Tigers not in on Alexi Ogando

Alexi Ogando has reportedly drawn interest from several clubs since his showcase throwing session a few days ago in Tampa. The Tigers aren’t one of them.

Call this quashing a rumor before it gets going, but the Tigers were not among the teams watching Ogando throw, sources confirmed. It’s a bit of a surprise; Detroit usually scouts such showcases whether they have immediate interest or not (Ryan Madson comes to mind from last winter, and Joel Hanrahan in the spring), and the showcase wasn’t far from Lakeland.

That said, between the abundance of teams looking for relief help, Ogando’s expectation to get a Major League contract and his recent injury history, the Tigers might well have decided there wasn’t a fit here.

Detroit certainly knows what Ogando can do when healthy, having watched him sink their World Series hopes in the 2011 ALCS. He seemed headed for great things at that point, and his next two seasons were good despite a series of injuries. He had a rough 2014 marked by elbow inflammation that ended his season in June.


No problem with that. How many reclamation projects can the Tigers afford? Miggy, Iggy, Dirks, Hanrahan, Rondon, JV, Avila, Josh Wilson,……Did I forget anyone?

Our bullpen in general. I don’t think any of our relievers had a good season last year. It looked like Ausmus got to a point where he was just plucking names out of a hat trying to find anybody who could get an out.

Dirks is not a Tiger, Hanrahan has a minor league deal, as does Wilson.

There are 31 teams that would love to have Miggy, Iggy and JV as “reclamation projects.” Verlander won 15 games last year and Miggy on one leg was better than 98% of the hitters in baseball.

hey port! you think miggy will be better or worse than last year?

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