Cabrera has surgery for bone spurs, stress fracture in ankle

As expected, Miguel Cabrera underwent surgery to remove the bone spurs in his right ankle that had been bothering him for months. He also had a procedure to repair a stress fracture in the navicular bone near the top of his right foot, an injury that hadn’t been known and which requires a longer rehab.

Dr. Robert Anderson performed the surgery in Charlotte, N.C., including the insertion of screws in the foot.

“It was a surprise, I’d say, for all of us,” team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said Friday morning. “We were not aware [the stress fracture] was there. I’m not sure how long it was there. He did have a couple of screws inserted.”

Cabrera will be re-evaluated in three months, or a few weeks before Spring Training. He’s expected to avoid weight-bearing activities on the foot, which greatly limits his offseason workouts.

“He’ll probably be pretty much inactive,” team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said.

Dombrowski avoided any prognostications about Cabrera’s potential readiness for Spring Training, preferring to wait for the follow-up exam in January.

Cabrera’s ankle began to bother him soon after he seemed regain some of his strength from the core muscle surgery that he underwent last year around this time. Cabrera recovered from that surgery in time to have a full Spring Training, but admitted later to a reporter for USA Today that the core muscles tightened on him at times during the season.

The ankle injury hobbled Cabrera for much of the summer, but as with the core muscle issue last year, he played through. In this case, he seemed to improve as he kept playing.

Cabrera’s September performance — including a .379 (39-for-103) average, eight home runs and 18 RBIs — earned him American League Player of the Month honors. He wasn’t moving anywhere near full speed, but he was moving better than he had been in July and August.

“There’s no question that that ankle started to bother him at times, based upon a couple of instances, probably more sliding at more various times, in which he was affected,” Dombrowski said during his season-wrapup press conference last week. “But I think the difference was, where in 2013, where [the core muscle injury] hurt him all the time, in 2014 here at times  … it hurt him at times, worse than others. Because it was there, and he would do something to jar it, and it would hurt him.

“There’s no question that that did bother him, but you saw in the postseason he still swung the bat well, the first couple of games in particular.”

Dombrowski said at that point that it wasn’t clear whether Cabrera would need surgery, because he was still being evaluated. The surgery to remove the bone spur, he said, is relative easy. The stress fracture complicates matters.

Now that the extent of the injury is clear, Cabrera’s ability to play through it becomes all the more impressive.

“It’s amazing that he was able to do that,” Dombrowski said. “It was much more involved [than expected] with the fracture there being in a position — and again, I don’t know when that happened. It’s amazing he was able to function with the foot and the ankle the way it is. He really is as tough as can be.”


On second thought, we might need to resign Victor!

Won’t stop the “experts” from picking the Tigers to win it all.

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No, let them pick KC to win the division and put the pressure on them. Miggy may have a late start next season. Max, Vmart and Torii are on the table, Iggy and Dirks are on hold, and the Tiger bullpen is a disaster. Too many questions to “win it all.”

Defense from the middle , power from the corners:
According to MLBTR, Gerardo Parra could be non tendered or traded. Twice GG winner and candidate for a third, hits and fields better than Jackson, Bourjos or Rasmus.He is making 4.5 and will be arbitration eligible after been relegated to the bench.

i’d love to stick Parra in CF – hits lefty too. how much do they think he’d get in ARB, anyhow?

The minimum ,20% more. He was a backup this season

Maddon just bounced out of Tampa! Holy cow! He’s the best coach, year in and year out, in my opinion.

He wasn’t bounced out.

i’m aware that he bounced himself!

Best of luck to him in his rehab. I hope they at least encourage him to get into the pool for non weight-bearing exercise and conditioning. Miggy can put on weight real fast. This is not going to help that problem.

The talk on XM radio is Maddon and Andrew Friedman (former Rays GM) now Dodgers President of Baseball Operations will reunite at some point in time before the season or during the season. Maddon’s new wife bought them a house in Long Beach in 2010 when they got married. What a change that would be after sparse crowds and small payrolls to go to the Dodgers and have SRO and $225MM+ payrolls!!

will overpayed players buy into his philosophies?

The Dodgers have denied it . The Cubs have been mentioned too

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Only time will tell where Maddon lands at . Cubs might be his best option but time is on his side . Maddon has been very involved in the Tampa / St. Pete community.

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