Tigers re-sign Hessman to minor-league deal

Mike Hessman will keep slugging home runs in a Mud Hens uniform in 2015. The Tigers re-signed the 36-year-old corner infielder to a minor-league contract for next season, according to Baseball America’s Matt Eddy.

Twenty-eight of those aforementioned home runs came this year in Toledo, where he returned after bouncing around the past few seasons.

Hessman also has 14 Major League homers, though he hasn’t played in the big leagues since 2010 with the Mets. He hit six home runs in the Japanese Pacific League in 2011. As if that wasn’t enough, he took his game to winter ball this offseason in Venezuela, where he’s batting .220 with one homer and four RBIs for Tigres de Aragua.


ET===Do you know what kind of salary would a guy like Hessman get playing in Venezuela this year?

According to Lider, a newspaper ,players in the 40 roster between 10 to 12 K . Players from independents leagues, 6 to 10 K

Monthly salaries. There have been reports about salaries around 20 K . It is around 3 or 4 times the money they make in the Minors.
Years ago, until the late 70´s, it was enough to lure MLB players to come

I wonder if this offseason could be worse than last years’. It’ll be tough – but we might be able to pull it off!

Thanks. And the cost of tickets are reasonable to the public?

Tickets have a different price according to the opponent. Games against Caracas and Magallanes ( equivalent of Yankees and Boston) and against the rest. The pices go from 50 cents of $, bleachers for students ,( at one of the two legal rates for $ the one for tourists, would be half dollar at the black market rate) to 10 $ for VIP in the field.
Magglio´s teams charge from 60 cents to 6 $.
Of course, you have to pay parking, beer, arepas or hot dogs . They dont allow to get in even water ( and water is rationed so it is hard to find )
To get the full picture,the minimum monthly wage is 85 $ a month.
Still, park but for bleachers are full here in Maracaibo since they were winning to begin the season.In a couple of week during the traditional Juego de la Chinita played since 1928,the park will be at full capacity.

How they pay salaries? TV and beer
Caracas is owned by a TV station the associated of the main satellite providers in the USA and paid for the broadcast rights a lot.And the main ,almost a monopoly, brewery spends a lot in publicity in exchange for the exclusivity to sell beer and soft drinks.
Baseball has good ratings here

“Decisions should be made soon on the futures of Jason Heyward, and B.J. and Justin Upton. There may be some interesting Atlanta hitters available.”

gotta admire Hessman’s determination and production. approaching 2000 games played in minors, now 68 HR away from all-time career minor league HR record.

Keep on trucking Iron Mike!
Thanks ET, it would be on my bucket list to see a Venezuelan league game.

When Dirks was claimed, the Tigers just awarded the contract?

Wondering about that myself. It seems the Tigers have a long list of players that were once counted on that have been let go for no return. Or maybe it just feels that way.

Yes–but I think we have been lead to believe that some of our players have far more value than they actually do. Dirks, he hit .320 or so a year ago but it was a very quiet .320.
They did the right thing with Dirks this year and they need to do the right thing with Kelly and Avila too. Kelly is not a force on the bench. Avila should be a backup catcher who can provide alHB off the bench and late inning defensive replacement should they go for a free agent catcher who can hit. Ideally, McCann can provide enough offense to go with his defensive attributes to justify a starting position.
I would prefer Avila is thought enough of (by other organizations) to be of some trade value. We could be looking at the first sentence in this post. Have we been lead to believe he has more value than he actually has?

“There will be a ton of great pitching available in the market in the next 13 months, and there are ripple effects.”

yeah i thought fister was worth more than Michael Rizzo did😉 Carlos and Maggs come to mind when talking about overvaluing players.

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Anyone know the difference in the job title between Jim and Alan, now?

What will Mike Hessman make playing for the Mud Hens in 2015?

I saw a salary survey online that stated AAA players can make from 27K
to 88K a year.
Hessman is a big draw in Toledo because of his home runs and records…

What are the Mud Hens/Tigers paying Hessman to play in Toledo in 2015?!

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