Avila feeling better, cleared for offseason workouts

Just heard back from Alex Avila, who said Monday in a text message that he’s free of concussion symptoms after leaving last Sunday’s game on a foul tip off his mask. He flew back to his offseason home on Monday, and is clear for a normal workout routine.

And yes, he intends to play next season.

“Going to relax and spend time with my family for a few weeks until it’s time to start working out and get ready for next year,” Avila said.

Avila underwent a battery of tests last week in the wake of his third concussion-related incident this year. Test results came back normal, and his symptoms subsided later in the week.

Avila has been steady about his intent to keep playing while acknowledging the risk of repeated concussions. He’s under team control for next season, either with a $5.4 million option or with a third year of arbitration eligibility. Detroit has avoided arbitration with him the last couple seasons, though last year’s negotiations lasted a little while.


“third concussion-related incident this year” …….don’t they kick guys out of the NFL if they’ve had like 3 in a career?

Big mistake. Bigger for Alex than for the Detroit Tigers and their fans.
Not looking forward to 1st hand witness of a career or another rally kill.

Evan Gattis played in Venezuela. He had 16HR in 53 games playing in Maracaibo. That is like having 60 HR in San Diego. I dont remember that kind of power since Cecil and Deer( he player for Zulia too)
Catcher, LF and DH.
One caveat:He reached MLB old because he was in soul search trip for a while

Package Krol, Ray and Perez for Gattis…. 😉

lets say the tigers pick up the $5.4 million option. what could be expected in a trade of alex? And remember, Fister got us Krol, Ray and Lombo….

If I was advising Alex, I’d say ditch the catcher’s gear and play 3B this winter somewhere. 3B should be his future in baseball.

Dombrowski did NOT list Catcher as a priority this offseason

I don’t think it is a priority. They probably (and I’m not saying this is correct) feel that McCann is going to hit and that Avila will mentor him from the bench (thus giving them that LHB they are insinuating in the press conference).
I think a guy like Russel Martin would fit very well here. I like Avila and all but the black hole (that he is the nucleus of at the bottom of the lineup simply has to be corrected. The club will be likely be loyal to him but at best next year will be a repeat of this one—, at worst a disaster.
CF is a definite priority. Rajai Davis is an aging platoon OFer, not a reliable every day CFer. No way.
The bullpen has to be a priority and names like Soria, Rondon have to be regarded as, hopefully, pleasant surprises, not established role components.

Castellanos should be playing winter ball to improve at 3rd.

“Dombrowski: Don’t know if they’d hit market for a starter if Scherzer leaves. Would be comfortable with internal competition in camp.”
JV, DP, AS, RP, Lobstein/Ryan/Farmer/Ray
But someone like Lackey…

Dombrowski on Nathan for 2015: “I would think he starts as our closer going into it, but then he has to perform to capabilities”
Gone by May

“You ” All know we need to send Alex packing for a fresh start I know the guys a gem and has talent but as a “coach” in tiger triple AAA that is what i would put in this young mans head he knows the game set him free to set the tigers on the right track

I’d love to see him go elsewhere, but for 1 more year….I could tolerate him and McCann in 2015. Hopefully closer too 300 than 500 innings behind the plate. No way we resign him to another contract though.

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