Danny Worth signs with Diamondbacks

If any player deserved a fresh start in a new place, it’s former Tigers infielder Danny Worth, who spent most of his tenure in the organization bouncing back and forth between Detroit and Toledo. He has found his fresh start, agreeing to terms with the Arizona Diamondbacks on a minor-league contract that includes an invitation to Major League spring training.

Chris Iott of MLive first reported the deal. Two industry sources later confirmed it.

The 29-year-old Worth played in 135 games with the Tigers over five seasons, but had a lot of back-and-forth trips to Triple-A Toledo doing it. He was called up nine different times from 2011 to 2012, three different times for a week or less. He had a longer stretch with the big club this past season once the Tigers cut ties with Opening Day shortstop Alex Gonzalez, but still had limited playing time. He was best known for pitching in two games.

Worth batted .230 (60-for-261) for his Tiger tenure, hitting 11 doubles and two home runs with 19 RBIs. He played in 381 games as a Mud Hen.

Ironically, Worth’s opportunity comes after a three-team trade with the Tigers created an infield void in the Diamondbacks system. The trade that sent Shane Greene to Detroit also sent Didi Gregorius to the Yankees, partly clearing an infield logjam in the Arizona system.

Worth is expected to compete for a utility infield job in Diamondbacks camp. He is not expected to pitch.


good luck Danny! If you were a lefty I’d petition to put him in competition with Krol and Hardy for the “bullpen” LH role.

. David

does it makes sense to begin transiting Simon to the bullpen IMMEDIATELY? Here is my logic: 1) the youngsters in competition for the 5th rotation spot can fill the role as good as they could before we got Simon/Green; 2) the bullpen is still gawd awful – Hanrahan and Rondon are long shots – and could use another arm.

3) Simon would likely be BETTER as a reliever than a starter…..

Hernan Perez back to the Tigers academy recovering from knee injury. Would be available for postseason beginning in January. Even if Agulias has been in losing streak, they have virtually assured a berth. Would play OF

What kind of knee injury ET?

During a play, two week ago, ended with a contusion. Nothing serious, he went to rehab at the Tigers Academy. He was added to the roster again but after one game with Aguilas ,at 3B despite being asked to play OF ,he went back to the Academy.
Im just speculating,based on what I have seen from the outside. The Tigers wanted him to play SS but Galvis is the regular SS and doing a great job. Pirela was stopped by the Yankees because he was not playing 2b where Perez was playing or 3b where Urshella was doing a MVP like job. Aguilas moved Pirela to the IF after Urshella´s season ended with an injury and Perez played 3B. Then the Tigers asked him to play OF and ,suddenly, he went back to the Academy.Now the Yankees are set with Headley and Prado but still pressuring about Pirela
That kind of pressures are not unknown in winter ball, two season ago Mastroiani , Justin Henry (Tigers Minors),a Yankee´s prospects and Barbaro Garbey( that Barbaro Garbey) were involved in another problem due to the pressures from Yankees and Tigers management
Fans are not happy with him , btw. Especially after the rumors of a trade to Tigres de Aragua ,the team presided by Carlos Guillen. The players he was traded for ( due to the disciplinary problem caused by that player) is performing better.
It is not easy when you are trapped in the middle of web of there different teams with conflicting goals.
And , in the end, he could be DFA by the Tigers the next ST

Both are out of options…

does Perez or Romine have more potential?

I’d say Perez. Neither will wow you in the majors, but both are pretty solid reserve players. I think Perez has more potential with the bat. Romine plays solid D at SS, while I think Perez is better suited for 2B. That might keep Romine around since Iggy’s injury was so severe he may need consistent rest in 2015.

can they both play 3rd equally well – because i was getting mighty fond of those late game defensive substitutions over at the hot corner!

I think they both can play 3B.

Gosh I thought the WhiteSox were on the up and ups…….but apparently not: SOX sign B. Penny! I look forward to seeing him!

It was reported that Worth was given a shot by one team as a pitcher. I think that might work, especially in the NL. His knuckleball was pretty good.

People have been talking about brian wilson…..but phil coke would be cheaper and a better fit.

its like this: would you rather sign a charismatic back of the pen righty for 3-4MM who last year posted a 4.29FIP and a 1.614WHIP OR would you rather sign a charismatic back of the pen Lefty for 2-3MM who last year posted a 3.98FIP and a 1.534WHIP?

Neither one will help this bullpen.

Varvaro would be great but he will be claimed

Bowden´s column about Scherzer “He’s looking for too many years and too much money for the injury risk of any pitcher,” said the GM, “let alone a right-hander with a power arm and that type of delivery.”

$cherzer was highlighted last night on MLB network. They only show the good Max and not what some of us fans saw and went thru. Heyman had the top 5 clubs that were likely to sign him. Yankees, Rangers, Angels, Cardinals, and #5, Tigers. It is sad that the money (ego) gets in the way. To turn down the offer from the Tigers, was, well, disheartening for this die hard fan. Al Kaline will remain my hero. Go Tigers!

i just want to point out that the media loves to hype these guys up – so that it’s more sensational when they collapse.

So it’s the media’s fault that Scherzer ranks 3rd in MLB in Wins Above Replacement for pitchers since 2012, behind Kershaw and Felix? A full win better than Verlander and Price? Three wins better than Lester?

First, it is the media’s job to sell news stories – and thus creating excitement about an how good or how big a collapse is real to media members in general. Unfortunately, that usually ends up over sensationalizing free agents and demises. Second, I didn’t say max wasn’t great since his brother died. he has been! Has he been as good as he is asking for? I don’t believe so. Of course you have just mentioned that in one of the WAR’s Scherzer has been absolutely dominant. But WAR isn’t perfect and Scherzer isn’t always that dominant – I’ve watched many games where he stunk – in fact.
Compared to Kershaw, Felix, Verlander and Price: here is how deep they pitch into games….
Kershaw: 434.1IP in 60starts for a 7.23IP/GS
Price: 435IP in 61starts for a 7.13IP/GS
Max:434.2 in 65starts for 6.68IP/GS
Felix: 440.1IP in 65starts for 6.77IP/GS
Verlander: 424.1 in 66starts for 6.43IP/GS
OR look at 2010-2012…because a long term contract doesn’t need to only look at the past 2 seasons
Kershaw: 148ERA+, 2.81FIP
Price: 131ERA+, 3.26FIP
Max: 108ERA+, 3.71FIP
Felix: 132ERA+, 3.01FIP
Verlander: 150ERA+, 2.97FIP
or one can look at how those guys field their position or how they how they hold men on base…i doubt max is so dominant in these metrics.
Or we can talk about max’s arm speed…which has seen a decrease in the Fastball in both max and average velocity the past 2 years….

Boras is using the same argument I made a couple of weeks ago:
“These types of contracts are ownership decisions,” Boras said. “They affect whether or not a team is a championship-caliber team. They affect attendance and media rights values and the values of franchises. They’re market-impactful decisions.”
But media cant create a star, fans do.Since his brother´s death and Verlander´s love with the Big City ,Bright Lights began, the former has been the “good son”.

AS appearances, CYA won:
CK: 4, 3
DP: 4, 1
MS: 2, 1
FH: 5, 1
JV: 7, 1

DB, mine too!
http://motorcitybengals.com/2014/12/16/al-kaline-mr-tiger-happy-birthday/ kind of explains why. Probably the very same reasons as yourself.
The other DB

we wouldn’t have done better than “Aaron Kurcz and cash” ? *shakes fist at sky*

wouldn’t => i meant couldn’t.

Fenech:”I’m hearing the Tigers have definitely been checking in on left-handed relievers. The left-handed relievers they’ve been linked to are..”
“At least two of the pitchers were approached about minor-league deals but will get major-league deals.”
“It’s not clear whether that is the Tigers’ starting point or if they aren’t willing to fork over the money necessary for a proven lefty.”

who needs a proven lefty anyhow? lol

“when asked by MLive on Wednesday whether the Tigers had ruled out bringing back Coke, Dombrowski responded with “most likely.”

Can’t say Dave didn’t try to make Coke fizz and not fizzle.

DB and Dan, Al is my all time favorite player too. Wonder how his yearly and career total salary, factoring in inflation, would compare to today’s HOF bound players’ salaries. Not even close I would presume. Giving credence to the saying, “Sometimes you get more than you pay for”.

What is the rumers about the Tigers looking at kimble of Atlanta … The Tigers getting Campman is a long shot but we have a outfielder and catcher that mite work for them …

Jesus lord almighty what would we have to give up for him? The moon?

If you want to dance you have to pay the band.

If possible, can we pay them using Holady, Romine or Perez, and a prospect/draft pick?

The relief staff has squelched post season advancement for 3 years now.

Mark Simon ‏@msimonespn · 43m43 minutes ago
A roughed-out estimate of the catchers who accumulated the most called strikes above average last season pic.twitter.com/7rkME5MONV

Padres are going to have to sweeten the deal Kemp just failed a physical (kinda)

It is the other way around. Dodgers would need to eat a lot of money or offer another player. Second time they are dealing in bad faith, Haren.

my bad yeah i meant dodgers will have to sweeten the deal.
and about dealing in bad faith…..do you think that DD did just that with Feilder? or is perceived to have done as much…

Rangers were in a hurry and skipped it .

Thanks for the link Dan. I will share that with my Mom as she turned 80 on the 4th of July. She might be a bigger Tiger fan that me! –Dave

Athletics just announced they acquired lefty Eury De La Rosa from the Diamondbacks in exchange for CASH CONSIDERATIONS. *sobs*

Sour grapes: AAA:4.6 BB/9 8.2 K/9

2014: 36IP, FIP 3.49, WHIP 1.391
HARDY 2014: 39IP, FIP 3.49, WHIP 1.385

Same FIP even is Hardy gave too many BB. Better HR/9 for Hardy

My point is this: when you are hoping pitchers will perform…why not get a few more of them!? If this is year 2 of the red sox approach of: sign a bunch of question marks…some will turn out…. then we’d better get 1-2 more question marks. I’d like to see one or two of them be lefties.

The Tigers had the 5th better record in MLB , any good player will be claimed before the Tigers have a chance.There are only 40 spots. And the Tigers already did that with Cabrera and Dolis

I’ve been watching this mess with Kemp. He has bad arthritis in his hips. Hey, so do I and take anti-inflammatory meds. There must be more to it than what they are saying.
OMG, I can hardly wait til TigerFest!

Supposedly, it was all about getting insurance before completing the deal.
As long as I know, all anti-inflammatory contain steroids.

Mercedes cleared waivers. Going to MudHens

that’s some good news!

Maury Brown:
TOP FINAL #MLB PAYROLL NUMBERS: Dodgers $277,737,082; Yankees $225,653,896; Tigers$187,003,795; Phillies $185,965,235; Red Sox $185,922,329

2 MM away from luxury tax

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