J.D. Martinez runner-up for Sporting News AL Comeback Player of the Year

Comeback player of the year awards have always been kind of quirky, because there’s no definition of what a player is supposed to be coming back from, or what they originally were. Some guys who have won these awards come back from season-ending or career-threatening injuries. Others just come back from a bad year. In the case of J.D. Martinez, his comeback was from a Spring Training release. He had been a nice player in past years, but never had broken out.

Still, with 23 homers, 76 RBIs, a .315 batting average and a .912 OPS, he had a good enough case that a panel of fellow American League players landed him second in AL Comeback Player of the Year balloting among the Sporting News end-of-season awards. Mariners pitcher Chris Young won the award after spending 2013 struggling to come back from thoracic outlet syndrome, the same issue that derailed Jeremy Bonderman’s career.

Martinez earned 22 votes to Young’s 49. A’s lefty Scott Kazmir finished third, followed by Derek Jeter and Melky Cabrera.

Thanks to the commenters for pointing out that Martinez is also a candidate for the Players Choice version of this award, along with Young and Victor Martinez. That award is also based on player balloting, but leaguewide instead of just a panel.

The last Tiger to win Comeback Player of the Year was Alan Trammell in 1983. In his case, he was coming back from consecutive down years offensively.


He is among the finalists for the AL Comeback Player of the Year in the Players Choice Awards with Victor and Chris Young
From the press release:
“J.D. Martinez’s comeback began late in the 2013 season when, while recovering from a wrist injury…”

As a former commenter mentioned, Victor is recovering from what? a first bad half in 2013?

post-tramatic ALCS disorder, I believe

Victor was a legit comeback candidate in 2013 not 2014

I’ll echo ElT – VMart’s comeback was in 2013. He should get votes for AL MVP. I guess I didn’t pay enough attention to Chris Young, I thought it was JD hands down.

obviously it is a misprint. no?

At times there have been discussions here regarding what goes on in the clubhouse. This is an article by the excellent Andy McCullough about the Royals turnabout this summer.

Good story Rich. Editorial: There’s not enough time in life for video games. I can’t accomplish all that I’d like to in a day as it is. The mind is a terrible thing to waist as the old commercials stated.
Do you still predict KC to lose in 4? Or were you kidding? Haven’t picked a winner but it should go 6 games at least. I don’t think SF is that good, nor KC that lucky.

Conversely, I don’t think KC is that good nor SF that lucky.

JD gets my vote. Released by a last place team. Talk about motivation.

I thought video games are for after retirement

I can tell you without a doubt that they are NOT.

I still got Giants in four. KC hasn’t lost a game in 23 days. Predictions must include winner and number of games and there is a $10 entrance fee which I will be collecting. For safe keeping of course.

At least, it was not Rock Guitar Hero.
The main change was moving Cain away from the lead-off spot. When Escobar took over as lead-off began they were reenergized for the late run and the current wining streak

Thankfully, there’s baseball tonight!

$500 for SRO. $1,200 for a cheap seat. Wow!

500 dollars – holy shi-tah!

A lot of people want the Royals to win (the underdogs). SF has the experience and has delivered. Hope the Royals represent the Central Division well.

Hey mister graft and corruption. Can I play? I’m gonna go with my instincts on this one. Cubs in 3.

Absolutely, Cubs in three for you. Let me write that down………..and…….ten dollars please.

I felt bad for the Royals fans last night, Tiger fans have been there. Bumgarner is so good!!

KC’s bats disappeared? Easy come, easy go! KCs pitching has to be better.

Was Shields rusty? I see that the game was 3 1/2 hours loooooonnnnng. That is why I don’t like to watch other teams. Go Lions!

EH i could have tolerated 5 hours of baseball last night.

No, he allowed 4 runs in each of the 2 postseason games he started with 4 days of rest against O´s and A´s . He has allowed 15 in 19 IP this postseason
KC bats just regressed ,they were absent all season long.

apparently i was the only one though….since last night’s game was one of the least watched WS games in recent history.

They didn’t miss much. Hope we get a better game tonight.

Wondering if Torii could be a bench player? Doesn’t sound like it. he also thinks his defense is pretty good:
“Playing for a contender is very important to me,” he said, “but taking a lesser role will be hard for me when my core numbers are pretty good, not just for a guy that’s 39 years old but also for a 22-year-old player. The last three or four months of the season, I played pretty good defense as well.
“I know that we all get older, but until I give you signs that I can’t help a team, don’t count me out just yet. I’ve been one of the most consistent hitters in baseball. Everybody knows what they are going to get.”

Found this on Google search:
ALDS Game 2 lineups: Tigers at Orioles « Beck’s Blog
Oct 3, 2014 – A Giants-Royals WS would not only be an idiotic matchup of WC teams, but probably draw the lowest viewership in years. By Rich on October 5 …
I’m killing it on predictions this year.

I very seldom remember who lost in the WS, unless it’s the Tigers.

I am pretty pleased that a big market team isn’t in the WS this year.

Jose Altuve won the Luis Aparicio Award for the best venezuelan player in MLB over Felix Hernadez and Victor. Miguel won it in 2012 and 13

Nevermind on that Nori guy in KC’s RF. I thought he was good defensively – but apparently that was not true, at all.

As much as I am chagrined to admit it I don’t trust DD any longer. He is so full of vagueness and double talk that I don’t feel he can be trusted to his media relations.
If your GM is FOS then you better start worrying about the direction of your team.
I’ve always liked the guy but his MO has run its course with me.
He has the ability and experience to right the ship but I don’t think he has the humility to accept his mistakes and that extends to making the right decisions for the future.

Well, he’s always been vague about what he might have up his sleeve. Can’t really tell what’s going to happen til after the WS. Next year is his last year unless he signs a new contract.
It’s pretty obvious Omar is leader on that team. Had good mentors, though.

Nori Aoki is not what this team needs. It needs a 5 tool outfielder.

What team doesn’t?

are there many 5 tool outfielders available? at what kind of cost – since we’re trying to develop our own talent, and all….

Good game for awhile but after that 5-run 6th I joined the non-viewers.

I just can’t get into watching teams other than my own in these world series games. I have lost all interest other than checking in on the scores, even with KC in the game. Just re-energizing myself for the spring I suppose.

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