Dombrowski on bullpen: We really did make a good run at Miller

Dave Dombrowski spent a good portion of his hour-long session Tuesday talking about the Tigers bullpen, from its failure in the AL Division Series to its struggles during the season to its individual members. One guy who wasn’t part of it, of course, was Andrew Miller, a rumored deal that came close to happening, never did and came back to haunt them in the Division Series.

The prevailing thought for a long while was that the Tigers pulled out of talks with the Red Sox involving Miller once they closed in on a deal with the Rays for David Price. A report from the New York Post’s Joel Sherman earlier this month countered that, saying the Tigers had met Boston’s asking price but were outbid at the last minute by Baltimore.

Dombrowski’s characterization of the talks was somewhere in between, but trended towards the latter.

“We really did make a good run at him,” Dombrowski said. “It was a situation where we thought they were going to call us back, and they didn’t call us back, and they just decided to go in another direction.”

That direction was to Baltimore, where the Orioles offered up a young left-handed pitcher named Eduardo Rodriguez, rated in the 60s on each of the major top 100 prospect lists going into the season. Whatever the Tigers were offering has never gotten out.

That led to another would-be deal Dombrowski brought up on his own.

“I wouldn’t tell you the player, but last year, there was a reliever that we almost acquired who ended up being a very good reliever,” Dombrowski said. “I thought we were getting him. It never got out like this. We thought we made a tremendous offer. We thought we offered more than the other organization, but they went with the other player. Well I can tell you that organization wishes they didn’t go in that direction. They wish they taken our player.”

Dombrowski did not give any hints who that player was. It might have been Francisco Rodriguez, who had been rumored to have drawn Tigers interest at various points in July. The Brewers had him, then dealt him on July 23 to the Orioles for an infielder named Nick Delmonico. He had shown some power in the O’s farm system putting up back-to-back double figures in home runs. He hit just four homers in 37 games with Milwaukee’s Class A Florida State League team.

Rodriguez ended up returning to MIlwaukee this year and saved 44 games for the Brewers. The Tigers traded for Jose Veras shortly after the Brewers traded Rodriguez, then let him go at season’s end by not picking up his option.

“Sometimes you don’t have total control of those things,” Dombrowski said. “Sometimes organizations, it’s just not in your control. They decide what direction they’re going to go, and sometimes they don’t always choose the right direction.”


The equivalent of Eduardo Rodriguez , unfairly dismissed by some Detroit analyst,probably was Ray and Hill. None did the 100 prospects list while Rodriguez was 65th

They could not trade Hill because he was drafted in 2014. He cannot be traded until 12 months after his signing.

True.Ray and Moya would be more accurate

Im not “trading” Hill or Moya, just trying to guess what would be the equivalent of the 65th prospect for a team with no one among the top 100

Hill couldn’t be in the conversation for Miller. I agree that it would have been Ray or Moya as top prospects, or perhaps Adames if it was before the Price deal.

he could have been in the deal as a player to be named later. that’s how the tigers got Bonderman from oakland.

I don’t know David’s backgroung but I bet he would make a good (bad) politician.

This Royals 7 game win streak reminds me a lot of Detroit’s 7-gamer in the 2006 postseason. It’s all in the timing.

It’s 8 games, you forgot the Wild card.

Just realized your post was before today’s win.

it’s actually 11 games as they won the last three vs St. Louis in 1985.

Good info PW.
Better hang on to Hill.
Travis too.
Moya is going to turn some heads too.

DD better start doing a better job (drafting, trading, acquiring FAs) or these young teams turn us into the Phillies

KC sure living a charmed life right now. Their average pitchers pitching lights out. Hard hit balks by Baltimore right at people. Infield dribblers for base hits. ..nothing is going wrong.

Meanwhile our so called Cy Young pitchers starting with Max Scherzer gets hit around by Baltimore.

I would loved to have gotten F. Rodriguez.

Dave’s end of season presser reaped all of 3 comments. Probably because he really didn’t say anything, although there are definitely words printed there. I could see them. Agreed Dan. The time has come to start actually developing players instead of using draft picks as trading chips. In fairness, they are salting in a player or two here and there. Nick and Eugenio to name two. KC built their team the hard way. They don’t have a choice but they demonstrated that it works. I’d love to have Max back but for the money I think Victor wold be more valuable and by quite a bit. He is a rare hitter. If they don’t keep him I think the “window” closes for the near future. What’s wrong with hurrying along McCann, Moya and Travis? As soon as the Tigers acquired Jackson, he was inserted into the starting CF position. How old was he? If anything needs to be addressed from the outside it’s the BP. Everyone on this blog knows that. I’m all over the board here but I’ll throw in that if Torii would be willing to sign for a reasonable amount and would be willing to PH and spot start for 300 ABs or so, he could be a strong bench player.

Austin was being blocked in NY. It’s why he was so excited to come to Detroit, because he was ready to step into CF.

Verlander , and Porcello,2/3 of the rotation are homegrown players. Avila too.
KC was helped by trades: Cain, Escobar and Aoki ( Brewers), Shields and Davis ( TB ,in exchange for Wil Myers).
Plus FA like Infante, Vargas and Gunthrie ( 3/5 of the rotation acquired thru FA or trades) .4 of 8 position players, trades or FA .3/4 of the central line

MLB said they didn’t want any announcements coming from teams until after the WS. I’d imagine that’s when we’ll start to hear who is staying or not. Kansas City has good players now, because they stunk for so many years, they were able to get good draft picks. KC has always had an obsession for obtaining outfielders to the point that they overlooked pitching for position players. It just depends on a team’s owner and how much they are willing to shell out. And, then it’s how smart the organization is signing players.
Hey, maybe we’ll be able to watch Omar and Jhonny in the WS.

Not to change the subject, but Buck sure was emotional, I’m pretty sure that is how the Oriole fans felt. He promised them they would be back next year.

Vizquel: “Defense wins games, some does not disagree with that”

Can anyone remember such an extended streak of good fortune like the Royals have had? I mean, any team on a winning streak at any time is getting some bounces, but this has been ridiculous. I hope teams don’t try to copy their success. KC has had a boatload of baseball luck. Next year they’ll be confused as to why it doesn’t work anymore.

Rich, I think the Royals are winning despite Ned Yost. They have been so good, he hasn’t had a chance to mess things up..,………yet!
They were “hot” when we played them and never cooled off.

“Then he was ripped for saying Herrera is his “seventh-inning guy.” Well, Yost has adapted. He used Herrera and Davis for two innings apiece in Game 1.”
“No, for me, Albie, who had a great year, his best place is in the sixth or seventh inning … There’s really only one time we might have used him, in Game 2, and we had Sanchie.”
Of course. is easier to manage a good bullpen and not a badly build one
Still, advantage: Yost

BTW: Albie? Sanchie? Miggy? who give them the intimidating nicks?

I’ll let you get away with disproving most of what I said ET, but only because you’re right:-) On the other hand, I’m not sure what you mean by saying Verlander and Porcello are 2/3 of a 5 man rotation. Kathy’s explanation was accurate. KC has had a draft advantage for may years because they stunk for so long.

2/5 of the rotation. Sorry, multitasking.

But before August 1 last year we had more home grown starters (3 Smyly, Verlander, Porcello) than KC. KC spent wisely in free agency (Infante, Aoki?) so let’s not go overboard on the poor Royals. They have been trying to win the last 2 years, and they are hot (also, I hate to admit it, they are a lot of fun to watch.) Glad that KC made the world series, great fans.

If they’re such great fans,why don’t they show up for the games? only 63% capacity for the season.

Both the Royals and Giants make a specialty out of scoring without base hits. Like watching a sleight of hand artist, it’s fun but you’d get tired of it real quick. Or take football as an analogy; nobody wins the game but the team with the most mistakes loses it. Ask Matt Adams about that.

Nothing like a walk-off HR to send your team to the WS.

agreed Kathy. Been listening to the post game radio broadcast as well. Players talking bout certain strategies their coaches used that helped them, got me thinking, it’s probably going to be several years before we consider brad a strong manager. Coaching isn’t easy and Brad has not experience – he was pretty awful this season as well.

So the “world” champion will be a team that didn’t even win 90 games and didn’t even win their division. Makes one wonder what it means.

2002, only previous time with two Wild Cards playing the WS. Less than 90 ? 1987 all over again

there wasn’t a play in game at that time,so the first round was best of five.(2002)

Still, both teams were Wild Cards

that’s true,but the point I was making is that there wasn’t a one and done game at that time. This is the first time that even one wild card has advanced to the world series since the addition of the second wild card.

playing right at the right time – timing is everything

Seinfeld line in the marathon episode where the overly enthusiastic lady cheers from apartment window to the masses of runners below, “You’re ALL winners!”.
Old format of 2 leagues, 2 champions, one World Series champion would avoid this. But lets face it. No one really wants that. So this always looms as a possible consequence of having it our way. Just like NHL. We’re all winners.

With so many teams and so many games, you make the playoffs and have a chance to win it all. Good one, Marty. Good fortune or favor or…..remember, KC was down 7-3 against Oakland…….and I went to bed. Nice article in the freep by Mitch. Defense wins games.

Make that defense wins postseason games and I’ll agree. A team can’t rely on magic to score runs all season, that only works in the short term.

Defense wins postseason games🙂 I know this is a baseball blog but I heard the Lions can play defense.

We saw a lot of homeruns last night, So, this WS should be interesting. First walkoff HR since ’06. They showed it, too. I’ll remember that moment for the rest of my life. I read an article the other day re Ned Yost and his mismanagement of a game because he refused to use his set up men in anything but their roles. He got raked over the coals for being so rigid.. Overall, I think Brad did a good job, but you sure could see how “green” he was. That kind of stubbornness negates any possibility for creativity.

Jon Morosi‏@jonmorosi·19 mins19 minutes ago
All of Royals’ runs at home in ALCS came without benefit of a hit: groundout and sac fly in Game 3, groundout and error in Game 4.
Yeah, sign me up for that type of gripping excitement. Giants in four.

Jason:”Joel Hanrahan deal didn’t work out for Tigers, but wouldn’t be shocked if they tried again. He’s had more recovery time. DET still has need.” Hope and dream or delusion and denial. How many recovery projects are too many?

Not saying it would be a major move on Tigers’ part, or that they can assume he’ll be fine with more time. But for the risk/reward, it wouldn’t be the craziest move they could do to add some depth and competition.

Seems that there would be little, if anything, to lose.

MLB Stats:
“It’s the first time in a non-shortened season that the World Series features two teams that won fewer than 90 games in the regular season”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement of the new postseason setup. The 2006 Tigers, on the other hand, were the wild card with 95 wins and that’s after losing their final five games of the season. Baseball, by it’s very nature, shouldn’t try to copy the other sports but rather stand on its own unique characteristics.

Back then that Selig showed his dislike for the fact that wild cards were reaching the WS one after another ( of course, after the Tigers did it)and wanted to make it harder the path for the Wild Card teams.

I agree on getting rid of coke.

By adding two more wild card teams? Somebody do a statistical study on that. 🙂
I actually remember reading that article in ’06. Thought the same, Tigers eliminate Yankees, something must be done. Best method would have been the one he ruled out; making the first round best of seven. No more difficult than adding a play-in game has been.

if they did that,they would be playing in November. They would have to figure out how to shorten the season,either by playing fewer games,scheduling DH or both so they could start the post season in mid september.

To be fair, the Wild Card keeps baseball interesting in late September. And the idea was floated well before Selig, The “unjust” , it was right according to the rules but many felt it wrong, elimination of the Jays( 96-66) in 1987 while the Twins( 85-77) made their way until the postseason with a little help from their park, was followed with calls to do something.
Shortening the season?It has been proposed but teams sell the rights based on 81 home games and teams that dont make the postseason wont like to lose the money paid by concessionaires.
DH? players hate them
The playoff went from 5 to 7 because , again, it was felt to be unfair to lose it all that fast. One wild card ,and 7 games could be possible with the flexible scheduling used in Venezuela until the middle 90´s. Venezuelans teams in the Caribbean series have had hard time beating DR and PR: sometimes they won in Venezuela the day before , other times they had the same problem the Tigers had , twice, in The WS, they won too long before and cooled off( or they said so). The latter, was the consequence ,maybe,avoidable,of the flexible scheduling used . There was no pre-established day for the Final to begin, once both teams had won their respective playoff , the Final began. That is today would be the first game of the WS .Of course, American TV wont agree with that, ever.

one solution would be to schedule double headers.It could be double admission or just charge more for 2 games. This would help shorten the season so they wouldn’t have to play into november & they could have more than one game for the wid card,maybe a best of three.

Hanrahan 2015 = Joba 2014? Need to sign a dominant lefty and ditch the coke.

It always boils down to money, doesn’t it? Thinking last night that eliminating some of interleague games might help. But, you know they want to keep the season at 162.

If I wasn’t clear or if anyone didn’t read the linked article from ET, I was talking of a one wild card setup and extending the first round to best of seven. This year instead of doing play-in games, the seven game series would start on Sept 30 (AL) and Oct 1 (NL). A look at the calendar says the WS would start on the 21st, just as it is this year. It can work, or should I say could have worked.

more than one way to build a champion, but it seems mediocre starting rotation and a stout bullpen is part of the blueprint for postseason success in 2014.

It’s kind of ridiculous for both teams to have to wait till Tuesday.

Stupid to wait 6-7 days before playing again. MLB should be flexible in the event of a sweep or 5 game win. I don’t like the Wild card play-in single game elimination format or the best of 5 series. MLB needs to “review” the postseason format.

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