Kinsler named Wilson Defensive Player of the Year at 2B

Ian Kinsler finally was rewarded for the season he had at second base. It took a defensive awards system based on statistics to earn him the recognition, honored by Wilson with its Defensive Player of the Year award for the best second baseman in the Major Leagues.

It’s the first major defensive award for Kinsler, who finished behind Boston’s Dustin Pedroia for both the American League Gold Glove and Fielding Bible awards at second. Both of those are based in part on voting. The Wilson awards are entirely statistics-based, using a formula that blends advanced metrics with traditional stats.

On the metrics, Kinsler didn’t have to back down to anyone in either league. Under Defensive Runs Saved, a statistic created by The Fielding Bible to measure plays a defender makes compared to those made by his peers, Kinsler’s plus-20 rating this year not only topped all Major League second baseman, but all AL infielders. His 2.91 Defensive Wins Above Replacement ranked third in the Majors and easily led his position.

Under the more common metric of Ultimate Zone Rating, an effort to measure the number of plays a defender makes within his defensive zone, Kinsler’s 13 UZR ranked second at his spot behind Pedroia.

Under more specialized ratings created by Inside Edge for advanced scouting purposes, Kinsler shined by making higher percentage plays. He converted 99 percent of the highest percentage plays, those regarded as 90 percent likely or better. Among plays with a usual 60-90 percent success rate for Major League second baseman, Kinsler converted 90 percent, which separated him from Pedroia, D.J. LeMahieu and others.

Kinsler becomes the first Tigers second baseman to win a defensive award since Placido Polanco won the AL Gold Glove in 2009. Polanco remains the Tigers’ last Gold Glove winner.


That’s what I’m talkin about! Well deserved, Ian.

Tigers could have the strongest defensive keystone next season with Iglesias and Kinsler. I’d like to see Tigers bump Kinsler to the #2 spot in order where they could use his high contact rate to hit-n-run more.

Good idea it would be worth a try to put him in the # 2 spot . Gotta wonder what the line up might look like .

Once again, perfect timing with Ian’s award and my last comment on the previous thread. I don’t know,….. “it’s a gift, a calling”……..
In all seriousness, congratulations Ian. No mistake, Ian’s defensive gems were directly responsible for several Tiger wins. First half offense was all you could ask. The second half drop in production hurt. Upper cut swing resulted in too many fly outs in key ABs. Still, I’d be happy if Ian remains a Tiger in 2015. Was just sayin’, IF they wanted to save some payroll…………

Finally some recognition for Kinsler, who had about as good a defensive season as you’ll see.
I think it might be wise to give him more days off next season. That would hopefully keep him fresher and maybe even avert some of that issue with his back shoulder dropping.

Day in and day out—-if the ball was hit to the right side of the infield it seemed like Ian was going to make the play. Much like listenting to Ernie on the radio in the late 60’s when a ball was hit to CF—you knew it was in good hands. Those belonging to “the Mick”.
Next year will certainly be a treat with Jose and Ian up the middle. Hopefully we have a legitimate CFer out there too. Borjous?

And, when is the last time we had a real lead off hitter?

Tony the Tiger. One could make a case for Curtis – despite his strikeout rates and inability to bit LHP …. he sure could get to 3rd with no outs!

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