Three hits for Moya in Arizona Fall League debut

While the Detroit Tigers were packing up and heading home, their season having ended far too soon for their liking, their best hope for internal improvement in 2015 was opening his next season with a flourish. Steven Moya opened his Arizona Fall League campaign with three hits, including a two-run double, for the Glendale Desert Dogs and manager Lance Parrish in a 9-3 win over Mesa.

Moya hit a line-drive double to right off a lefty, Nationals prospect Matt Grace, who had retired him twice in as many meetings during the Eastern League season, including an inning-ending strikeout with a runner on third June 11. Contrary to expectation, Moya held his own against lefties for Double-A Erie, batting .262 (49-for-187) with 13 home runs, nine doubles, six walks and 56 strikeouts. He lined an RBI single later off Angels relief prospect Mark Sappington.

If Moya is going to challenge for a big-league spot out of Spring Training, then six weeks in the AFL could be huge for his development. With bigger rosters and shortened workloads for pitchers, Moya is going to find himself in tougher matchups against talented pitching prospects, and he’s going to have to adapt.


exciting news about moya.
and is there any news about iglesias signing up for any of the off-season leagues?

Last I checked, near the end of the regular season, there were no plans to send Iglesias to winter ball. The hope has been that he’s healthy enough for a normal offseason workout routine to build up his legs after not being able to put weight on them all summer. I believe game readiness is expected to come later in the winter.

Now that the disappointing Tiger season is finally over and done with, I actually enjoyed watching some baseball this past few days. Here’s hoping KC can thump the Giants in the WS. Will root for Baltimore, but won’t watch if the Cards are in it. Had enough of them and Joe Buck and his nauseum. Here’s hoping the young Tigers have some nice results in the AZ Fall League…

Jason, How about an article on Tiger prospects who are playing winter ball in Venezuela, DR, Australia etc…

Would be great to hear if Collins is working in CF over the winter and rehab pitchers like Rondon and Putkonen are healthy and getting work in.

Thanks, Bob

Venezuelan Winter League begins tomorrow.Aguilas del Zulia ( Eagles) expect Perez to play. Until now, he has not been included in the extreme fatigue list.
Leones del Caracas , Lions, ( Suarez, Perez until last year and Vizquel) wanted JD again, he did not met the expectations here but , of course, Tigers denied the permission.
Carlos Guillen is the new President of Tigres de Aragua ( Miguel´s team in Venezuela) . He traded for Avisail Garcia with Magglio, owner of Caribes.
I dont expect many American players here this year
BTW: the Tigers webpage at stats link will post the Winter League and Fall League numbers.

Thanks for the update ElTigrevenezolano, keep them coming. I would like to visit and attend a game in Venezuala sometime. GOtta save some pennies.

It’s always neat to hear how the young’uns are doing. Lebyda is 19!!!
The Tigers actually could benefit from getting a little younger.
That’s one of the reasons I think if they sign Victor (and please Victor be happy with a 2 year contract) then they will likely not sign Torii.
Torii has been a great ball player but the key words in this sentence are the 2nd and 3rd ones.
It will only get worse next year, and likely much worse.
Whatever happens with VMart, DD will need to capitalize on it. If he signs elsewhere then he better take advantage of the draft pick he’s givne–either at the draft or as trade chattel.
There is the idea that we need Victor to “protect” Miggy. Well Victor was the THE offensive player for us this year. We need that kind of bat—period. protection is not the greatest attribute that he brings to the table. He is a bonafide slugger.
You don’t replace that unless you get a Stanton and that is very unlikely. The concerns about Victor are his age, naturally, the fact he is pretty much a pure DH and that it would be impractical to expect another year like 2014 again.
As it stands today I would keep him, and let Torii go, let Max go, let Soria go, as well as Johnson, Joba and Coke.
Get a “trick” pitcher for the bullpen, a side-armer, a long lean lefty who releases the ball 50″ from home or a freak of nature that throws 102+
And get a solid hitting bench player that is so good he shouldn’t be sitting on the bench.

I don’t get the whole let Soria go talk? Are we going to find a better reliever on the open market for less than $7million? Soria had a bad 2nd half with Detroit, but look at the long view of his work, he is a very good pitcher. He needs to be back.
I don’t think VMart considers a 2 year deal. # would be the minimum for him.
Moya is exciting to think about, and I hope he keeps progressing to be considered for the big league roster in April. We need a left handed power bat desparately, and it would be nice if it was Moya.

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