Qualifying offers will be worth $15.3 million

While we wait for the Tigers’ end-of-season interviews and a better idea on how they plan to approach the offseason, a tweak to Major League Baseball’s qualifying offers to free agents could have an impact on the bottom line in a year when the Tigers have no-brainer qualifying offers to make.

According to The Associated Press, a qualifying offer to an eligible free agent will carry a $15.3 million salary, up from $14.1 million last year and $13.3 million the year before. The bump is the result of a rise in the average of the 125 richest contracts by average annual salary.

The Tigers have not made a qualifying offer under the current system. Just 22 free agents have had qualifying offers extended over the last two seasons, and none accepted them. This should be the year that changes, on both sides.

With Max Scherzer and Victor Martinez potentially sitting as the top pitcher and hitter on the free-agent market this season, the Tigers interested in re-signing one or both, and Detroit needing to restock its farm system, one would expect the Tigers will extend qualifying offers to both Scherzer and Martinez. Not only does that leave the door open for continued negotiations, it puts the Tigers in position to gain a draft pick or two near the end of the first round should either of them sign elsewhere.

In both cases, it’s a low risk move. While $15.3 million is a high price for a designated hitter, it’s a one-year offer for a 35-year-old hitter who is expected to look for at least a three-year contract on the market. Tigers people would jump for joy to keep Martinez on a one-year deal. With Scherzer in line for a five- or six-year deal, meanwhile, one year isn’t going to happen.

The last time the Tigers had free-agent compensation picks, they used the selections on current Tigers third baseman Nick Castellanos and Chance Ruffin, who ended up becoming part of the package for Doug Fister. The picks were compensation for losing relievers Brandon Lyon and Fernando Rodney, both of whom qualified for compensation under the old collective bargaining agreement.


Here is a situation where Max can show people he wants to be a Tiger. Max has already made more in his lifetime (30MM) than 97% of all americans will in their lifetimes. Your move Max, old pal!

Max will do what his agent tells him to do. Some team will have to offer him more than the Tigers did.

Don’t agree with Max. Max is a really smart and deliberate guy. He is not going to blindly listen to anyone, even his agent. He will however, maximize his earnings with some intangible factors (I think he may want to go to St. Louis to be near family for example.) This is the environment of professional sports, everyone will make more than 97% of all Americans. Owners make even more, so don’t be hating on the players.

it simple, TV Contracts give teams money, players want a piece of that pie, and it shouldn’t all go to the owners anyhow. HOWEVER the TV Contracts get the money by charging the Cable/Satellite Companies who charge you.

Never, ever did I imply that Max wasn’t smart. He hired Boras to help him maximize his earnings. If he wanted to be a Tiger he would have accepted their offer.

And, if he really want to play in St. Louis, maybe he’ll give them a home town discount.

They just showed MLB payrolls on Intentional Talk. Tigers were #4.

Scherzer is gone. If Victor takes 3/45 or thereabouts, sign him. You have to have some offense in the lineup. This is a guy who can hit into old age. Go back and examine some of his ABs this year.

Rich – I thought the same thing. QO both Max and Vmart. THen offer VMart 3/45. That is fair.

Hopefully they can do some form of performance contract with Victor on a 2+1+1 deal where the each of the last two years vest based on games and performance, say 30 points below this years stats.
I just hope next year’s planning does not centre around anyone with multiple injury issues with Rondon and Dirks coming to mind. Happy for both to become nice surprises during the season.

Good points, however it would probably be a 3 year + 1 year option. VMart is holding some serious cards and knows this is his last big contract.

Pullin’ for the Royals but they had better start getting some production out of the RHB. So far they have had virtually none. I’s been Hosmer, Gordon and Moose.

So long Max but please keep Victor… But you need to offer both of them qualifying offers.

From Jason’s article on the main site:
“It’s our fault,” Martinez said. “I always say it’s easy to blame one guy, but [Ausmus has] nothing to do with it. Actually, he did a great job for his first time managing. Brad did a great job. We are the ones who go out there and play to try to win ballgames. We didn’t do our job.”
Doesn’t it seem like it’s always the guy who actually did do his job day in and day out that ends up having to say something like this?

In the other thread , I posted the links to Castellanos,and Romine rankings for The Fielding Biblle

The true, I was expecting a QO to be 15.5 or more. I had different figures for 2012 and 2013

the teambuilding blueprint Dombrowski has been using needs updating. top notch starting pitching helps a team get to the postseason, but I’d assert that bullpen quality is as important, if not slightly more important during the postseason in this era. many of the playoff games so far this season have been decided in late or extra innings when starter is out,

Scherzer has many more possible destinations than Martinez. Martinez should be limited to AL teams. Would expect the big spenders (Yanks, Angels, Bosox) would not be in the mix for him. Would expect the small market clubs would be out too. So really, despite his big season, his market should be small.

I am sure a team like the Pittsburgh Pirates could plug VMart at 1B, especially when he leads the league in OPS.

they are extending Cruz….so they might be set on bats

both very good points, woody. Postseason pitching is higher stress and starters don’t go as many innings: bullpens get used much more extensively.

QO question. The White Sox 1st round pick is protected. If they sign a free agent such as VMart, they obvioulsy keep their pick. In this scenario, does Detroit still get a comp pick at the end of the 1st round?

Yes. The team that loses the free agent still gets a comp pick. The only difference is that the team that signs the free agent gives up a second-round pick instead of their first.

Thanks Jason!

It would be just like the White Sox to sign VMart and “hose” the Tigers out of a 1st round pick and send them a 2nd rounder 30+ selections later. Thanks for the explanation Jason.

VMart might not like playing for a team that accused him of stealing signs less than a month ago. Also, unless they find a lot of pitching soon, the White Sox will probably not be making the playoffs.

And as I understand from Jason’s comment, that would not hose the Tigers. The Tigers pick would stay the same. All that changes is the pick that the White Sox would lose (a 2nd rounder instead of a 1st rounder).

wait, is the comp pick a 1st round pick or a 2nd round pick…that the team (who lost the FA) gets?

The comp picks are at the end of the 1st round.

thanks port!

It may sound weird, but I feel like Vmart is extremely fond of Miguel. I honestly think he wants to play the rest of his career in Detroit with Miguel. that desire, relative to his desire to maximize his earnings is larger than Max’s and most free agents……I think.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Moya could play CF?
Get ready for Colby Rasmus but the Cards have Peter Bourjos who can absolutely fly out there. He is just about ready to assert himself as an everyday player IMO.

I’ve mentioned this here before, and other places many times, but one I think Jeff Jones has overstayed his welcome, and perhaps Mick Billmeyer as well. Well here are some disturbing stats that someone named badderbanana on reddit posted (numbers unconfirmed by me):
Joe Nathan (pre-tigers career) – 2.89 ERA, 38 blown saves over 16 seasons = 2.375/year
Joe Nathan (2014) – 4.81 ERA, 7 blown saves
Joba Chamberlain (pre-tigers career) – 6 blown saves over 7 seasons
Joba Chamberlain (2014) – 4 blown saves
Ian Krol (2013 Washington) – 3.95 ERA in 32 games
Ian Krol (2014 Detroit) – 4.96 ERA in 45 games
Joel Hanranhan – NA – broken
Joakim Soria (2014 Texas) – 2.70 ERA
Joakim Soria (2014 Detroit) – 4.91 ERA
Jim Johnson (Career) – 3.57 ERA (he was defective when we got him)
Jim Johnson (2014 Detroit) – 6.92 ERA
Not in the bull pen, but Price has also had a decline in stats since joining the Tigers.
David Price (2014 Tampa Bay) – 3.11 ERA, 1.05 WHIP
David Price (2014 Detroit) – 3.59 ERA, 1.15 WHIP
What do you think about them apples?

I think those apples are rotten. Nathan is old and the rest of them were basically experiments, with the exception of Soria whom I suspect was injured. Price did fine here. You’ll have to find better reasons to remove Jones. Getting your info from Reddit?

that’s fair. To be fair I am not the first to mention as much. The improvement of Smyly was well noted, months ago. I’m not crying for his head, but only an examination of all aspects of the failure(s) of this “coaching staff”.

Or the lack of familiarity with the catcher. Or the catcher , Holaday after a good first part ended as one of the worst framers and Avila was not at his best in that aspect this year. The park , I have read that the Infield is doctored to make the ball run faster.Or the over load for Joba, he was great until the ASG, many were calling for him to be the closer.
Soria ,misused and then rushed into a game that ended on DL
Johnson was done well before Detroit. His BB rate was 10 % with A´s up from 6 % with O´s
Lack of confidence in Holaday for Price

BTW: just playing devil´s advocate. I do find some fault with Jones: JV and BP over this two years

I think Tampa has a special thing going with their analytics and pitching, but I’d guess most teams’ coaching staffs use the same methods. I put most of Verlander’s struggles on making the age adjustment and his injury. If they ever get Jones a complete pitching staff, we’ll see how he does. DD’s been cutting some corners with his bullpen.

Two years ago, Jones went to the mound during the WS and he gave him the “look”. He was injured last season too but he does not seem that comfortable with him

Not taking sides in the Chris Davis case, but it appears to me that a suspension of X amount of games should include the potential postseason games that weren’t played. The Orioles are in a position of being punished for sweeping the ALDS. If it was one of their big guns, it would be a big deal.

I suppose there’s no way to get around it. Truthfully the way he has hit this year they might be better off without him especially since he hasn’t been hitting for a while.

it’s an interesting point

While I am not a Orioles fan at all (starting back in 1983 with the playoff race with the Tigs), I am a Steve Pearce fan. He went to Univ South Carolina where I am, he has preservered, and flourished this year. I hope Davis’ return doesn’t cut into his magical ride.

So who do you all think DD should have pursued for the bullpen? Was Soria one of the best out there? We had some pitchers in place but they did not perform. Max gave up some runs but at that point we had only scored 2 runs. I liked what Blaine Hardy did. Mine son in law was born in KC so I guess I am rooting for a different color of blue.

I like the Orioles and the Royals. In my heart, probably would rather the Orioles win, but won’t cry if they don’t.

I don’t care who wins. The 3 teams I liked didn’t survive the first round.

One of our local sports writers opined that Kinsler’s bad second half indicated an age-related slide. Fact is that Kinsler has a history of bad second halfs. Funny how people jump to conclusions.
On the subject, Brad could have swapped Kinsler and Davis in the batting order, but he seems ever mindful of offending the veterans, at least the highly paid ones.

I think I know who. He has been pushing for a traded to make space for one of Perez/Travis. In the other hand:he and Anibal are the most likely players to be moved to cut payroll and rebalance the team.

As usual, Granderson has a point( or more):

I don’t think it’s the players slowing things down so much. I’ll sound like a broken record, but a standardized strike zone would speed things up. Players wouldn’t have to spend the first couple innings figuring out where the zone is, and pitchers would end up throwing fewer pitches while hitters swing more, resulting in fewer pitching changes.
Above all else, it’s time between innings due to TV commercials which are paying the bills.

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