Tigers could soon lose pro scouting director

A few weeks after the Tigers lost their top veteran scout for a special assistant position in Arizona, Detroit’s scouting director could be headed for the West Coast. A tweet from Mark Saxon of ESPN Los Angeles suggests Scott Bream could be the next to join the all-star front-office cast the Dodgers are assembling under new team president Andrew Friedman.

Bream is currently the Tigers’ director of pro scouting, so it’s likely any move would come with a promotion in title as well as pay. The Dodgers haven’t made an announcement, and the Tigers had no comment on Bream’s situation. An industry source confirmed the link but said nothing has been finalized yet.

The Tigers made a big move two years ago to bring back Bream from the Padres to run the day-to-day operations of their pro scouting department, including their four Major League scouts. Bream was a Randy Smith hire in 1999 straight out of his playing career (he was an infielder at Double-A Jacksonville the previous year) and climbed the organizational ladder to assistant general manager in 2002. When Dombrowski fired Smith that April, he kept on Bream as a Major League scout, a post Bream filled until he left to take on a special assistant role in San Diego for 2010.

Bream’s return to Detroit had him working alongside Tigers vice president of player personnel Scott Reid, whose duties included the Major League scouting department. The Tigers have had a remarkable record of front-office stability under Dombrowski, who has kept his circle of assistants and advisors intact before trusted scout Mike Russell left for the special assistant role under good friend De Jon Watson in Arizona.

Bream’s return to California would reunite him with Josh Byrnes, who was the Padres general manager when Bream went to San Diego. Byrnes just joined the Dodgers as senior vice president of baseball operations, one of many big-name hires Friedman has made since coming over from Tampa Bay, including highly-regarded A’s assistant Farhan Zaidi to be the GM.


CBS staff predicting Hanley with Tigers

Evan ,please, sit down,
Heyman about Victor:
“Agent: 4 years, $78M. GM: 4 years, $70M. Me: 4 years, $80M.”
CBS predict he will sign with Detroit

Heyman about Miller.
” Agent: 3 years, $28.5M. GM: 3 years, $22M. Me: 4 years, $40M.”

We will have another glaring weakness if we dont sign Victor. He has earned that contract and Mr. I has the money. I remember another professional hitter named Martinez. Edgar anyone? Go Tigers 2015!

If Mr. I has the money – then why did DD go into last year without an confident bullpen — or the year before when he pretended we had a closer? The fans say Mr. I has the money – the team’s assembled suggest there are limits.

Hanley Rameriz would be a waste of talent assuming Jose is essentially without a starting position and Perez out of backup job.

Third base or OF

nevermind Casty😉

Never a fan of him

What makes “Mr. I” a mister?

great question…. and, what is Mike Ilitch’s middle name?

Maybe it is Mister.
On another note, Mister “BIG”, hit another homer and drove in three without a K yesterday.

The pitchers did not perform. People are blaming Dave and Mike.

Al2 was used only in the 7th because he is comfortable there but Soria ,a closer , because he was the new kid on the block( Baker, Huff, Betemit) was announced as wherever he fits, including the 6th. He sat coming from Texas and then was rushed without proper warming because Nathan failed.. injured.
Al pitched everyday.. 72 Games
Joba 69 ,11th and 18 all times in games
Verlander coming from injury threw 100 pitches from the go
Nathan came with the red flags raised.it was beyond doubt taht he was unable to pitch in consecutive days( like Valverde in non save situations)
The consensus is that Ausmus failed badly managing and otherwise good bullpen and DD missed with a couple of signings: Johnson , he is beyond recovery, and Nathan. Not to mention Hanrahan
Meanwhile, Jones work is good with good pitchers but with pitchers needing fix , he is no Duncan.
At least, finally , no more Coke

All times in games for the Tigers, of course

AlAl is the forgotten man. He is actually talented enough to close. His demeanor is not quite right but when he is on, he has one of the most devastating sliders around. And it is not as good as it was before his surgery!

“Detroit general manager Dave Dombrowski told The Post the organization picked up Joakim Soria’s $7 million option as a way to stay out of the market for late-game relief.
Dombrowski said he envisions Joe Nathan, who will make $10 million in 2015, as the closer and Soria as the eighth-inning man. However, he said, if Nathan does not bounce back from a sub-par 2014 then it is possible that Soria would close and Nathan would set up.”

So, out of Miller too?

Who knows? With Robertson, they would have to give up their draft pick. But, Dave sounds like the BP is a finished product. So, if Joe isn’t good in the 9th, he’ll pitch in the 8th and Soria in the 9th. That really makes sense, huh?

here we go with the excuses to why we aren’t going to fix the pen

He damn well will fix the pen. Those two are H-U-G-E question marks going in. Nathan “huger” than Soria.
They need Miller or Gorzelanny (sic) AND a guy like Neshek.
The bullpen has to a strength, not a “average” or “OK” part of the team.

A. Miller; Soria; Neshek; AlAl; Rondon; Krol; Nathan. That should get it done.

I like the idea of Neshek but he had a similar season to Joba´s , good first half, not so good in the second. And the Tigers passed on him when he was cheap

also, what about blaine hardy? he pitched well & seemed to earn consideration for a regular BP spot.

The problem with bullpens is the up and down nature of relievers from year to year. Taking that into account, Benoit for example was a spectacular success in Detroit.

So, they only has the word of the medical staff on Iglesias:
“They tell me he’s doing fine,” Dombrowski said. “He’s been cleared medically at this time. It’s a situation where they tell me he’ll be ready for Spring Training and ready to be released and ready to play all the time.”

The specialist in Colorado said he could start weight bearing exercises last month.

I read this on MLive.com:”Dombrowski said the Tigers have talked with free agent reliever Joba Chamberlain and that it’s “not a closed door.” He also said the bullpen is not a priority right now after the Tigers picked up the team option on Joakim Soria.”
That has to be idle bravissimo as the last statement is that both statements are too ludicrous for him to actually believe.

My quote was from the Beck´s post too

DD’s approach to the bullpen in 2015: step one, he scares the crap out of the fan base by talking about how confident he is in the still smoldering dumpster fire he called a bullpen last year. step two: signs a couple low-risk high-upside guys (e.g. last year’s Joba).

step three: crosses fingers.

I heard the tigers are big on Melky. He would fill more holes than Vmart.

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