Tigers arbitration roundup: Price, Simon, Martinez sign

You’ve heard it plenty of times over the years, but the Tigers have not faced an arbitration ruling since Dave Dombrowski took over as team president/general manager. After exchange day, they came closer to keeping that streak intact, including the biggest one-year settlement in history, but they still have some work to do.

David Price agreed to a one-year deal worth $19.75 million, eclipsing Max Scherzer’s $15.25 million salary last year for the largest one-year deal for an arbitration-eligible player prior to free agency. Price was a fourth-time arbitration eligible, having qualified as a super-2 player back in 2012. He made $14 million last year.

Alfredo Simon agreed to a one-year, $5.55 million deal to avoid arbitration. Like Price, Simon is a year away from free agency. Unlike Price, Simon only became a full-time starter last year, going 15-10 with a 3.44 ERA in 196 1/3 innings over 32 starts. That earned him just over a $4 million raise from his $1.5 million salary in 2014.

J.D. Martinez, whose 2014 breakout season put him in position for a major raise just in time for his first turn through arbitration, also agreed to terms on a one-year, $3 million contract.

Al Alburquerque, meanwhile, will swap numbers with the Tigers, according to an industry source. He made $837,500 last season, during which he set career highs with 72 appearances, 15 games finished, 57 1/3 innings and his first Major League save. We’ll see how far apart the two sides are when the numbers are released later today, but it’s not believed to be a huge gap.

The Tigers are not a file-and-trial team, going against the recent trend. They’ll continue negotiations after numbers are exchanged, and have often found the numbers set up a middle ground for a deal that appeals to both sides more than a hearing, which sets up an either-or ruling.


Why JD salary for 2014 is a secret?

I was wondering the same.

MLBTR predicted 2.9 million.

But no place reports his salary for the last season.

I think he made the minimum.

Shields? he is third in IP since 2006 behind Verlander and Felix

it’s great that they take care of price (and astro too!). lets hope this is just a precursor to a long term agreement.

Just addressing the Morosi report, but if they paired up Shields and Price they might be able to keep both after 2015. It would certainly end the $cherzer non-drama.

Sorry. I lost track of Andy Dirks being back with the Jays.

Heyman:”al alburquerque filed at $2.05M, tigers $1.375M”
1.71 his projected salary is the middle point

I’m so tired of hearing about Scherzer…….

interesting news rich. could that be true?
boy, wouldn’t a price & shields dual-signing be great.
that would certainly put the max drama to bed.

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