V-Mart wins MLB Outstanding DH award

The Tigers have earned a slew of awards over their last few years of success. Until now, the Edgar Martinez Outstanding Designated Hitter Award wasn’t one of them. Victor Martinez just broke the drought on that one, too.

After finishing second in American League MVP voting, Martinez can claim the Outstanding DH award as a consolation. He became the first Tiger to win the award since Rusty Staub in 1978.

American League beat writers, broadcasters and public relations departments have been voting on the Outstanding DH Award since the position’s inception in 1973, selecting from a field that includes any player who receives at least 100 at-bats at DH in a season. Major League Baseball named the award after five-time recipient Edgar Martinez in 2004, but Ortiz — Martinez’s teammate in Boston in 2009 and 2010 — now leads all players as a seven-time winner. Tigers great Willie Horton won the award in 1975.

Of those aforementioned voters, Martinez received 75 out of 90 possible first-place votes. Ortiz finished second.

At age 35, Martinez was essentially the toughest out in the big leagues. He led the Major Leagues with a .974 OPS, and topped the American League with a .409 on-base percentage. His .335 batting average finished second only to Houston’s Jose Altuve among AL hitters. His .565 slugging percentage topped even AL home-run champion Nelson Cruz, thanks to 33 doubles along with his 32 home runs.

Martinez spent much of the year with his home-run and strikeout totals in a neck-and-neck battle. He couldn’t keep the strikeout total lower by the end, but he became the first big-league hitter since Barry Bonds in 2004 to hit 30 or more home runs with 42 or fewer strikeouts in the same season.

Add in the hit totals, and Martinez is the second player in the last quarter-century to do the aforementioned with 180 or more hits as well. Gary Sheffield was the last to do it in 1992.

Add in the walk totals, and Martinez is the first player in 60 years — and the 17th player since 1901 — with 180 or more hits, 30 or more home runs, 70 or more walks and 42 or fewer strikeouts in a season. Stan Musial was the last to do it in 1954, his fifth such season.

Martinez’s 5.3 Wins Above Replacement, according to baseball-reference, was the highest by a primary designated hitter since Ortiz in 2007. Replacing Martinez would have been impossible for the Tigers to still win a fourth consecutive AL Central title.

It was s a strong enough contract year for Martinez that the Tigers signed him to a four-year, $68 million deal to keep him around, putting him in position to spend the rest of his career in Detroit.


Jason Thompson was a favorite of mine from those late 70s Tiger teams, but Rusty Staub was in the conversation. Not unlike Victor Martinez, Staub was a reliable run producer. They had some dangerous lefty hitters then with those two plus Kemp, Oglivie and eventually Whitaker.

anyone remember the last 3 way deal between the yankees, tigers and diamondbacks? stay tuned!

Hot Stove is cooking!

Shane Green.

which infielder will it be? Perez, Romine or Suarez?

Ken Rosenthal just said it would be a minor leaguer.

Adam Kilgore ‏@AdamKilgoreWP 1h1 hour ago
The Tigers’ trade of Doug Fister for Steve Lombardozzi (an Oriole), Robbie Ray (a DBack) and Ian Krol (a Mud Hen) makes less and less sense.
Mr. Kilgore is/was the Washington Post beat writer for the Nationals. Even they thought it was a strange trade.

That trade really hurt me because I just loved Mister Fister. Months later, trying to look at it objectively, maybe he just wanted to stock up on pitchers since they weren’t going to extend Fister. Probably a good Ray is going to another team because of all the rancor that trade created.

Well, the 3 teams have agreed to the trades, but reports on physicals and health have not been completed.

“physicals are overrated” – Texas GM who traded for Prince Fielder

How could this club get A. Either? Lets assume at a base, the dodgers chip in 25MM with him…..what would we need to give them in return at that point? What if they chipped in 30MM with him?

Did I jjust read Miller signed with the Tigers. Maybe I’m dreaming?

I’m dreaming. I swear I just saw something on MLB tickertape mentioning Miller and Tigers. Probably in past reference.

signed with the Yankees for 9M a year. For a middle reliever! Wow. Pass.

Keep that dream alive Kathy. That would be a major step forward.
Getting rid of Rob Ray was something I totally expected. DD needed to dispose of any vestiges of that god-awful trade of last year. He can hide Krol but Ray would have been a constant reminder.
Shane Green should fit in quite nicely. Nice trade.
Ray had too much pressure here and it showed.

“[robbie ray] is a premium, young, left-handed pitcher on the verge of pitching in the big leagues” – Dave Dombroski, about a year ago

Porque port wine? It’s not our money!

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