Cabrera will be limited at start of Spring Training

The Tigers are hoping that Miguel Cabrera and his surgically repaired right ankle and foot will be healthy enough to put him in their lineup for Opening Day. As for Spring Training, though, he’s expected to be limited if not delayed.

It isn’t really a surprise, given the stress fracture that was repaired in Cabrera’s foot in October. With Spring Training now six weeks away for position players, however, it’s becoming official.

Cabrera is currently doing partial weight-bearing activities with help from a walking boot he has to wear, according to head athletic trainer Kevin Rand. He has been doing that since mid-December, as well as some upper-body weight work that doesn’t require much mobility.

Cabrera is scheduled to wear the walking boot until a mid-February follow-up exam with Dr. Robert Anderson, the Charlotte-based specialist who performed the procedure to repair the stress fracture as well as remove a bone spur in his right ankle.

If the ankle and foot test well, Cabrera should be cleared for baseball activity, just in time for full-squad workouts to begin in Lakeland on Feb. 24. Even if he can work out on the field, however, he isn’t expected to be ready to join full workouts.

“Obviously he isn’t in a position [for full workouts] from a conditioning standpoint at that point,” Rand said.

The Tigers open Grapefruit League play a week after their first full-squad workout.

Just what that means for Cabrera’s Opening Day status remains to be seen. The Tigers begin the season April 6 against the Twins at what will likely be a chilly Comerica Park. Cabrera likely won’t need a full spring of at-bats to be ready — the five-week game schedule is more for pitchers than hitters — but he’ll need enough games to test his mobility in the field and on the basepaths.

“That’s too far out right now,” Rand said. “First of all, we have to get him cleared to do the activities.”


I have to agree with Rich and Evan as per the regular contender idea. A regular contender could possibly evolve into a WS appearance and then see which way the ball bounces.

We need to stop playing him when he’s hurt. Any injury he needs to sit. We should be doing everything we can to make sure he’s 100% in October. He’s the last guy we should be letting play hurt.

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Cespedes bat in miggy’s spot if no miggy? or what?

this would be when I would say “hey bat Mini Miggy” but of course, he gone.

Cabrera is a gamer ,,, There is nothing holding him down .Good to hear from him in our last report .. I can’t read Spainish .

“After a good weight lifting session , it comes THE therapy. Coming the stranger”

Here the session:

⚾💪✊✌ con el @jdmartinez20

A photo posted by Miguel Cabrera (@miggy24) on

there is definitely a chance miggy isn’t great this year….so why “go for it wall” re: other areas of the team……when it won’t matter unless miggy is miggy

just want to throw this out there: how long has it been since JD adopted his Miggy-style batting approach? Do people “coach” this – or was he more-or-less adopting it on his own (prior training with miggy himself)? Now that he is ….does that mean he is still getting better in that sense (learning his stance better)? Who knows if Miggy is Miggy or instead the 1st to bat this way – and this is a superior way to bat!!
Frankly a robust evaluation of what we can expect from JD, and miggy’s/miggy’s approach style role in those expectations would be sawwweeeeet, and if it already exists i just haven’t seen it.

He had some help coachingwise, but he has never said who it was.

It would be great to see Miggy give his joints a break and simply slim down ….even 15 pounds. Stress fractures, bone spurs so far. Ankles and knees are the ultimate weight-bearing tools and they need to be treated kindly. He is at the point in his career where people wonder what shape he will be in come spring training. I think he is too much a professional to let things get out of hand but I firmly believe he would be an even better ball-player with just a little weight reduction.

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