Tigers, Dirks open to reunion

The Tigers continue to linger on the market for outfield help. Meanwhile, Andy Dirks is going to linger on the free-agent market, looking for a roster he can make on Opening Day after being non-tendered by the Blue Jays last week.

Could a reunion be in the works?

“I’d say we’d be open-minded to it,” Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said Monday from baseball’s Winter Meetings.

So, too, is Dirks. His agent, Will McGuffey, said they haven’t closed on the door on it, or anything else.

McGuffey said Monday there’s a healthy amount of interest in his client, who is fully cleared for baseball activity after missing the 2014 season recovering from back surgery and hamstring problems. He would not comment specifically on whether that interest includes Detroit, which could have brought him back to camp as a non-roster invitee had Toronto not claimed him on waivers. Dirks was eligible for arbitration before being non-tendered.

The Blue Jays’ need for Dirks evaporated when they traded for Seattle’s Michael Saunders. In that sense, the non-tender might have been a blessing in disguise, allowing him to pick a situation.

At the same time, Toronto’s saga was a cautionary tale, even if it wasn’t one of Dirks’ creation. With corner outfielders in abundance on free agency and the trade market, Dirks is likely to wait until bigger-name outfielders move before figuring out the destination that gives him the best chance to make a club.

That could well be the Tigers, who currently have just three outfielders with a decent amount of Major League experience on their 40-man roster. Of those three, only Anthony Gose bats left-handed. Prospects Tyler Collins and Steven Moya are also left-handed hitters, but they have 29 games and 33 plate appearances in the Majors combined.

“We think Collins is ready to play,” Dombrowski said.

If they can bring back Dirks without taking up a roster spot, though, that could be irrelevant. It would take some contractual creativity, but at this point, the difference between a Major League contract and a minor-league deal might be secondary for Dirks to finding a chance to stick on a big-league roster for Opening Day and beyond.

If the Tigers trade for a more proven outfielder, of course, such a signing would be far less likely.


After a year of little activity, no big difference with Collins

Tigers and dumbrowski should get cespedes for portillo and call it a done deal and resign mak sherezer

i wish they’d bring him back, signed to the appropriate major league contract. Collins and Moya could season a little more, IMO.

No no no cespedes please!!!!

please, no cespedes. FTFY

Dirks is damaged goods! Has not played iin over a year and is rusty. Don’t expect him to come back here. They have to do lots better than Andy Dirks if they want to will. People around Detroit act like Dirks is a real solid player. Surprise not so hot.

straight up I don’t expect them to fill that hole with anyone but AAAA guys (Collins, Moya, Avery). So throw Dirks in the mix too! If it works for bullpens it must work for a single corner OF position. Dirks – if healthy and back to him old self – is a solid contributor and exactly what this team needs.

Dirks batted well in front of Cabrera. My dead grandpa would probably hit .
280 in front of Cabby…

by, any chance, does he throw left handed?

I do wonder what it might take to get Joyce though. Seems like if we keep all our starters than 1 of the AAAA starters might be expendable.

Well, CWS is now the team that can win it all. Boras should be grateful , that could be enough to push the Tigers to sign Scherzer.
I like the idea of Joyce

Looks like the stove is done preheating. Let’s wait and see how the tryouts go in Spring Training. It could be Collins and Moya. We need one more BP piece.

Right side:
“Building a bullpen isn’t always about which relievers a team acquires, Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski argued. It can also be about when a team adds them, and when it holds onto others”

To be fair, Neshek was not that good after the ASG.. Joba like

BTW Evan, you would like to take a deep breath before reading

whatcha sayin’ there DD? we’re holding onto phil coke? Better than Krol I guess.

Well, lots of activity during the night.

long gone are the days of assuming the division can be won with a dead and still smoldering corpse for a bullpen

Even though they did just that this year…….

well those days are gone now with KC grown up some, the WSox picking up major pieces and the Indians improving as well. The twins will be better too. Not sure how much better we will be – depends on injuries I reckon. I’m hoping the coaching is better and that makes the difference.

Remember, do not assume. I always liked the way Dirks hustled!

Omar being shopped? his deal is very desirable.

I see, the ChiSox pick up Samardzija, Duke, LaRoche, and Roberston. The Yanks get Andrew Miller. The Mariners are going large. The Blue Jays have signed everybody (and then let half of them go).
Meanwhile Detroit coninutes to be sold a bill of goods about being a small market team. Thus their very generous owner has less to work with and we should be thankful for what we have.
Detroit is the 7th largest market out of 30 basebal teams. Only the behemoths like the Dodgers, Cards, Yanks, Angels, Giants and Red Sox had more attendance last year.
The ChiSox were 28th of 30! Seattle 23rd.
The Jays were in the bottom half at 17th.
Now those guys have very generous owners!.
Let’s dispense with the rhetoric Mr. D and get to work.

Do you think that Mike Illitch does not spend enough on the TIgers? I am confused. I haven’t heard Detroit called a small market team in over 10 years….

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