Tigers sign Xavier Avery to minor-league deal

The Tigers added depth to their outfield ranks and footspeed to their camp this week by signing former Orioles and Mariners farmhand Xavier Avery to a minor-league contract.

Avery first proclaimed the news on his Twitter account Thursday.


Chris Cotillo of SB Nation later reported the agreement Friday. An industry source with knowledge of the deal confirmed the agreement, which includes a non-roster invite to Spring Training with the Major League club. The Tigers, who usually announce minor-league signings in batches, have not confirmed.

Avery, who will turn 25 on New Year’s Day, was a second-round pick by the Orioles in 2008, bypassing a football scholarship to the University of Georgia. He appeared in 32 games for Baltimore in 2012, batting .223 (21-for-94) with six doubles, a triple and a home run and six RBIs. He stole six bases in nine attempts.

Since then, he has spent most of his time in Triple-A, including the last season-plus at Tacoma in the Mariners system after the O’s traded him to Seattle for Mike Morse on Aug. 30, 2013. Avery batted .275 (110-for-400) at Tacoma this year with 21 homers, two triples, 10 homers, 38 RBIs and 31 stolen bases in 39 attempts.

Avery has split time between left and center field the last few years. The left-handed hitter seemingly slots into the depth role that Ezequiel Carrera tried to fill this past season. The Tigers designated Carrera for assignment Thursday after a disappointing stretch run in Detroit.

Avery could serve as insurance if Anthony Gose, acquired from Toronto last week, struggles to hit next year. The Tigers have two other potential center fielders on their 40-man roster with prospects Tyler Collins and Daniel Fields, but neither has much (or in Fields’ case, any) Major League experience.


Schmidt’s voice should be heard…he’s had first hand experience with the benefits and burden of a market setting contract

The White Sox “Nice Guy” level just rose a notch with the signing of Adam LaRoche. Not only a real good person, he’s a nose to the grindstone type who is a tough AB with a lot of pop. And unlike Adam Dunn, he’s a slick fielding 1stbaseman.

Avery, Zeid and Duran. Quite the haul David.

And Tim Melville. They replace among others: Jose Ortega and Justin Miller, both gone to Colorado

they are what they are…organizational depth. most transactions this time of year are minor league free agent signings and waiver claims. sometimes a player clicks and team gets lucky.

Morosi:”Scott Boras told me the deal Max Scherzer turned down in spring training was the largest ever rejected by any pitcher entering a walk year.”

I’ve heard rumblings that Torii might sign in Minn. Ring, here come Torii!

Looks like the Redsox are going to sign both Panda and Ramirez. Wonder what happens to Bogarts then.
So what happens to Coke now? Any predictions?
Could Mitch Moreland be a bench player for the tigers? I know his power was down last year. As funny as it sounds might depend on whether Don Kelly is with the team.

One thing for sure is we need a LHB corner outfielder with a power bat and something other than a brown glove. Preferably gold.
Where was DD when Atlanta traded Heyward?

Melky Cabrera. Switch handed hitter that can fill the 2-hole in the lineup with decent defense in a corner OF spot.

Gose is prayer. He is an exciting player with potential, but he is another hope and dream. DD has to go out and get some proven players and not buffalo everyone with images of “expected” statistical years. The bullpen is faulty as is the OF.

it is entirely possible, our owner will not permit all four of: a) the two most expensive middle lineup mashers in the league, b) two extremely pricey rotation guys, c) a reliable bullpen and d) gold glovers in the OF.

I’d sure like to trade Alex for Daniel Nava. Is that realistic or have I smoked myself retarded?

They need SP not a catcher

well we have no starting pitching to spare – that is a fact. However, perhaps since the org. has been practicing their rhetoric about alex improving the pitching staff for long now…..it’ll work on the RSox and they’ll take alex – realizing they don’t have to pay as much for pitching if they have alex turning duds to studs.

My bad, BoSox was mentioned in the Avila rumor

Hey if DD is so damned pleased about his bullpen maybe he can trade one of those real reliable guys that we have in it for a SP or OFer?
As far as Illitch’s money is concerned and how generous he is with it, I’m about as tired of hearing that as I was believing it two years ago.
If Illitch is serious about winning before the inevitable (and I don’t mean to be mean) maybe he should realize that he can’t take it with him. If he doesn’t have enough dough then sell the Wings, he has a championship with them.
Other teams seem to be “going for it”. Minor league contracts are not going to give Illitch a championship.

Yes they were. Alex might actually be re-invented with a trade there.
Expecting James McCann to come in and play a regular role would be just like Dave. He did it with Sizemore, Rondon and Castellanos.
As much as I like Avila it is a wise time to let him go.
We do need a GG corner OFer. No question about it.
As an addendum, most GG OFers hit well enough to win the award.
Markakis, Heyward, Gordon would all work very well here.

I’m sorry–“yes, he was” would have been more accurate

Forgot to mention Reddick.

well you ain’t gunna see any of those guys out there – that’s a promise. If didn’t sign Vmart – you probably see Markakis signed… and we don’t have the chips for Gordon.

can’t see the asking price for reddick being worth it either

so many holes – not enough prospects or luxury-cap room

Tigers need to trade David Price for a BP arm, a young starter, and some other prospects. Then take the money they would have left from Cap (around $25 after Price is gone) to sign Melky Cabrera (5 years: 12/13/13/14/14) and Jake Peavy (6 Years: 13/14/15/16/16/16)

while i don’t like Peavy, that would probably create a better team than you will see DD go into ST with.

You want to sign a washed up injury prone 34 year old pitcher to a 6 year contract? You should be banned from this site for such a ridiculous comment!

After trading Smyly and Jackson for him, any offseason trade involving Price will probably look pretty stupid. They would have traded away two talented lefty starters inside of six months, with lefties at a premium.
The “window,” if it exists, doesn’t slam shut. It closes with a whisper. Detroit has been in the postseason four straight seasons.

Twins just released Anthony Swarzak, who had a bad 2014 but a pretty good 2013 and 2012. Our bullpen is so bad – seems taking a flier on Swarzak could be a good idea.

they released him so they could sign Torii, I think

Zeke was just released. Frustrating to see players released that must have SOME value (Dirks, Zeke, Downs, etc.).

Not released.Out-righted to the Minors, elected FA

“Dombrowski is very optimistic about Rondon’s status — team doctors felt good enough about his progress they cleared him to leave Lakeland, Fla., for Venezuela — and is counting on him to be ready for spring training.”

they have guitar hero in Venezuela?

If DD botches up this bullpen another season he should be fired.

And look at this for choices in the field: “Ramirez will join Boston’s very crowded outfield mix of Yoenis Cespedes, Rusney Castillo, Shane Victorino, Allen Craig, Brock Holt, Jackie Bradley, Mookie Betts and Daniel Nava.”
Count ’em.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I am thankful to have my team in the playoffs four years in a row. I remember the 90’s. DD has tried to get BP help but most of the pitchers have not performed. Yes, he must try harder. This game is getting so tainted by money. Panda to Boston for how much? He has been winning in SanFran! We all know what Max turned down. Looking for some more Tigers news. Go Tigers!

Yes indeed, Happy Thanksgiving and hopefully the Lions join the feast.

happy thanksgiving ya’ll. lions didn’t their part. with there was a tigers game on today – have family in town.

DD has passed on Andrew Miller, Zach Duke, Justin Heyward and Russel Martin. Any one of those guys would really have improved the team.

signs your team is not in win now mode: going into ST with bullpens like ours (recently)

Not me. Torii has become a downright liability in RF. He will be ANOTHER year older, older being the operative word. He does not hit LH, he does not run well. He hits into a lot of DPs exactly when you don’t want them (Torii Two-Hop).
I don’t really like Melky that much but I would certainly prefer him over Torii.
To me, we need a Markakis, a Reddick, or a Heyward.
Actually rather see what Moya can come up with too.

gotta fix the pen or who’s standing in RF watching the ball sail into the night won’t really matter much

I’d be nice to develop a corner OF from one of the youngsters this season, anyhow.

That is a head-shaker. Better than Brad Penny maybe but whew. What would DD be thinking? I guess after Melville, Duran, Marte, Avery, Zeid and even Gose DD feels he could spin Masterson off as a real coup. Dombrowski is losing some trust factor with his moves and non-moves.
I thought Tony Paul’s article today was incisive and hopefully a bit challenging.

If Masterson is to replace Porcello, then I like it depending on who we traded Porcello for. If Masterson is replacing one of the AAAA guys (farmer, ray, etc.) then I’m bummed out because I’d like to see them develop a young starter in 2015

There sure is a lot going on in the background. Hope the Tigers can surprise us.

Blue Jays just got Donaldson from the A’s. That guy can play.
They are parting ways with Brett Lawrie. Lawrie is one of those kind of guys that justifies the clich “110%”. Injury prone though.

They are going to have a very powerful lineup.

don’t fret dan. i’m sure we’ll have a superior defense and pitching.😉

toronto & boston seem to be making some really big moves — it’ll be interesting to see how yankees & baltimore respond.

“Pitches thrown in reg. season:Samardzija 12,567; Lester 26,321; Scherzer 20,944; Cueto 19,518; Hamels 27,886; Price 19,336; Shields 29,461.”
Advantage? Price , again

Porcello for Cespedes?

Fenwaynation:” Porcello is eligible to be a free agent in 2016. This seems like a pretty bad deal for Boston. No biscuit”.

I sure would not like playing for Oakland. No sense of family there. The fans never know who will play next year and who won’t. Beane moves them around like temps.

ya, beane seems to give absolutely no value to team dynamics. it has to be so frustrating for A’s team members & fans. trading cespedes seemed to just kill their momentum last season. and his latest move is another head scratch.

He is forced to do that kind of trades. Playing in a so called MLB park and with no fans they do more or less what Tampa does. Keep the players while cheap and under control and then add one costly FA to complete the team. He overplayed his hand against the Tigers and both ended with an early exit

You’re right, ET. No long history with the fans and no house (stadium) of their own.

It goes back to Charles O. Finley moving the A’s from KC to Oakland just as they were about to become a great team. They became a once in a generation club during their early years in Oakland and then came free agency.

Satchel Paige is a KC A if i’m not mistaken

Looks like legendary Lloyd is going to have a more potent offense than his old club in 2015

Not really, Cabrera, VMart and JD is above Cano, Cruz, Seager. The Tigers have the best hitter in MLB, the best hitter last season because the best was injured and the most improved hitter in MLB

not so quick elT: I think they sign Torii – for one – and furthermore I doubt Cabrera will not be much better this year (than 2014) due to having screws in his ankle and absolutely no offseason training and probably no spring training, and certainly Vmart and JD will regress from their 2014’s performances.

“I know the Tigers are definitely still on the table,” Holaday told Detroit Sports 105.1’s Matt Dery. “So, anytime you hear that, it’s a good sign.” Holaday is Scherzer. McCarver or Eduardo perez

can you rephrase that last bit?

Holaday had a higher ERA with Holaday but also a best SO/W rate with Holaday. He was kind of his personal catcher

Holaday is to Scherzer like Eduardo Perez was for Maddux or McCarvey for Carlton.

Hell, if someone asked me to put money on whether Miggy in 2015 hits better or worse than in 2014……i might bet on worse!

Moving from Baltimore to Seattle, Cruz would be a safer bet.Cano is not getting younger either

The Tigers will have the 23rd draft pick after Seattle surrender the 21 th.

If JMart regresses 10% but plays a full season. Giddyup!

If VMart regresses 10% and Miggy gains 10%? How sweet would that be?
Casty will get better. No sophmore jinx there. Iggy lets him play closer to the line and makes him a better 3rd baseman.

we’ve got another 45 days or so before Miggy is evaluated by doctors.

miggy might be 0% this year for all we know

Dan you’re going to flip out when you find out Markakis is a Giant

Markakis? overvalued, lousy defense

tis the season for overpaying through elT!

Why do you want another DH?. Do you want defense, a twice Golden Glove winner? And a good piece to platoon with Davis , 286 /.334/.424/ .758 vs RHP? Gerardo Parra could be available tomorrow

you misread me, friend. I do not want Markakis, but rather was just razzing Dan since he has previously mentioned how he wants Markakis.

I’d take Markakis and actually like his defense-a lot. We need a LHB OFer with the ability to hit near .300, provide some power and reliable defense. Parra is close to those abilities. So is Markakis and Reddick. So was Heyward, for that matter.

with the neglect of the bullpen, i can’t assume any real money is going to be spent on the OF. I’d put more stock in that Alejandro De Aza gets non-tendered and we scoop him of for your LHB corner OF with some power in his bat.

There’s always Moya!

Jayson Stark ‏@jaysonst · 24m24 minutes ago
Don’t want to imply that teams are puzzled by Scott Boras’ slow pace on Max Scherzer. But one exec predicted today he won’t sign till March!

Righty reliever Ronald Belisario has been contacted by about 10 teams. The Tigers are one of them

Big raises for our boys!

Hunter back home , Minnesota

Jason, DD is doing very little to keep us interested. Can you step up to the plate and pinch hit for him?
Avery being signed to a minor league contract is just not real exciting!

I’d like to see Moya make the team too Dan. More questions and potential growing pains but much more fun to watch than just signing another established player from another team. Pragmatic I’m not…..unless we’re talking BP. They gotta be working on that. Yes? I’m really looking forward to watching Jose Iglesias and hope he is permanently healed. It would be a great disappointment if he should struggle with chronic injuries to the point where it would end his career. What do you hear El T?

The last reporst was that DD was told he is ok. But it sounded like he has not watched him

Jose is one of the very biggest reasons I don’t want Ricky P traded. He and Ian will form a very exciting keystone combination. Kinsler consistently made incredible plays all year, especially being able to cut off ground balls up the middle and quickly release his throw to first. I loved Placido and his error free campaign in 2007, but he didn’t have the range that Ian gave us last year.

Toronto keeps on claiming players off waivers and then non-tendering them, in this case Dirks. That’s a low class way to do business. These aren’t fantasy players.

There’s nothing better than a multiple year guaranteed contract. Has to be difficult dealing with the uncertainty for players like Andy. Another temp, let go like much of today’s workforce. It would be alright if a player has some years in the MLB and made some money. Otherwise, you’re SOL.

Jayson Stark ‏@jaysonst now37 seconds ago
#Tigers & #RedSox seem to have makings for a Porcello-Cespedes deal. But would have to be larger. #Tigers would need a starter coming back

Adames is now the Rays top prospect

Have been a Porcello defender from the getgo. The baseball business continues to destroy the loyalty factor of years gone by. If you trade Rick, be certain that Cespides is what you want for sure. There’s no going back. Maybe Boston has a top starting prospect. We need more than a 29 year old bat. And if truth be know, he’s probably 32. I hate the offsesaon with a passion.

agreed. hope you’ve been well greg!

On the bright side, Dirks could be offered a minor League contract with an opt out clause if not called before certain date

in detroit, writers are acting like letting Jim Johnson go is an improvement to the bullpen. in atlanta, they’re trying to pay him 1.6M to help their bullpen. Either detroiters are grasping at straws in regards to the ways dombrowski has “improved” the pen……or atlanta is completely insane.

Atlanta is insane

Jim Bowden ‏@JimBowden_ESPN · 1h1 hour ago
Jim Johnson 5-2 7.09 ERA 1.950 whip 69 hits in 53.1 innings and gets 1.6m with 900 in incentives according to #Braves #Why?

Lester? real or leverage to keep down the money they will dump with Scherzer?

Suarez in 34 AB:263 .429 .421 .850.MVP of the All Star Game

Carrera signed by Jays to a Minor league contract

And will be DFA’d before New Year’s.

$10.5 mil might be a lot to pay for Hunter, but I think Torii will help that young Minnesota squad tremendously.

he will help them defensively. if you can grasp that.

besides, I believe Minny needed a Power Smile from the right handed side.

Nice for Torii to have a swan song year back where it began.
Probably the one thing you should never trade are relief prospects until they have shown signs of brittleness under the pump. Giving a reliever a one year contract is a crap shoot let alone the ridiculous 3 and 4 year contracts being offered to guys often with less than a full season with any reliability.

Gage:Torii Hunter: “I’m 30/29. I’ve dropped off, but not much (defensively). I’m not done. I’m just a little bit above normal.”

I’m saying pretty much the same thing and I’m over twice his age!

Please Dave and Mike, do not trade Ricky P. For Cespedes? When are the winter meetings?

I think they are next week.
Markais gone. Saunders gone.
JA Happ (interesting guy) gone.
Dave Dombrowski gone. (Or apparently out of the office)
Michael Saunders now playing in Canada again.

GMs will mull the following question next week: Would I rather trade for one year of Cespedes or one year of Justin Upton?

last time I checked Cespedes wasn’t a solid lefty bullpen piece.

Going, going, gone looks like Lester and Miller. Wonder if anyone gets any sleep during this process?

hard to stay awake with all the action going on with this org.

Thanks for answering my question yesterday. El T. Today’s question: Porcello for Cespedes? What?

There are a lot of pitchers available. RH power is the scarcest commodity. The Tigers probably would need to add someone to get Cespedes


We do need an OF. And one with power wont be bad

I have seriously questions about cespedes, that don’t show up in the stats. character issues, and i don’t care to talk about how its not his fault – because i don’t care.

I don’t feel this rumor has any real teeth to it, but if this deal was made Detroit would need another starter. Scherzer and one year of Price?

still requires giving a massive contract to someone who can’t go deep into games and can’t field his position. i’m not sure if i’d be more bummed out by resigning max or trading porcello for the cuban kid.

Character issues? I hope you’re not taking Boston’s word for it.

dude hired a “rapper” as his agent, what’s not to believe?

You’re stereotyping JayZ as a rapper and we all know he’s got his fingers in many pursuits and businesses. He’s getting clients for a reason.

ie Magic Johnson, Dan Gilbert, etc.

Porcello projected WAR 2.5
Cespedes 2.7 WAR

The A´s players loved him. In fact, they did not like at all see him traded.

Danny Knobler had a link to a great article about Cuban player Juan Moncado on Vice Sports. He said it was a must read and he was right.

I read about him a couple of weeks ago. My take? the cuban government could be looking hard currency in the same way they do with physicians. There are a couple of cuban players here in Venezuela too
Not the weirdest for sure:Brayan Peña spent months eating ice cram in a house on the venezuelan beaches of Los Cayos after defecting there. And Aroldis Chapman has been accused of being an informer after his failed attempt to defect, that allowed him to have a second chance

They do have a glut of physicians!

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