Sources: Tigers talked catching with Astros

The Tigers picked up the club option on Alex Avila’s contract earlier this week, but they remain in the rumor mill surrounding catching. While sources confirmed a report from’s Jon Morosi that Detroit had talks with the Astros about their catching surplus, the sources said talks ended with the Tigers moving on.

The Astros have three catchers on their roster following the addition of former Angels catcher Hank Conger two weeks ago. The Tigers talks were believed to center around switch-hitting backup Carlos Corporan, who has pounded Tigers pitching the last two years (9-for-22, 3 HRs, 4 RBIs). Two of those home runs came off Max Scherzer in 2013. Corporan also homered off Evan Reed this past May.

Corporan, who turns 31 in January, is a .226 career hitter with 17 home runs and 63 RBIs in 199 career games. He would make sense as an offensive backup to a defensive-minded catcher, especially if the Tigers were to trade Avila and go with prospect James McCann or Bryan Holaday behind the plate. He set a career high with 48 starts for the Astros this past season, though it’s unclear whether he could fill a platoon role.

The talks supposedly took place prior to the Tigers picking up Avila’s $5.4 million option for 2015. The option pickup, however, doesn’t necessarily guarantee Avila staying put. The move only guarantees cost certainty with Avila, rather than going to arbitration, in his final season before he’s eligible for free agency.


Carlos Corporan had only 1 documented concussion in his MLB career in 2013. So in that regard, he’s an upgrade over Alex.

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That would be corporal punishment.

I hear ya. His defense is nowhere nears Alexs….but his offense is only slightly better. However, I think the chances that Alex’s concussions end this coming season are closer to 75% than 25%. Concussions, as I know them, lead to more concussions unless you stop whatever is giving you concussions!
So I would not compare Alex’s numbers to Carlos’ to determine upgrade or downgrade, rather compare them to the person who will replace Alex once he is gone.

Justin twitted the images:
“Had so much fun at trapeze school learning how to fly!! @kateupton”
“Hahaha… No injuries occurred. There were lots of precautions obviously. #SafetyFirst”

Inge, pillows fight, Lou break -dancing. Holaday ( or Lee?), mountain climbing or that Houston pitcher who lost the fingers´ skin with an electric saw. Gonzalez, when he bended to greet a fan.
i guess a guarated contract does not cover non game related injuries

I sure don’t like the vagueness and double talk out of DD mouth lately.
This club needs the comfort and certainty that a top-notch relief pitcher will bring. Preferably a lefty. Andrew Miller would solve a lot of problems for this club.
But talk like DD has got a LHB in the middle of the lineup that we needed (I presume he is actually talking aobut the switch-hitter we already had?) like he has answered a need. That need is still there.
Gose is an unkown quantity (and quality).
We still have Avila poisoning the bottom of the lineup and no bench strength.
Now we here he thinks injury riddled relievers who coldn’t do the job before are being touted as answers. Krol, Rondon and lately, more talk on Hanrahan. The only self-serving drivel I haven’t heard is they are counting on Putkonen bouncing back (from where exactly?). I suppose that will be next weeks savior.
The obvious truth is that the bullpen has not been good with the current cast and cannot be counted on to rediscover themselves. The relief business spawns guys who have hot and cold years but there are relievers out there that are simply good pitchers and can be counted on to have good seasons year after year. Nathan, Soria, Chamberlain (egads), Krol, cannot be expected to have an ON year simply because they just lived through an OFF one.
Throw in the fact that Rondon is a live arm that may now be a dead one.
Not making a significant move to assure bullpen strength is tantamount to another absurd policy of neglecting the single biggest problem the Tigers have.

The Dead Arms………….sounds like a name for a band!

but but but i thought keeping our hit-only DH was the most important thing……

Believe me, it was. But not to the exclusion of everything else. DD has made a career out of attempting to fix bullpens mid-season.

well that method is expensive and he’s not good at it

Thompson in Venezuela, 8.1 IP 3.24 4 BB 9 SO

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