Dombrowski: Nothing has changed on Scherzer, report “not accurate”

The Tigers have done nothing so far at these Winter Meetings, but they became a buzz topic Tuesday based on priorities and approach. It came in a tweet from ESPN’s Buster Olney:

It was a buzz around the lobby at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego. It also apparently created a buzz in the Tigers suite at the hotel Tuesday, because Dave Dombrowski was seemingly ready for the question whether there was anything new on Scherzer since Friday, when Dombrowski said there were no active talks.

“There’s not one thing that’s changed from the Detroit Tigers’ perspective,” he said. “Our situation has not changed. I’m not sure where various rumors start, but our situation has not changed whatsoever. …

Asked if it might be a leverage ploy, Dombrowski said, “I don’t really know that answer, but I can 100 percent guarantee you that our situation has not changed whatsoever. We’ve had no further conversations as far as negotiations since Friday or increase in offers. I can’t say that anybody hasn’t talked to anybody from their organization or if they’ve reached out to us, but our situation has not changed at all. We’re very happy with our starting staff as we sit here right now.”

Dombrowski went on to say that “we’re really not seeking starting pitching,” and that Scherzer’s situation won’t hold up other needs they’re trying to fill.

None of this necessarily means the Tigers are out on Scherzer. They can end up with him back in their rotation even if they’re not seeking starting pitching. If one thought the Tigers were on the verge of bringing back Scherzer, however, this seems to kill that by suggesting there’s nothing going on right now, and no new momentum towards a deal.

As for the report, Dombrowski said, “I don’t know where he got that from. That’s not accurate. I’m not sure where it comes from, how it comes. I know it didn’t come from this room, but that’s not accurate.

“And the other thing I’ll say is I hope Mr. I didn’t see that. Because he’d be saying, ‘Well where did that come from?'”

Taken at face value, then, the situation is the same as last week, and we’re again led to believe Scherzer’s situation will take a while to play out. From a strategic standpoint, too, that makes more sense. With Jon Lester seemingly close to a decision, there’s every reason for Scherzer and agent Scott Boras to wait on that saga to play out. Not only does it set a contract range, it also allows the teams that lose out on Lester to debate getting involved on Scherzer. And that then gets the bidding going.

In other words, might as well settle in. This might not go on until February, but it doesn’t seem ready to be settled in San Diego.


Avila /McCann 50 /50?

About the bullpen, Soria has a pretty good track record. Can he repeat 2010? Rondon is the unknown, just like so many other relievers. We need team chemistry. Can we trade for that?

So we’ve got a FA pitcher possibly choosing his team by that state’s taxation. It’s come to this. Not a good time to be a plain old fan of a team.

Not a first. Jays and Expos had to deal with that too since they joined the league

It’s come to this and realistically, not unexpectedly.
As to Dave and Buster: i believe them both to be publicly equally (dis)honest.

Dan, it was Peter Gammons on MLB Network earlier today talking about the Tigers holding onto Scherzer. He has said that in every interview this week along with his theory that David wasn’t happy. I love Mr. Gammons, but he’s just talking like that’s what he would do and the team was Boston. He’s got Boston on his mind 24/7.

this smells like Mr. I and a knee-gut reaction to the WSox. If more money is on the table, go get the best LH FA for the pen and Aoki, or trade for Joyce. Whatever, but don’t – for gawds sake – give into max’s agent. Let max hang NYY.

Mr. D is being interviewed right now on MLB Network.

Scherzer expected to make 200 MM after Lester.I still think Lester is a better pitcher

Always thought Scherzer would go back to Detroit, but one Tiger official says “not happening,” but might do Porcello for Cespedes & DeLarosa

great. exchanging Coke for DeLarosa is essentially a horizontal move. If that’s how this is goign to go – go sign coke too and make it a competition.

oh Rubby not jorge. well it wouldn’t solve our LHP hole

Lester’s contract has finally got me “Maxed out”. I would not have minded seeing Max back. I figure he was worth about 20 wins to the team. But not at the price it will take to have him stay.
I have often criticized what I believe to be a manipulative game that DD plays in making fans believe that we have a small market team.
( )
The reality is they are not but neither are they able to pay these large salaries to super stars and still attract a strong supporting cast.
As Rich corectly says, the Tigers have one of the largest accounts payable out there for the next few years. I still would like to see some money spent but no longer wish to see the negative impact that a Max Scherzer on the dollars needed to go elsewhere to improve this team.

In other words, he’s too damned expensive. Agreed.

More importantly, I think the Lester signing sets the bar for Price and Porcello. I think the TIgers will concentrate on how much and if it is possible to extend either one of them in the next 3 months. And yes, that means that I think Scherzer is gone. I think that Boston, NYY and St. Louis start bidding in earnest now for Max. Boston has no rotation currently.

Let me guess. The Cubs offered the most $$$$$$$$$$.

Reportedly Lester turned down $168 for the Cubs $155.

funny how i haven’t heard anyone interested in Joba or Phil….. a theme amongst those cut from the org.

Carrera was signed to a Minor league contract. Jays, who else?

Hey Kathy, I missed seeing DD last night. I went to bed because I was tired of hearing them talk about themselves (John Hart). I do like listening to Smoltz. He said some contracts do not allow them to play golf so he would not sign no matter what the money so he could play golf. Max turned down a 144 million dollar extension? Bob Seger was in GR last night. Man, can he rock for a 69 year old. J. Geils opened. –Dave

Dave re-iterated the Tigers had not resumed talks with Max. He also talked about Miggy’s injuries which were far worse than they thought and the health of Iglesias who is doing fine.

I know this is not baseball related, but heck it’s the offseason! Here is a link to a very very special concert that Bob was involved in, that I regularly enjoy.

Beats talking ad nauseum about Max $cherzer.
“I seen ’em send up John Sinclair; you know two joints is all it takes” (Highway Child, Bob Seger, Mongrel album). I used to do that song with my first band.
Dave, Jeff Daniels was at the GR show.

you a commander cody fan too, rich? smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette!!!!

Two owners going to San Diego. One , Boston , who is the other?. They will talk with Boras

hopefully he has his hands full with his new entertainment district

No Ilitch family member in San Diego

Max should have taken the Tigers first offer at the beginning of the season. It was, and still is, more than fair. I’ll miss him in Detroit if he chooses elsewhere, but I don’t blame DD for not giving in.

Here we go with Buster Olney again tweeting that he defends his statement saying we “want” Scherzer. Peter Gammons said the same thing about an hour ago for about $170 million – $200 million. Thinks the Tigers will get him.

The fact that we don’t need him doesn’t stop these guys, does it? Are they shills?

Seems to me the Tigers could use Sergio Romo. Along with Soria, that would be two backup closers. Don’t know what he’s asking.

Agreed but the rumor was false

Romo would be nice but if Dombrowski is going to make only one damn move to fix the pen it really needs to be a LHP. The good ones are falling like dominos.
Duke, Miller and Bastardo today.
I don`t see DD going for Romo. He is exhibiting loyalty to his current guy and is stubborn enough (after all he co-habitated with JL for many years) to stick with his plan of making things work come hell or high water.
We are stuck with Nathan and have to hope that Soria can `save`his a$$ when he implodes.
Riddle me this Batman, wouldn`t it be a dream come true if we somehow ended up with Chapman!

“Boras on whether Tigers will have opportunity to match a final offer on Scherzer: “This is not church bingo.” Class
As we say here:the company you keep says a lot about you.

I keep forgetting—El T what city are you in

Maracaibo, Zulia

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