V-Mart wins Silver Slugger at DH

For the first time since 2011, Miguel Cabrera did not win a Silver Slugger Award. For the first time since 2004, Victor Martinez did.

On a night when baseball’s awards season shifted from defensive honors to the game’s best hitters at each position, Martinez beat out a formidable group of designated hitters to win his second career Silver Slugger.

The Silver Slugger awards are voted on by Major League managers and coaches who decide on the best offensive producers at each position. According to Louisville Slugger, the bat manufacturer that sponsors the honor, the selections are based on a combination of statistics — batting average, on-base and slugging percentages — as well as managers’ and coaches’ impressions of a player’s offensive value.

Among a group that included AL home-run king Nelson Cruz and perennial candidate David Ortiz, Martinez not only posted the all-around numbers to outshine them all, he earned his reputation among many managers and coaches as the American League’s toughest out this year. His .335 batting average finished second only to Houston’s Jose Altuve among AL hitters. His .974 OPS led baseball, while his .409 on-base percentage led the AL.

His .565 slugging percentage topped even Cruz, thanks to 33 doubles along with his 32 home runs. What impressed many, however, was his 70-to-42 walk-to-strikeout ratio. He entered the summer with more home runs than strikeouts, and hit four home runs on 0-2 pitches. He had 17 hits on full counts, compared to just four strikeouts.

“Victor can hit good pitching,” Indians manager Terry Francona, who managed Martinez in Boston in 2010, said in May. “Some guys, you make a mistake, they hit it and you still put up a lot of numbers. There’s a lot of good hitters that do that. When Victor is going good, he can hit one from his shoetops to his ears. It makes you nervous.”

Martinez’s only other Silver Slugger came 10 years ago in his first full Major League season, at catcher. Then a Cleveland Indian, he shared the award with then-Tigers catcher Ivan Rodriguez.

Cabrera was trying to carry his silver success over from third base, where he had won the past two Silver Slugger awards, over to first. Though he overcame a slow start and a severely hampered ankle at the finish to bat .313 with 25 home runs and 109 RBIs, he couldn’t top the monster rookie season of White Sox slugger Jose Abreu.


offensively he’s pretty much on fire right now. they should give him the golden glove too. 😉

the golden batting glove?

toughest out in the league this season. Edgar Martinez finished 3rd in MVP voting in his best season as DH and was still productive at age 40. seems like Victor could do the same. however, as with Carlos Guillen, the end can come pretty quickly for aging hitters with knee problems.

Four More Years!

Victors numbers are HOF-like.
But 4 years? I think if Dombrowski is considering keeping Miguel he can’t afford to carry an aging DH more than 2 with an option on the 3rd.
Where does Miguel play when he can’t (defensively)? Miguel is 31 with a history of seriously nagging injuries that hamper him. He will need to DH more as time goes.
Maybe they can squeeze 2 or 3 years out of him at 1st. It’s almost a little heart-breaking to see him have to play through pain like he has the last two seasons.

if JD Martinez hadn’t burst onto the scene this year – I’d be more inclined to commit to Vmart for the next 4 years.

could the tigers trade for Michael Saunders from SEA? He is def. injury prone….but maybe the cost would be low for him…. He could probably play CF, right?

Maybe it’s my age talking, but who cares about 3-4 years down the road? I want then to remain a postseason team now. Besides, it’s Mr. Ilitch’s money and he’s got plenty of it.
Re JD Martinez, I wonder how much he was helped by facing pitchers who were mentally and/or physically worn down by just having endured a Victor AB?

If it is your age, we must be the same age because i completely agree. And the Cabrera injury issue? He wasn’t hurt playing defense. He got hurt in a locker room fight with Avisail in 2013 and running in 2014.

I hadn’t heard that, Port, but I believe you. Where’d you get that info?
Also, Miggy’s 2010 injury came from baserunning and an unexpected pickoff throw in a late season nothing game.

I heard Mr. Illitch was shopping the team – and he needed to borrow money from Detroit to build his new entertainment complex.

Video of Jim Leyland singing in a Royal Oak bar. Yeah, you knew it would come to this, didn’t you? 🙂

Pedro said the Yankees were his daddy…cleared up alot of confusion

Jim Bowden ‏@JimBowden_ESPN · 33m33 minutes ago
If Pablo Sandoval&his agent are looking for a 6-year deal; then the clubs are looking for a 4-year deal & it will get done at 5. #howitworks

Fill Victor where it says Pablo

“Fill Victor where it says Pablo” That is my view

Hey Rich, was that us playing guitar behind him? Yikes! That was just wrong on so many levels. Hey boys, can you play “Who’s your Daddy” somewhere between the keys of Ab7 and C#m?…………and try not to screw it up.

I thought it was between B# and Cb but that may have been the bridge. When asked, Jim only replied “I don’t believe in all that ‘on key’ stuff; that’s just something for fans and media to talk about.” Hey, he’s a HOF manager so he knows.

We have the most sought after hitter in all of baseball and he’s more than willing to re-sign with Detroit. This is a no-brainer.

if he is as willing as you say, lets see 2 years guaranteed with an 3rd year based on performance!

That’s not a market competitive offer.

Let’s face it, it’s not a market competitive offer. And it’s Mr. I’s money as you said (I keep forgetting). I’m for signing Victor. Between B# and Cb……hm………that’s a mighty thin bridge. Some would say it can’t be done.

Hey, I am the young guy at 57. Give Victor what he wants. Mr. I is still in the win now mode so yeah who cares 5 years down the road. They might have an electronic strike zone ):

I don’t see the problem with HOW Miggy was injured as much as that playing defense
AGGRAVATES the injury and limits his performance value. As time (and body) wears on, he will absolutely need to get of his feet and DH more. 4 years is a long time to expect his body to hold out, like it or not, fans and Miggy, have to face reality.

Last off topic comment, I promise. Marty, during the lead ride on ZZ Top’s “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers” Billy Gibbons hits a screeching blue note and he gets that sound from playing the note right on the fret.

Signing Victor will cost a lot of $$$$$$. As much as I love him, I’m not crazy about a 4 year deal at his age. Feel really torn about the direction the Tigers should be taking.

You and Dave too!
One thing for sure, a splash will be made and probably a sizable one.

Kathy, “Feel really torn about the direction the Tigers should be taking.” That is real the heart of the matter. Glad it’s not just me who’s having a difficult time with this question. To me, strangely, it’s becoming less and less about the money because the whole money aspect is so abstract anyway. It’s the crap part of the process we have to get through to enjoy the end result. It’s almost more about what kind of team do you envision or favor regardless of final record or playoffs. I get so caught up in worrying throughout the season about whether they make the playoffs or not. The reality is that the 162 game season is a more than generous amount of time to enjoy our team play. Anything else is a bonus.

You have to have an entertaining team. Attendance went through the roof when the Tigers started putting stars on the field. Whereas I used to be the only Tigers fan in Camden Yards (they thought a Tigers fan was cute back then), now I’m one of many. I have nightmares of watching Colby Rasmus strike out again and again and again.

Rasmus had issues in St. Louis getting along with his manager. Rasmus stirred the Tiger clubhouse with his overaggressive takeout slide injuring Infante. here’s hoping they just pass on Rasmus

Colby and Alex bating back-to-back would be pretty dreadful.

Hanley Ramirez willing to play OF is needed. Pity he is out of reach, financially

sometimes the best move is one not made. I believe that applies to the Tigers and Hanley Ramirez. like years ago when Yankees outbid Tigers for Carl Pavano.

another good move not made will be Victor Martinez.

With Victor, you get the great bat and veteran presence. You also get plodding on the base paths. But, there aren’t many good DH’s out there. Also, I’d like to see someone who can play the infield if need be. Someone who could spell Ian at second base for a day off or if there’s an injury.

well that was a quiet week! did we do anything at all? some years we’ve already done alot by this point. Is Spring Training here yet?

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