..what a blast! 7 years is a super long time! good luck, Max!

Looks like the suspense will soon be over regarding Max. These huge contracts are crazy. Don’t care where Max ends up, just hoping for a healthy Miggy this year.

Not related but, Magglio´s team made the Final again

I believe that borgs is still blowing smoke ..There have been reports this week that St.Louis was the front runner ,,, And know they says that Washington is ready to sit down and make that deal … It sound like that Borgs is trying to put a full nelson on the Tigers .,,, We’ll see ..

Nationals sources also supposedly saying this. So if it’s a Boras tactic, the Nats are all in.

Don is a Marlin? I’m gunna be sick. 😉

I feel like DD is the happiest person that this deal happened. He finally stop answering Scherzer questions.

But who did we get for him?

You know, creating indicates getting inspiration and also the capability of placing your self in somebody else’s shoes! You know what I’m talking about?

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