ALDS Game 3 lineups: Tigers vs. Orioles


In the end, the decision on Rajai Davis wasn’t whether he could play, but whether Brad Ausmus could count on him to play nine innings. Between Davis’ Game 2 exit and the cool temperatures today, the answer was no.

“Raj was still a little sore,” Ausmus said, “so with the cool weather, I think, rather than having him start the game and maybe have to pull him out, I would rather be able to use him later in the game maybe, especially with their left‑handed bullpen. So he’s available. He certainly could pinch‑hit, but he’s still feeling it a little bit.”

Also, Ausmus added, it didn’t hurt to get another left-handed bat in the lineup against Bud Norris, whose lefty-righty splits aren’t vast but enough to make a difference. Left-handed hitters batted .255 with a .753 OPS against Norris this season, compared with .226 and .659 from righties.

With lefty David Price on the mound, the Orioles are sitting Alejandro De Aza, who hits miserably against lefties. That earns Delmon Young another postseason start in left field at Comerica Park, a sight many Tigers fans will remember. O’s manager Buck Showalter, though, decided to take the risk.

Young’s most famous moment in left field happened at AT&T Park, not Comerica Park, in Game 1 of the 2012 World Series.


TIGERS (career numbers against Norris)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (3-for-8, HR, 2 walks)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (3-for-12, 2 doubles, HR, 3 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (3-for-12, 2 doubles, 3 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (4-for-12, double, HR)
  5. J.D. Martinez, LF
  6. Alex Avila, C (0-for-10, walk, 5 K’s)
  7. Nick Castellanos, 3B (0-for-3, 2 K’s)
  8. Andrew Romine, SS (0-for-3, K)
  9. Don Kelly, CF (2-for-7, K)

P: David Price

ORIOLES (career numbers off Price)

  1. Nick Markakis, RF (12-for-47, double, triple, 3 walks, 9 K’s)
  2. Steve Pearce, 1B (4-for-12, HR, 3 K’s)
  3. Adam Jones, 1B (11-for-44, 3 doubles, walk, 11 K’s)
  4. Nelson Cruz, DH (10-for-28, double, 3 HR, 2 walks, 5 K’s)
  5. Delmon Young, LF (5-for-16, double, HR, 6 K’s)
  6. J.J. Hardy, SS (12-for-36, 5 doubles, 3 walks, 10 K’s)
  7. Nick Hundley, C
  8. Ryan Flaherty, SS
  9. Jonathan Schoop, 2B (1-for-2)

P: Bud Norris


batting the .143BA guy 6th, again huh? :/

Who else? the guy hitting 2 for 7? or glove only Romine? The lone better bat available is Suarez and he is on the bench. The bench is as a bad as the BP
They have hit a combined 211 vs Norris

casty of course. has a HR this postseason at least.

The match up thing plus his low avg with RISP late in the season

I brought this same point up a while back. There is no “Hail Mary” potential on this bench. Suarez AND Perez are redundant.
Really feel a place for Collins is a viable consideration.
They need EZequiel’s speed. His defense being characterized as brutal is mistaken. He is much better than fans have been lead to believe.
Let’s hope Price keeps his pitch count down and goes 8 or 9.
If not then you have a AA and AS to try and save the season.
As ET has said–Kinsler needs to contribute offensively. He bloody well better try to beat that stupid shift they put on him. It’s not that hard to do.

Kinsler-hit line drives and go to RF
Hunter-take a pitch or two wait for your pitch
Miggy-nobody can give this man advice
VMart-You are putting too much pressure on yourself, not necessary
JD-Beyond the call of duty and are we ever lucky to have you next year
Avila-Yout too can do what Moustakas has done
Casty-swing the bloody bat with men on and two strikes
Romine-go out have fun and cut the swing done and punch the ball to left
DK- Holy Cow man, you are a survivor-go for the gusto, it’s your last hurrah.
Ausmus, step out of the box and do what every fan thought you would, get creative.
DD-hang your head in shame for not making the BP THE priority and not just a knee-jerk reaction to disaster after disaster.
Beck’s Bloggers-Best Tiger fans anywhere. Wear the Tigers on your sleeve and know that watever happens this year we are blessed to have another one to look forward to.

And best of luck to KC if we can’t make the grade. Up two, going home and Big Game James on the bump.
Love that team.
Hosmer swinging from the a$$ yet making contact. Perez, a Transformer behind the plate, Butler the eitome of a MLB hitter, Gordon, under-rated Cain, Aaoki, speed on the bench and a 1st class SS in Escobar. Incredible bull-pen.
Speaking of negligent managing—Matt Williams taking out Zimmerman. Beyond Stupid and beyond respectability.

Local tv shows safe

he was closing the glove when Romine was on the base

Replay is a joke !!!!! Why have replay? It was obvious. What ever happened to the tie goes to the runner? And this wasn’t even a tie. Romine’s foot was on the base before the ball hit the back of the glove. These clowns cannot even get it right when they get to look at it over and over.
— Bob

Figures. … .

Doesn’t matter—reviews are always dependant on the original call. If the call at 1st was safe then you can bet this would not have been overturned..

Our beloved Detroit Tigers will have to play good baseball to win this game.
Casty and Kinsler have to hit line drives.
Our 3-4-5 hitters can’t be walking back to the dugout.

I know that. But it was obvious on the replay. So because the idiot umpire cannot call it right initially, we get hosed. I have seen them reserve closer plays than that this year. I will never be convinced he was out.
— Bob

BTW–Stafford sucked today.

C’mon Victor, this team cannot win if you are not leading the way.

I actually (reluctantly) understand the review call.
Our guys need to hit the damn ball. Simple as that.

Yeah he is better than Carrera

Interference but deserved out for the unforgivabble bad running

— Bob

Obstruction. The fix is in.
— Bob

Lousy defense and reckless running.

We’ve been both lucky and unlucky.
Price is getting away with his fastball and if he can keep getting the O’s to hit to CF we’ll be OK.
We are letting Norris have his way with us. I hate when our hitters do this and they do it far too frequently.
I know the numbers, I know the stats but I also know how often our hitters go into a collective coma.

Lions will never win with Matt Stafford

Casty—looks at some video man. It’s all about pitch recognition man–not “I see the ball down the middle I’m gonna crush it”

Biggest inning of the game for Price–right here, right now.
We get some craftsmanship here and an easy inning we have a chance at this game.
O’s put the touch on us and I’m thinkin’ we’re done.
Pessimistic me.

where are the bats? they already packed up? seems like it.

Finally David needs Ks
When he gets them the opposition is intimidated.
At this point they are relaxed and not worried
That has to change

Maybe the bats were left behind in Baltimore !! Lets go boys !!

what is the number of today’s attendance? TBS hasn’t shown the park yet – and my friends who are there say it’s very empty!

Not sure you can see empty seats . With the Lions at home there are only so many fans to go around . After Fridays loss some fans changed their minds about going today .

Kinsler needs to be flogged.
He is constantly trying to pull pitches out of the park even when they are high and away.
I like the guy but I can’t stand the mindset he puts himself into and the inability to adjust.
He is so pull happy and it is hurting more than his batting average.
Trade him and let’s see what Travis can do next year. we don’t need a reprise of this.
Torii needs to be let go or put on the bench for some strength and experieince.
This game is killing us watching it eh?

Wake up Nick!

Just gonna say Price has to amp it up and boom!
sorry folks–this one is over.

You can hardly thow a better pitch, and he torched it

Middle of the lineup here is our last chance. Things get worse when the O’s go to the pen.
Love to be proven wrong but you can read the signs ( all day long actually) and they point to Disappointment, Michigan.

i can’t blame this team for giving up offensively. defense stinks, bullpen toast, baserunning weak.

those bats are half way back to central america already lemme tell ya

This team has given up, too bad they can’t wave a white flag and leave for vacation now. I don’t blame the fans for being quiet, they have been let down.

Hey, ya never know but the truth is this is a very flawed team and getting beyond this games is only a “Hope & Dream” at best.
There is something else on this team that seems to infect our offense and it happens every frigging year. How does this happen at the most critical times every year?
And it does.

I like that Showwalter. He’s on it.
What a luxury to be able to go to a bullpen because your starter throws ball four!
He is a quality manger, always has been.
It’s hard to accept facts but when facts are such as they have been it would be nice to strengthen the obviously weak/incompetent ares on your team.
DD needs to pull his head out of his a$$ now. Enough is enough.

This will be a long off-season. With 98 MM committed and no maneuvering space

That is what GM are supposed to do. Dombrowski has made incredibly poor assumptions that have affected the team’s season for years now.
Yes, he has mad some good trades but his “assuptions”, “appointments”, “annointments” have been terribly wrong.
BTW–the ump stinks and Rich’s cry for an electronic strike zone makes more sense than anything stated on this blog the whole year long.
It is just not fair to pitchers who have the strike zone of a postage stamp to deal with and depend on the vagaries, the competence.and the mood of an ump to determine how a game is played
Ausmus as a manger this year? I give him a C+
Dombrowski: C
Next year.
New catcher
New RFer
New CFer
New SS
Away we go!

I hate challenges. IF you are gonna use them then make a goddam change in the rules that enforces speeding the game up.
Did anyone wonder why Strickland had between 45 and 55 seconds inthrowing pitches last night?

i’d like the opposite – lengthen the game. i have not much to do after the game but before i pass out!

4 players i would like to see as Tigers:
Rusell Martin, Martin Prado,David Robertson( with Betances, the Yankees maybe dont make a run for him) and Betts, the OF blocked in Boston

The season is ending just as thought it should.

i commented and commented this offseason that the season would end with a bullpen fire.

Yes, you did. I remember.
— Bob

If they go on to lose this one, that will make them 63-63 since the 27-12 start. Hardly the record of a championship team. I hope they enjoy their humble pie.
— Bob

At least be nice to get a couple of guys on and not “go quietly into the night”
But this team has a lot of flaws and one of them (I have Kevlar on) does not have enough character.


So the season ends with the guy on the roster with the least amount of games played this year. Romine could have done that. Ausmus is a tool.
— Bob

Thanks for nothing. Man, the commentators sure told the truth about what the team lacked. Enjoy your winter DD. You ruined mine!
Go Royals!

After Fridays game I was real sure this would be the outcome . Sad it ended this was , DD has big decisions to make if he wants a winning club next year .
Go Kansas City !!!!!

A couple of yards and this was a tie game.M&M came to play

Dodgers, as always, and LAA. I dont root for division rivals

Still breaks your heart but there is no way this team would have won through anyway.
The problem is that our playoff experience ALWAYS point our our deficiencies but our GM NEVER properly prioritizes them, choosing to fabricate his own illusion of what they are.
We have a baseball man by the name of Al Kaline that is not an economist but he is a baseball man. His understanding of the game is being mis-used.

There was no chance there. Perez is a rookie not used to PH

Screw LA. Go Royals.
David Price deserved much better than his team gave him after that trade.
I have become very satisfied with the fact that I lived and breathed 1968.
1984 was a bonus.
If nothing else ever happens in Detroit basebal history the next couple of years at least I’ve got that.
Really happy to know we have a Left Fielder next year.
Hope Moya is in RF and CF is up to DD to fix. And a stop gap hope and dream will not work there.
Iggy at short, gives us a pretty decent infield though I must say I have been extremely disappointed in the way Kinsler has approached his at bats at the end of the year.
I’d just as soon trade him and experieince Devon Travis.
Avila is done and McCann is the next Freehan/Parrish.

I root for KC only because the Tigers are out of it. KC plays hard, never gives up and a team like that deserves to win. Never been much for the California teams.

I wonder how heavy Brad’s decisions will weigh on him? And that damn bullpen better have lost sleep along the way.

My father is a die hard fan of the Dodgers so I have been rooting for them since 1973 and by extension LAA ( especially with Gene Autry). The HR vs Donnie Moore was almost as bad as 1987.

Torii Hunter said he doesn’t know what his future holds. Tired. Has strongly considered retirement

Hey Dan. Agree with pretty much everything in your last comments. Not sure as I understand what you are saying about Kaline’s understanding of the game being misused. Has he made some suggestions that have been overlooked? By the way, I had a bad feeling when JD’s clutch hit fell short. We needed the 2 runs right there.

Out of my misery. Hernan Perez this was your decision. Not his fault but my god. Whatever.

Tigers need good bench players who can hit and with power. I could see Torii in that role, but that role only.

After over 55 yrs as a die-hard Detroit Tiger fan, I am so glad this season is finally over. After the trade it just didn’t seem
Like the same team and I lay that at the 2 left feet of Dumbrowski for his unmitigated gall and ego. Now Mr. Ilitch needs to send Ausmus to the AZ Fall league to learn how to manage…I could not believe Avila in the 6th spot in this game. I am so glad it is over..Watching this train wreck just wasn’t fun. Have a nice winter, folks. I’m done. Dennis in Upstate NY.

gotta do a few things this offseason:
1) sign a CF
2) sign a C – a starting C
3) sign a bench bat
4) pick up soria extension
5) sign Miller
6) resign Joba

7) resign Vmart

Joba? he is more done than Benoit
Miller? 21/3 for a 7th inning guy

need a strong lefty ELT! Joba 3.1FIP, 1.3WHIP not too bad…..but no worries if DD doesn’t sign him back then get someone else who is a little better. Could Perez be gotten for cheap?

Henning retwiteed:

“Price has never seemed part of it..remember when Fister cam oover..seemed moree engaged..Price like a mercenary.”
Does he endorse that comment?
For one , Im glad that Price will replace Scherzer( if someone deserved to be called mercenary but that is not the case: they are professionals, period.) and expect him to be extended.

Will Cabrera need surgery?

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Three things I liked about today’s game:
1. Price pitched well enough to win.
2. We were never out of the game in theory.
3. Nathan actually looked like Old Joe the best I’ve seen this year.
Three things I didn’t like about today’s game:
1. We lost.
2. 1-2-3 just did not step up in a critical situation.
3. Defense was bad; we escaped with no significant damage.
Three truths about today’s game:
1. The Orioles were destined to sweep us in three.
2. The first pitch swinging and lazy ground balls were an indicator that our guys had already punched out on the time clock.
3. The Bull Pen weakness was hidden today, but the weakness of our bench was on full display.
I feel sorry for Alex, but he must stop catching or he will be retarded by next June. Give the catching job to McCann. Make Alex a roving catching instructor.
Romine would be a great utility guy in the National League.
Tori needs to become a full time Notre Dame supporter.
Dave needs to find an above average 8, especially for the vast hinterlands of Comerica.
Am willing to give Kinsler one more year, if he agrees to hypnosis therapy.
I flip Miggy and rookie 1 for about 40 games next year. Assuming we don’t resign Victor, and I doubt we can afford him, give Nick time to adjust to first base, and ease Miggy into the full time DH role for 2016.
If a healthy Dirks comes back, and performs, make Julio the full time DH. If not, resign Tori for 1 year as DH.
Time to work in Moya in RF.
Rajai becomes the fourth OF, and no 1 bench guy.
Go after the best Bull Pen talent available.(Miller would be my other lefty choice) Keep Al, Blaine, and I would give Joba another shot. I would bite the bullit on Joe. Put Soria back in the closer role. Time for Coke to fizz in another park. Johnson, Reed, et al are dead wood. Have Brad learn how to get mad occasionally.
You say, “Greg, your’e crazy” and I agree. But this team needs a lot of shakin’ up and out to get to the next level.

good comment!

Greg Did you say put Soria back in a closer role? What the hell games have you been watching? He’s a disaster….give him back to KC or Texas. I can’t believe you said that! Name something positive that this man did….besides blow important leads or create a bigger mess than that was given to him….
We need a clean sweep of managers, coaches and DD.
A Tiger fan from NJ for over 70 years.Suffered through 162 games. How in the hell did
we manhandled KC ? Watching this team, it appears they’re all flying high on
something…..everything they do is almost perfect….If we were to have played LA, they would have killed us with that lineup…..What did KC do against them….They pacified them…good coaching,good preparedness, good and timely hitting and
above all good pitching.
This message is for Greg….SORIA, give me a break!

A lot of shakin up. I hope you’re wrong about not being able to sign Victor.

This mess was all created by the trade.Nice job DD

Okay, that trade didn’t change anything and I don’t know why you’re on that all the time. The team was in trouble before the trade.

jackson had a down year if you look at the stats. smyly’s improvement in TB and Prices struggles in DET were unpredictable and highly skew the outcome of the trade. it is what it is.

It’s called synergy and DD destroyed it.

What? How can you say that? This team had a veteran presence and an aura about it. They weren’t perfect but they had a nice lead and everyone knew their role. With all the BP problems they still had command of the division. You obviously don’t understand the dynamics of a team…they clearly had it but that trade to protect 2015 destroyed it. The synergy of this team was ruined because the sum of the replacement parts did not equal or replace the loss of A-Jax and Smyly. Price is great but he didn’t add anything. DD destroyed this team…sadly it is over for this year. That is why I harp on it. All of the spare parts had their roles. I can’t believe you don’t understand why I am disappointed. Good might

This team was very disturbing to watch after the strong 27-12 start, painful and ugly in streaks! No hitting discipline or a solid plan at the plate game to game was frustrating to watch/read about daily. When the starters did get a quality start, the BP was a consistent roll of the dice. Of course we had the Joba/AlAl/Krol overuse to be thankful for and then we had Nathan to look forward to in the 9th! I never had a strong belief that the Tigers would go far in the playoffs this year. Sad to say this, given the payroll DD had to formulate a winning team. Dombrowski, you should be relieved of your duties tomorrow and the search for a new GM who can build from within and ID free agents that contribute takes over the ship for 2015. Given that, it may be a couple of years before the Tigers re-enter the playoffs, something Mr I. and the fans are unused to witnessing.

Gone on to next year already, folks? I’m tired myself.
Nothing went right in this series but the Tigers weren’t destined to go far anyway. The team just wasn’t all that good and all those silent fans in the park knew it.
I don’t ever want to see Alex Avila behind the plate again. Don’t want to be even a remote party to what’s happening to him.
Have to give Brad a failing grade in his freshman year.
The entire season never really was much fun, was it?

I knew the Tigers had problems when they lost the home series to the Twins . That was in May . After the Allstar break they became another team. I agree clean house starting at the top and sooner than later.

Let’s keep in mind that Dombrowski is the president of the organization so he’d have to fire himself as GM. As president, look where the franchise is now as opposed to when he took it over. Let’s be real.

Mr. Ilitch needs to do it now

Dennis – the man in section 328 didn’t make it

Hi. I didn’t understand your post about section 328. I only watched the 9th inning and didn’t listen to any of the follow up. What happened? Why was Avila taken out? This was a very disappointing season for me..I can take their losing but what transpired this season just took all of the fun out of it for me. Nice to follow the postings to see that I am not alone…take care.

eh it was an OK season. We get a B in my book. Developed some players and managers, got rid of Prince.
On a more serious note, did anyone hear about the guy who died of a heart attack in section 328 tonight – in about the 7th inning? Large man, they had a hard time getting him outta there. Went to the game with son and (young) grandson.

perhaps jeff jones has ran his course though….

KC 7 LAA 2 . That’s a team playing some good baseball! Love it!

Too many years in a row where we have had:
A lousy bullpen
A weak bench
An impotent bottom of the lineup
DD should fire Dombrowski and give the job to Mr Tiger.
Let a guy who understands the game at an intrinsic level makes decisions.
Not $$$ and Names from the past.
Ausmus was not nearly good enough as a manager even though this team probably had no business even getting this far.
Next year the rotation will be touted again as a strength on the club but it will actually be a weakness.
I can hear Don Meredith singing “Turn out the lights……….”

It’s hard to have depth, which is what a strong bullpen and bench are. When every year you trade away your top depth for that one piece that might give you an edge.

Exactly. That is the problem. And DD DID NOT find JD. That was Clark the coach….biggest issue is DD’s ego.

The Tigers lost, the Lions lost, and Michigan lost.

man, it was a wasted weekend.

Can DD do something to fix the terrible bullpen, and the other assorted weaknesses on this team??

We’ve known about these flaws since 2006, and nothing’s been done to fix them. Well, he tried, but DD’s plans blew up in smoke (like former Tigers Manager Jim Leyland’s mediocre over-managing.)

It was a nice season util the trade…..the ending was disappointing

I too am glad this season is over. I was hoping for the best. But, I think Rich said it best, this team just wasn’t fun to watch this year. Also I am with Greg, I like Avila but I don’t want to see him catch another game. He takes way too much abuse to where it’s scary now.

I hope Brad has some time to reflect and isn’t stubborn and arrogant about his mistakes. I think overall he was a successful first year manager. I think a better manager covers some of the weaknesses this team. If I am being honest, I think Jim might of got us to the WS but just too many breaks went against us this year to win it all I think. From Miggy and Verlander struggling for parts of the year to Rondon, Dirks being lost. To Nathan and Soria not living up to expectations. Scherzer will point to his numbers and tell everyone he thinks he was a better pitcher this year. That may even be true, but he didn’t dominate like last year.

I thought DD did well this year. Getting JD Martinez for nothing, Krol worked out well for us for half the season. Lombardazzo probably would of done well off our bench. But the Iglesias problem blew that. Maybe he should of known better on Nathan with the age, but I can give him a pass. He fixed it in my mind by going out and getting Soria, how could anyone know he’d be mismanaged and not be able to get outs. We have so much salary in starting pitching hard to have solid bullpen. Especially considering we’ve traded all the good arms in the system the last 5 years to maintain this playoff team.

I know a lot of people want to burn it all down and start over. But, I disagree. I think we are without doing much a competitor for the central again. If we have a few things fall in line (IE DD doing magic) and some breaks go our way we are a WS competitor again. I am not sure what we do at CF or C next year the FA market looks slim. We need a few 95+ arms in the BP. Hopefully we can bring Vmart back and Hunter back as a Bench player. I wouldn’t mind seeing Collins/Dirks in RF.

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