Scherzer, Price place 5th, 6th in AL Cy Young voting

The Tigers no longer have a reigning Cy Young award winner in their rotation. They ended up with two of the top six finishers. While Max Scherzer was unable to repeat his Cy Young victory, his follow-up season drew enough votes for a fifth-place finish, just ahead of David Price.

Scherzer received four third-place votes, six for fourth place, and eight for fifth. Price, the 2012 AL Cy Young winner earned two third-place, three for fourth and four for fifth. It marks the first year since 2010 that a Tigers pitcher did not finish as the winner or runner-up. It was not for a fallback season on Scherzer’s part.

Scherzer said in the spring that he could pitch better than last year and not have the same results. He wasn’t far off statistically. From a pure pitching standpoint, he felt like he was better. Statistically, Scherzer was pretty close. His 2.85 Fielding Independent Pitching was just slightly off the 2.74 he posted in 2013. He posted a higher strikeout rate, tossed more innings and recorded his first career complete game and shutout.

Scherzer’s 18 wins tied Cy Young winner Corey Kluber and Angels ace Jered Weaver for the AL lead, but his 3.15 ERA was .35 runs higher. His Wins Above Replacement, a key component for some voters, also fell.

Price’s metrics were better than his traditional stats. He went 15-12 with a 3.26 ERA in 34 starts between Tampa Bay and Detroit, though his 4-4 record and 3.59 ERA in 11 Tigers starts hinted at struggles to adjust to his new surroundings following his July 31 trade.


Price , FIP with Tigers 2.44. TB 2.93. Maybe, the lack of defense?

To be fair, in part due to the lower HR rate but still lower FIP

“… say Martinez is worth 2.75 WAR next season. Knock off half a win each year, because of the aging. 2.25. 1.75. 1.25. Eight wins in four years worth $68 million? Are they worth $68 million and the loss of what would’ve been a compensation draft pick?”
Jeff Sullivan

Those numbers are meaningless. Absolutely meaningless.

WAR is meaningless? Well I thought they were very good with Eric Burdon!

2.25 WAR, was worth 14.25 at 2013 prices. So, it is a fair deal. Yes, he is worth those 17 MM

Got the news on Victor while riding the subway and nobody knew what that “All right!” was about. It was a necessary signing.
Okay, sign Martinez, check. Next an outfielder that can play some defense.

Outfield already solved? Complete with platoonage potential: Anthony Robert Gose

I hope the AL makes a change to the DH.
i.e. adding another DH for the catcher too.
Cause that’s what is going to happen–we will have two DHs sooner than 4 years.
No slight to Victor but this was not DD’s shrewdest move.

Are you complaining about having two of the best hitters in baseball on your roster?

Well, wow, they already acquired the centerfielder. Didn’t expect them to move Travis though. If they re-sign Joba I hit the trifecta.

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