Maroth promoted to pitching coach at Toledo

The last time Mike Maroth took the mound at Triple-A Toledo, he was still trying to work his way back into the Tigers rotation. That was in 2006, after he underwent surgery to remove bone chips in his elbow earlier that year.

He missed out on the Tigers postseason run that fall, and his Detroit tenure ended the next summer. When he walks to that same mound at Fifth Third Field next spring, he’ll be playing a quietly important part towards trying to get the Tigers back to the World Series — as a coach.

After three seasons close to home as the pitching coach at Class A Lakeland, Maroth is moving up to take the same post with the Mud Hens. It’s a promotion that puts Maroth in line to take the underappreciated challenge of handling pitching prospects on their last step before the Majors as well as struggling pitchers sent down from Detroit to work on issues.

The promotion became official this week.

The Tigers have not yet announced their full minor-league staff, pending some final decisions. Detroit also has a big-league coaching opening for assistant hitting coach, which could factor into that as the Tigers consider internal candidates alongside others from outside the organization.

Maroth replaces former Major League pitcher Al Nipper. Nipper spent one year with the Hens after his predecessor, former Tigers pitcher and University of Toledo product A.J. Sager, took over as Tigers minor-league pitching coordinator.

Maroth spent parts of three seasons at Toledo, making 48 starts there. He arrived in 2001 as a 23-year-old pitching prospect who had lost 14 games the previous year at Double-A Jacksonville. He went 7-10 with a 4.65 ERA in his first year with the Hens, then made the learning curve to rule the International League the next year.

Maroth went 8-1 with a 2.82 ERA in 11 starts for Toledo in 2002, essentially forcing his way into the struggling Tigers rotation. He lost 21 games the next year on Detroit’s record-setting 119-loss team, but his quiet composure and dignity set the tone for a club whose struggles put it in the national spotlight by year’s end. Maroth went 14-14 two years later.

He never had overpowering stuff as a pitcher, armed with a fastball that rarely hit 90 mph, but he lasted six years in the Majors on his ability to mix pitches and keep hitters off-balance. His pitching knowhow served him well in Lakeland, where he worked with several Tigers prospects on their way up. Among his former pupils to reach the big leagues are Bruce Rondon, Jacob Turner, Kyle Ryan, Drew VerHagen, Melvin Mercedes, Brian Flynn. In addition, Maroth coached Jake Thompson en route to his Futures Game selection this past summer before the Tigers traded him to Texas in the Joakim Soria deal.


Couldn’t happen to a better guy. Glad to hear this.

Watching the game tonight in Mexico. Using a SMART BluRay player with only an HDMI output. For some odd reason I can’t get sound yet I have no trouble with sound when using NetFlix.
Are there any international users out there that are having the same issue? Does anyone know if MLB is simply not including the audio?

ESPN español? they had problems during the postseason with audio

Mike, one of my favorite Tigers. Congratulations.

congrats to the giants

Ugh Giants again!

the dynasty.

Steve Perry was there, that is why the Giants won…. Don’t stop believing…

Steve Perry, Neil Diamond………….Kid Rock doesn’t do jack for us. 🙂

To put it in perspective:
M Bumgarner in the 2014 WS: 21IP 1run
K Rodgers in 2006 PLAYOFFS: 23IP 0run
And for the record, there is plenty of better late 70’s rock than Journey, IMO. Some Michigan rockers like Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, and New Funk Railroad for example. Ted was pretty gnarly in the 70’s too.

*grand funk….not sure how NEW got in there

Time for my lobbying of players I would like to see as a Tiger. This first one is about a trade. His name, Ben Zobrist. Would love to see him a Tiger and he would fill many needs. One being a switch handed hitter with some pop. The other being able to play multiple positions providing the team with more flexibility. Ben Zobrist for Tigers!

This off season Tigers need to either extend David Price on a long-term contract or trade him. For what? What they traded to get him: A CF. Except with a name like David Price being traded Tigers could go after a high end CF in the market. Or maybe a high ranking prospect that was looking to bust into the MLB in 2015. Either way, getting a strong defensive CF with upside with the bat too would be huge in my mind. That speed would allow for another top of the lineup hitter as leadoff or batting second. It would tighten the defense up the middle with Iglesias/ Kinsler in the IF and this guy in the OF. Also, Price is expensive, the money saved could be used to pick up another arm on the FA. There are a number of serviceable arms in FA… and they probably would be cheaper than Price’s contract too. Time for Tigers to start spending their money smarter and not in just a few stars. It’s good to have a few good stars, but there needs to be a strong supporting cast too. Look at KC this year… how many stars they have? How about the Giants? Just saying…

what does Jason’s recent tweet about “Scherzer, VMart, Torii Hunter, Joba Chamberlain, Phil Coke, Jim Johnson, Joel Hanrahan are all now free agents. No more filing formalities.” mean? Does it mean we are not giving them qualifying offers?

3 Championships in 5 years. That’s about as close to a “dynasty” as teams can come these days.
Congrats though I was sure wishing for one lucky swing of the bat to make the home folks happy (ier)!!!

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