Tigers sign right-handers Alberto Cabrera, Rafael Dolis

With Evan Reed, Jose Ortega and Justin Miller all out of the system, and not a whole lot of relief talent on the verge of the big leagues, the Tigers needed some depth in the organization. They took a step in that direction this week, signing right-handers Alberto Cabrera and Rafael Dolis to minor-league contracts according to Matt Eddy of Baseball America.

Both are Dominican right-handers who came up through the Cubs farm system and pitched in Chicago from 2011 to 2013. Cabrera pitched at Triple-A Iowa this past season, while Dolis pitched in four games for the Giants’ Triple-A affiliate in Fresno.

Cabrera, who turned 26 in October, has put up some Al-Alburquerquish numbers, which might be fitting since Alburquerque also came through the Cubs system once upon a time. He was stingy in Iowa in 2014, with just 24 earned runs allowed on 46 hits over 65 2/3 innings. Nine of those hits, however, were home runs. He walked 30 and struck out 61.

Cabrera averaged 93 mph on his fastball during his big-league time in 2012 and 2013, during which he allowed 16 runs on 23 hits over 27 2/3 innings with 23 walks and 31 strikeouts. He also has a slider he throws at 82-83 mph.

Cabrera hails from Las Matas de Farfan in the Dominican Republic, which is the same hometown as former Tiger Ramon Santiago.

Dolis, who will turn 27 in January, threw a little harder in the big leagues, with a 95 mph fastball he threw more than 80 percent of the time. He also has a low- to mid-80s slider. He, too, has some been wild, recording more walks (26) than strikeouts (25) over 44 1/3 Major League innings, during which he allowed 43 hits. His minor-league track record has been better, but he was released by the Giants last May 26 after allowing eight runs on eight hits over 4 1/3 innings.


I.m sure there are two people that are very excited about these signings.

Nine of those hits, however, were home runs.. that is very non Al-Alburquerquish

Bullet averted, Markakis had surgery.

Anyone care to speculate whether Prince’s 2015 will be + or – from his 2013 season? I hear he has been working out five days a week in Orlando…so i’m assuming he won’t miss ST.

He will be the first hitter ever recovering from neck injury and the first player with that weight and height combination over 30 years

I hope Prince has a good year against every team outside of Detroit. That is all I have to say about that.

Beautiful sunrise here in West Michigan. It is a little cool so I am hoping for some Hot Stove news! Maybe one solid BP piece?

Charlie Blackmon? Corey Dickerson? CarGo?

Big week this week. We have 1 glaring, and a 2nd notable deficit in our roster. Not a lot of pieces to offer or lux-tax room, either. We’ll see if DD is a wizard or not.

Miguel Cabrera ‏@MiguelCabrera · 9m9 minutes ago
🙏👊✌️✊ Mejorando cada dia!!! Gracias Dios 🙏 pic.twitter.com/PDX3BqYGWF

Greene looked pretty good against us but his MiLB are really not terribly impressive.
No way I get rid of Ricky P. Not with Iggy back.

the more i learn about the offseason, the more I am convinced that free agency is a terrible way to build a team. Nobody is worth anywhere near what they are getting. If I was a prez/GM I would be all about the scouting!

They were underpaid for 6 plus years. Porcello could be a FA but a brief stint in AAA cut down his service time.They work hard those 6 plus years to be rewarded as FA. And many are worth it, they help their team to win and if not , they still help them to sell tickets and merchandise ( until they fail to make the postseason or to win a WS) and that should be factored along WAR

naw i say it’s all about the scouting. How else do teams like TB do it?

The Tigers refused to sign big FA for a while. They were unable to win. And they refused to sign their own FA, trading them before FA so they were in perpetual rebuilding

Alan Trammell will lose a vote and Pedro Martinez and Randy Jonshon wont be unimously inducted because Olney will abstain and Henning will imitate him. Because both want mediocrities inducted into the Hall.
Jim Kaat , one of the most dominant pitchers in his time missed again
Luis Tiant with a similar case to Lolich and more or less like Catfish Hunter missed too. None of them was good as Vida Blue anyway who is out too.

Wilmer Reina retweeted
Carlos Duarte ‏@carlosjduarte · 5m5 minutes ago Hernán Pérez se incorporó hoy a #aguilas y volverá mañana al roster. La resonancia en su rodilla salió negativa
Hernan Perez back with Aguilas, will be added to the roster tomorrow-MRI negative
Timely, Aguilas was short in the IF.

He told Duarte that Tigers want him to play OF

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