V-Mart finishes 2nd in MVP voting

For the first time since 2010, the American League Most Valuable Player is not a Detroit Tiger. Victor Martinez came about as close as any designated hitter ever has.

While Mike Trout finally beat out a Detroiter for MVP honors, winning the vote unanimously, Martinez finished as the runner-up. He received 16 of the 30 second-place votes, twice as many as third-place finisher Michael Brantley of the Indians.

It’s the best MVP finish by a designated hitter since David Ortiz finished runner-up to Alex Rodriguez in 2005. In that case, Ortiz received 11 first-place votes in a close race.

This year, there was little question about Trout’s status as the favorite. The question was how well Martinez would finish, and whether the DH status would sink him. For the most part it did not.

Those who didn’t vote Martinez second still generally kept him high on their ballot. Four third-place votes went to him, as did three votes each for fourth and fifth place. Two voters placed him sixth on their ballot, as did one for seventh.

One voter, David Coleman of the Fort Bend (Texas) Herald, left Martinez completely off the ballot, not that it made any difference in the outcome.

Two-time MVP Miguel Cabrera lost his crown, but still finished ninth an injury-hampered season. He received one second-place vote.

Martinez doesn’t have to worry about his perceived value too much. He’ll soon be able to officially celebrate a four-year, $68 million contract that will keep him in a Tigers uniform through age 39.


Seems like whoever voted for MVP crowned Trout from the beginning. They are voting for his potential as much as for his performance. Unless someone comes on really strong next year, Trout will win again. Unless he has a down season.

He had a down season, like Goose in his career, more SO than hits

Brian Kenny must be in 7th heaven.. Gosh, I can’t stand that guy and he has done nothing but claim Trout has been the real MVP for the past 3 years.

I agree with you Kathy.I can’t stand him either.

It won’t be a popular opinion, but some believe the term “player” in MVP essentially disqualifies pitchers and DH guys. Victor is an amazing hitter, and that’s it. It is to his testament that he is such a good hitter that he is considered the 2nd most valuable “player”.

I don’t believe as much, but I do think there is a “disadvantage” when you don’t play defense or start 150+ games

Until they change the DH rules, they are still players, it is a ridiculous argument. Is a DH less valauble than a fielder that butchers the ball in the field.

Trout struck out more than Miggy and Vmart combined. Your right they crowned Trout MVP in March.

But to punish a hitter because all he does is hit, is like punishing a pitcher because all he does is get outs, and not something else like strikeouts.

simple: if player A) has league average defensive stats and has the same offensive stats as player B) who is a DH; player A) is the more valuable ball player.

This is something that only 30 baseball writers (including David Coleman of the Fort Bend Texas Herald?) vote on. A true award should come from peers. Who cares? (drops the mic)

That’s what Brian Kenny says. It’s the player with the best statistics, not the most valuable player to a team. The definition of MVP has changed because statisticians tell us so.

not about who votes, just his take on how real saber heads measure it.

How in the world can a player who struck out more times than he got hits. His batting average was .287 win the MVP? If it came down to a position player, Abru should have won with his stats, even though he was a rookie.

Well, it’s like they were waiting for Miggy to have a down year so they could finally give the damn thing to Trout.
On the other hand, the Angels did win 98 games so that plays on some ballots.

Hanrahan added to the bullpen. Minor league contract

Pretty good points Dave.

According to Cot´s baseball contracts, 14, 18,18, 18 for Victor. That means 160 MM payroll with the projected salaries. Estimations are usually low with DD and his penchant for avoiding arbitration

I would’ve done 20,18,16,14

More evidence that they are in full win now mode. Keeping space for another reliever or bat. 2018? that is a long long, time (time is relative)

No trade to 10 teams in 2015. He will be 10/5 in 2016

Abreu, a veteran Cuban player at 27, gets the ROY Award. Maybe he should have gotten MVP and then award ROY to a true rookie.

He has been mentioned as possible addition to the bullpen:
Zach Duke, too high GB rate for the Tigers
Mark Simon has a post about him

that’s what I’m talking about! he had a 4.35 K/BB ratio and 2.14FIP in nearly 60IP in 2014. You don’t think he’ll be a fit?

From the post, career year. high K /rate, unlikely to regress that much, only his 50 GB rate would make him not the best option. Cheap, expected to make 7 MM a year.

Hessman in Venezuela:227.424.341.765

A Rajai/Gose platoon effectively gives you a really good pinch runner, every game…

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