At least 7 teams reportedly interested in Hunter

It’s looking less and less likely the Tigers are going to have a return engagement with Torii Hunter as an option for their outfield. While the Tigers and Hunter remain in a holding pattern while Detroit tries to address fellow free agent Victor Martinez’s situation, at least seven teams have expressed interest in Hunter, according to’s Jon Heyman.

Those seven reportedly include the Twins and Royals. The Twins expressed interest in the initial days after the World Series, according to ESPN 1500’s Darren Wolfson. The Royals were rumored to have interest in Hunter last month.

The Tigers aren’t likely to turn their attention to Hunter until they know their fate with Martinez. If they re-sign Martinez, it could take them out of the market for Hunter, for reasons both payroll and positional. If the Tigers can’t re-sign Martinez, they could turn to Hunter to fill some at-bats at DH as well as right field, though there are a few other DH options on the market as well.


Torii always follows the money. Let him go.

Rubbish. Loyal. Clubhouse plus. Still in demand by numerous clubs. And willing to deal with the the Tigers.

And did I say productive?

Very happy he’s in demand and hope he goes to one of the other clubs.

Too bad Tori didn’t get the ring he wanted with the Tigers.

He may yet! He would be a good guy to have on the bench. His days as a regular, at least here, are most certainly over.

Some people is working over time to help the Yankees to get rid of ARod ´s contract. The Yankees profited on him and now they want nothing of him. They must pay until the last $

Hanley Ramirez used to train with Miguel and his problems with the Marlins were to blame on the manger not him. He plays hard and puts great numbers.He played injured this year like Miguel

Ramirez may be too expensive, but who knows? Next to Tulo, he is the best when healthy Overall, better than either Iggy or Nick, if played at third, who is absolutely horrid defensively.

How about some comedy? If Moya can’t do the job (and it is less than 50/50) in RF–what about Ichiro for one year? They guy NEVER gets injured, fields and throws well, would probably do very well in a Tiger uni where he might have a chance at the “big prize” He would collect his 3000th hit for Detroit and end an incrdible career here.

Cafardo about Ichiro:”A good extra outfielder or even possible starter.”

Get real. Ichiro is way past his prime and is done. He is nothing but a huge salary PR piece. Moya, Collins et al can do what he can do for a fraction of the cost.

He’d be a good lead off hitter and probably wouldn’t cost that much. Even mentioned last year on this blog that NY might have been “showcasing” him in LF.

Since there are no legit free agent CF’s this offseason, if we’re going to have a legit CF it’s going to be via trade. Which would certainly open up another hole in the roster. Of course we’ll be more than lucky if we can properly fill any of the holes after what we’ll probably commit to Victor. DD has more work to do this offseason – with less available money – than I can remember in recent years.

I know a lot of Tiger fans do not want Colby Rasmus but all I can say is don’t be surprised.

16 MM to Kinsler , an aging 2B,who replaced the player with the worst contract ever for the Tigers and 10 MM to Nathan( a bad bet from the beginning) are 2 reason for the lack of flexibility.
Victor will take 3 guaranteed years. And in 2018, only Verlander, Cabrera /and Fielder being paid) are under contract ( options for Sanchez and Kinsler , if they are with the team by then, with 5 MM buyouts). They would be able to eat it if needed

Conracts aside. Kinsler was dynamite this year. Fielder did nothing and was in recovery.

WELL ….. being in recovery, he saved the Rangers 8 or 9 runs allowed. So there is that!

Cafardo too:
“As expected, Miller is getting a lot of interest, mostly from the teams that tried to obtain him at the trade deadline. Boston is certainly there. Teams will consider him as a closer as the numbers could get to four years and $32 million.”

I predict we will get (a) Miller.

fits more than 1 hole.

How about Porcello and Avila for Betts, Owens and Tazawa?

Just say “no.” Drugs are not good for you. In other words, that proposition is crazy.

Drugs are better than half the prescriptions they’ll give ya now. Ever gotten addicted to a sleep aid or a pain pill – LSD has nothing on that.
Anyway, what do you feel about these options to solving CF:
1) trade Price for Jackson + pieces (subsequent signing of mid-level starter)
2) trade prospects to Dodgers for Matt Kemp + 4 MM a year from dodgers (until his contract up in 2019)

Regarding the “drugs” comment, I was just being facetious. And as far as many of these hotstove proposals by fans go, if DD pursued even a few of them it would only be a short while before the Tigers and Astros would be indistinguishable.

agreed. 2003 was not so long ago.

Sign Hanley and move Casty to outfield with Rajai and Moya/Collins???

They tried the Casty experiment not so long ago. It doesn’t look promising.

Almost forgot. Casty said in an interview he didn’t like playing outfield. Not enough action for him. I suppose his arm could be twisted to try it again if it means his career.

jays and seattle both targeting Vmart. lets be real here folks – he gone or we’re going to be taking a bad contract. this team is like jinga – one more bad contract and we’ll going to turn into the philllies!

Who are you going to get to hit behind Cabrera?

glad you asked!!
When your team is 2nd in the league in runs and 9th worst in letting them in – you fix your pitching then attempt to maintain your dominant offense. JD Martinez or Torii Hunter can bat behind Miggy (who will not be his dominant self, again, in 2015). Albeit, I’m sure we can find someone better than JD or Torii who can hit the ball (and do little else) behind Miggy – who won’t also eliminate any remaining flexibility (payroll or roster).

At BYB there is piece about that, the Tigers wont be the Phillies. They have only two players signed for 2017 with buyouts for two more plus Cecil jr

Of course it’s possible. They could put in a picnic area in front of the hedges.

They could put up a large statue of Jim Joyce and fireworks would go off whenever a HR ball hits it.

Of course I was talking about LF – but while we’re at it – can we also have a statue of Prince Fielder “sliding” back into 3rd base (in the WS)?

It is Victor or Nelson Cruz or Melky Cabrera. There ends the list of options… maybe, just maybe, Alex Rios

Verlander, Sanchez and Price are FB pitchers with the latter having a huge HR allowed rate.Anibal was allowing his share too before becoming a Tiger. They would love to play in a launching pad.
Tigers Stadium had home-plate in place to help Morris, Petry Wilcox succeed . That why LH,even with the short RF, had a hard time there.
You help your pitchers. And find hitters that can hit the gaps like Miguel, Magglio,Granderson, Victor that can hurt the other team without homers. That is the KC or was the 80´s St Louis formula

Are you referring to the homeplate being out of alignment?

The rumor back then was home-plate distance to the wall was longer than the one painted in the wall. It was more than 328 to LF

And for that, that is the only way

Make that RF :340 LF, 328 RF

Not to quibble about it, but LF pole was 340 and RF marked as 325. From left to right, the numbers on the wall were 340, 365, 400, 440, 415, 370, 325.
I practically grew up in Tiger Stadium 🙂

I’ve always wondered what makes one player better at hitting gaps than another? Isn’t one assumption of BABIP that players can’t effectively hit for gaps?

Fast swing and batting late to go to the opposite side where the defense is not waiting you

Cuddayer? He gone. Heck I haven’t even heard the Tigers mentioned in about 8 days.

He received a QO. He is not worth a draft pick. He is not worth 15.3

I’m not suggesting we should have gotten him.

Question FOUR. Evan, read question FOUR.
Thanks ET.

hey i didn’t say Vmart was going to drop off (offensively) faster than Cruz. The article doesn’t mention his basepath running or lack of a defensive position (both of which advantage Cruz)…to be fair. On another team, signing Vmart is a no brainer….with 402MM committed to two players (both of whom have been battling injuries / had down years)…it’s a different story.
In my world you fix your glaring weaknesses first, then shore up your strengths. If the org. has already committed itself to fixing the pen and defense, then they should resign Vmart. I have a feeling they’d sign Vmart and fail to fix the weaknesses.

Glaring is the right term. DD simply cannot omit rectifying the bullpen. The fan base, the media and his own players are far too aware of the obvious problem and solution.
I would expect he will find a dominating LHP and a good solid righty as well.
I also think he will stay with Alex behind the plate, find a 2nd tier CFer and go cheap with a prospect on the bench (as opposed to a veteran).

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