ALDS Game 2 lineups: Tigers at Orioles

Camden Yards 006

The Tigers lineup isn’t out yet, but Brad Ausmus said this morning that it’ll be the same pending Rajai Davis’ status following batting practice. Davis took batting practice and, short of running, looked fine. The one change Ausmus said he’d make is Nick Castellanos moving up to the sixth spot, with Alex Avila batting seventh.

The O’s make one change, swapping out Nick Hundley for Caleb Joseph behind the plate.

TIGERS (career numbers off Wei-Yin Chen)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (3-for-10, 2 doubles, walk, K)
  2. Torii Hunter, CF (1-for-4, double, 2 walks, K)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (1-for-4, 2 walks, K)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. J.D. Martinez, LF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Andrew Romine, SS
  9. Rajai Davis, CF (1-for-3, K)

P: Justin Verlander

ORIOLES (career numbers vs. Verlander)

  1. Nick Markakis, RF (12-for-48, 4 doubles, triple, 5 walks, 10 K’s)
  2. Alejandro De Aza, LF (7-for-31, double, triple, 2 HR, 2 walks, 10 K’s)
  3. Adam Jones, CF (6-for-33, double, HR, walk, 9 K’s)
  4. Nelson Cruz, DH (7-for-31, double, 3 HR, walk, 9 K’s)
  5. Steve Pearce, 1B
  6. J.J. Hardy, SS (8-for-34, double, 3 HR, walk, 6 K’s)
  7. Ryan Flaherty, 3B (2-for-8, walk, K)
  8. Caleb Joseph, C
  9. Jonathan Schoop, 2B (0-for-6, K)

P: Wei-Yin Chen


I have to say that I’m not buying into this thing about Davis feeling better because it’s a day game and warmer.

Rich don’t you live in the area? Not at the game?

why was avila batting in front of cast yesterday anyhow? real head scratcher.

break up the right handed batters….

AH yeah i guess you are right. Never really held that to high regard when thinking about lineups.

That same picture shown above looks familiar. Same way, right here in MI. Lots of rain in the forecast.

Absolutely ridiculous to have Davis playing.

If it happens.

Better hope nothing gets hit into the gaps if Rajai is out there.
Playing him means Ausmus has made another mistake even before the game starts.
The options aren’t great but the expectations of production from playing a guy like Rajai hurt is a lot different than playing a guy like Miggy hurt..
I sure hope Rajai had a miracle recovery last night.
We will need an “old” JV performance today and our hitters have to actually get on base.

I think it really stinks that mlb gave Detroit/Baltimore this 12 start time less than 24 after they finished their 1st game. There wer other teams that didn’t play at all yesterday.

I know ridiculous

Here we go folks…. As close to a must win you can get to without being an elimination game. Cy Scherzer didn’t step up let’s see how Cy Verlander does?

the TBS broadcasters come off as very much rooting for Baltimore. Is that by design, or accident? Disgusting.

Well one thing for sure, the announcers bias will not affect what happens on that field.
1st inning hitting looked pretty bad, other than Miggy.
If we get as good an inning out of JV that would be very encouraging.
Torii has to find a way to contribute. Not sure why Kinsler can’t take advantage of the shift either.
Now is not the time to think like individuals at the plate

Broadcasters are aweful……..seen biased but often these national guys talk up whoever winning or the front runner i think. Eckersley is a total tool. Not to mention dude needs to get a new hairstyle.

Hey Kathy, we got some good storms in SW Michigan. The strike should also be a challenge. Maybe after the 6 inning when the game means more. Go Justin!

Flood and wind warnings here. That rain is headed to Detroit and they have had so many problems with flooding this year.

Verlander looks good early. Fastball actually moving a bit. Able to dial it up a notch in the 2nd. Verlander of old?
Can our hitters please develop a little confidence at the plate now?

So far JV looks good can’t say as much for the hitters. Come on boys!

Here we go with the crazy strike zone.

Chen…that’s hoe you field your position…some of our pitchers should take a cue instead of flailing around on the mound. Because he was in a position to be able to catch it.

That was the luckiest catch I have ever seen. His eyes were closed!

Thats were that fielding your position thing comes into play. Now down 2 and it appears it may of cost 2 runs. Argh.

Oh–it is the OLD Verlander—the arrogant one that thinks he can blow fastballs by everybody every time. Ouch.

JV shook Avila off the changeup. Not sure of the ground rules. Thought that would not be considered one–kinda figured it would have to clear the rail behind?
oh well–JV paid the price for being stubborn, unfortunately so does his club and its fans.

Greg Zaun points out the fact that Torii has seen 18 pitches thus far and swing at 15 of them.

That’s it boys. Jd

Wow! Go for the throat now.

Sorry to rain on the parade here but there is absolutely no point in playing Rajai. He could cost team the game defensively and will only score on a home run.
Get him out of there.

Dan Brad must have heard you! But seriously, was Rajai pulled because he hurt himself or because Brad wants him to rest up before the home game?

Good inning unfortunately a long way to go!

Oh he’s hurt. Shouldn’t even be on the roster.
O’s scored their 3rd on another 2 out hit. This is getting to be a big problem.
With some good umping JV could be throwing the shutout we need.

Yep….umpires strike again.

Thanks ump….jv had Hardy struck out twice and you just ignored the fact they were strikes.

It would be real nice to answer back and help to take this crowd out of the game.
Unlike announcers, they can actually affect what goes on in the field.

An unfortunate double play.

Oh-Oh. The opposite has just happened.

Better get someone warming up.

Who you want coming in?

We have this game. Don’t play around, Brad.

Sanchez is warming up. Unfortunately, he’s hardly pitched, I’d yank JV. Too hittable.

The Tigers have to win this. Winning 3 in a row is not realistic. It’s possible, just not very realistic. The Orioles have a good team.

I’m thinking you have to get 6 out of JV or you go to Anibal. If Justin can go 6 and be under 110 pitches then let him go 7.
He needs to check himself before getting too fastball happy.
It’s a drag having a bullpen like we do isn’t it?

Announcer says “origination”—-that’s original.

I’d use anybody and everybody to win this game.

That strike to casty in 6th hasn’t been a strike for JV. I hate umpires

Is there anybody you do like?

Not umpires.

I have a feeling we are going to need 2-3 more runs to finish this game. Let’s go boys.

OMG, DKB needs to be in CF.

Seriously Carrera?

I said it earlier. No Rajai, then DKB. The kid is too excitable.

SLC–I fear you are quite likely correct.

I hope Anibal has been throwing live BP with the boys.

I hope so.

Get ’em out Anibal.


Ausmus has Don Kelly phobia…😦 too bad, because I remember Don Kelly hitting in clutch spots in the last few post seasons.

He’s a much better defender.

Yep…Leyland was a champion of DK and he didnt often let him down. Carerra continues to make mistakes in the field and continues to make his way in.

We’re in the post season. Gotta go with your best defense. Jim played him too much. Ausmus, not enough.

Good job Anibal!

But, it is a crazy strike zone. We see it on TV. That’s why the electronic strike zone appeals to me.

That was inside but Avila got the call

Doesn’t matter how Anibal does here in the 7th. Ausmus will go to the formula for the 8th and 9th and I’ll be going to the medicine cabinet.

If you pitch him 3 innings, he wont be available until next Monday, at least. You want him for more than one game in the series

Not impressed by Romine

30 pitches for Anibal do you think he has more?

Sure glad that Anibal was able to make it back and that mgmt recognized the need for him on the roster.
Literally, an “Ace in the Hole”

Thats our answer Joba going in

Better tack some more on.

Best AB of the series so far fro Torii

The Orioles are getting 2 out hits constantly because they cut down on their swings. They just reach out and make sure they make contact. The Tigers do not do this,they keep swinging hard. I learned this in little league. AUSMUS IS PULLING VERLANDER BECAUSE CABBREERA MISJUDGED A FLY BALL???? THIS IS STUPID. CONSIDER THIS ANOTHER LOSS,EVEN THOUGH THE TIGERS LEAD BY 2 RUNS. STUPID


Verlander was done before. Near 100

No stranding.

Never give the first out at home

Ya victor…but Miggy really?

he was waved home

Why did Clark send him?

What a hit by Victor but Oh geez- what the heck are they doing with nobody out? That is a mega rally killer.
Did Miggy run thru a stop sign? No way can a 3rd base coach be sending him.

They didn’t show us but everyone is making it sound like he was sent by Clark. If Lamont had done that people would be freaking out.

Cabrera wasn’t far behind Torii Hunter heading into 3B. Not sure if there was confusion on wave or just overaggressive call by Dave Clark.

Hard to believe that Clark could do something so fundamentally wrong. Nobody out 2nd and 3rd is a great place to be. Sending Miggy anytime is iffy and risking him getting injured is unforgivable.

Been pretty happy with Dave all year. Better than Gene and better than Brookens but that was dense.

Here we go. Clenched teeth and other orifices.

Here we go 2 on.

Agreed but he wont

Double play ball would be good

Oh this game can be brutal to watch. Was hoping another inning from Sanchez. Joba prove me wrong

The same pitch twice, really?

I could just cry!

Let’s hope Soria has some outs tonight.

Can’t fool around here.

I hope David Dombrowski at least learns something from this.
You can’t hope and dream late inning relief.

These are the playoffs. We have to shut them down.

Game of inches. Joba mad a pretty bad choice after showing Pearce the slider.
Kinsler has had two liners just out of his reach this game

No. No walks an no more runs. Take him out.

No one throwing in BP. I hope it’s not too late.

Yup, it’s too late. Get Soria out of there. He doesn’t have it.

I can’t watch.

and heeeeeere we go! bye jaba! should have kept sanchez in Aus Bot 3000!

Freaking pen.

Kill me now. Just get it over with. Joba & Soria are crap.


Stupid pitching staff………done

Bad throw.Inside throw, it was out

And, he’s leaving him out there. I’m done.

poor jim price. “ugh…the bullpen…the bullpen…the bullpen”
just about says its all! even the announcers are sick of it!

I’d like to say this is unbelievable……but, it is typical. DD will learn nothing from this. He is a stubborn man with a big ego.

Can’t really put it all on DD. Soria was a big name at the trade deadline considered one the best available. How was DD to know that he wouldn’t be able to get outs when he got to Detroit?

I rarely criticize managerial decisions but taking out Sanchez was a huge mistake

and it has to be delmon young.

Brad just doesn’t have a clue or much of an option in the late innings.
We have known all year long that Joba throws too many breaking balls that the opposition sits on.
Anibal looked to be totally in control and Brad goes to “The Formula”.
How do you not understand what is going to happen?

jim price “i feel sorry for you fans. we’re going crazy so i know you guys are too. oooh the bullpen. drives me absolutely nuts.”

nice “Formula” Aus Bot 3000!

Easy to say in the heat of the moment but other teams have fired their manager and staff for less.
Dave and Brad have both had way too prominent a role in this game.
I blame Ausmus more, he is ultimately responsible and he has misfired badly for months now.

Blame DD, it is his bullpen. Ausmus was given nothing to work with.

I don’t know. Soria was a big pickup at deadline. Then he couldn’t get outs when he got here. Maybe they knew he was broke? I don’t know. Pretty hard to call on a guy that you didn’t let get outs in the regular season to get big outs in the postseason.

Fair enough. I do like the trade for Soria. But he was not used to avoid offending the “closer” and then used with little warming and ended injured

Watching 162 games and to see this kind of management is disgusting….Soria hasn’t done anything positive since he’s been with the team…who the hell picked this bum?

Agreed, after last night. He should of stuck with Sanchez for the 8th and maybe even 9th. Or until he got in trouble.

the exact definition of insanity. keep throwing same shitty guys out there expecting something different.

to the post earlier….this is why we name call. totally disgusting.

What makes Relievers turn to crap once they arrive in Detroit. Shoulda coulda woulda these pitchers need to do their damn jobs. Bums all of them.
I knew last week this team would kill us and they sure have.

Brad has made mistakes, but I agree that DD gave him these crap pitchers to work with. Garbage in, garbage out. Glad to see Miggy upset, maybe the bull pen should be.

Greg Zaun, ” I don’t understand it, Anibal Sanchez was carving the Orioles up”.
Also, “Why run yourself out of an inning with nobody out. Let your hitters do their job”.
Can Zaun manage? I daresay better than his colleague.

So I hear Gardenhire is looking for a job.

There is truth there but today—Brad DID have an option. He had Anibal who had the O’s eating out of his hand.
Brad is as stupidly stubborn as our previous manager. You try to make the formula right even after being proven wrong and all the way to the final games of the year.
Blame is necessary and Brad has to take a lot of it. Regardless of the DD mis-steps.

Looks like Brad thought the same–saved Anibal for Monday.

At a time when 95-mph relief studs seem to be falling off trees, the Tigers have a $170M payroll and no bullpen whatsoever. Amazing.

i’m sure he will throw someone else under the bus and not blame himself.

Is Alberqurque on the postseason roster? Seems like Ausmus should of tried him instead of 4run/outing Soria

Sadly, we knew the outcome before it happened. This was the death blow for 2014. If Sanchez is out of gas, try Al or anybody. Joba has been snakebitten since the all star game. Miggy ran us out of the inning, but it probably wouldn’t have mattered. The O’s would have score enough to win anyway. Next year’s team is going to have a lot of new faces, especially the Pen. I’m sorry Mr I. All the money and all the king’s(Dombrowski) men couldn’t get three outs in an inning. Such a disgrace for loyal Tiger fans. One would think a 140 Million dollar payroll could hold a three run lead for 2 innings. Thanks Julio and Rookie 1 for getting us the lead we could not hold. I would just as soon as end the misery Sunday, than to get hopes up and embarrass ourselves again.

Miguel was waved home. That is on Clark:
“Best I can tell from DVR, Dave Clark wasn’t waving furiously and wasn’t stopping him furiously. Might have been some indecision on his part.” Sharp

We have a very weak, thin pen. Whether it’s DD’s fault, player development or whatever, it’s about as crappy as they come. Brad has little to work with but he still could make intelligent decisions based on what he does have and what he is seeing. Seems everyone else could see what he refused to. It’s the playoffs and you can’t hold anything back. Sanchez might have been able to finish the game. And how many base running blunders have we been subjected to this year? Seems nothing changes. Now it’s up to Price to throw both a brilliant (and at least near) complete game. Next,Porcello needs to come out stingy and and efficient and Anibal needs to have a 2-3 inning save/finish in that one. After that, good luck with game 5. I would not use Chamberlain again. I just couldn’t. Soria either for that matter. His pitches look so hittable. He’s certainly not painting the corners and that’s likely the only way he’s going to get anyone out. Coke is no help. You simply cannot win in the playoffs with no pen. There is no more formula Brad. Embrace that.

I feel the same, if the Tigers aren’t going anywhere this year they might as well get it over Sunday. I swear this team is jinxed by every announcer using the words “Cy Young”. I hate to admit it, but I am very interested in the next Royals game.

I hate to say this fans, it was almost as if they threw the game…..cast of characters:
Soria brought in (crucial situation) hasn’t been able to get any one out the day before.
Delmon Young (Ex-Tiger) up w/bases loaded….just so happens clears the bases
w/ a triple or double(who cares?) guess what? Soria is left in there…what the hell,
the same thing happened last night…Btm of the ninth inning(only 1 run down)
no pinch hitters? Romaine, Esuarse…Does this team have a home-run threat on the bench? Now that’s poor managing.
The Tigers have developed a pattern on how to lose games…….

No HR threat on bench. His bench players are Perez, Carrera, DK, Suarez. Why Carrera and no Collins, or anything other then Perez would be welcomed. And someone available int he bullpen that can get an out.

And by the way, why hasn’t Brad/DD replaced Rajai with Collins. Come on guys. You think Rajai can help when his greatest asset is eliminated by the injury?

Yeah those Royals have something we seem to lack–perpetual energy. We’re pretty hit and miss when it comes to that department.
Ausmus should not only be embarrassed but ashamed of himself. You could tell Miggy was thinking the very same thing as we fans about who was and who was not pitching that 8th inning.
Greg–I feel you many not give us the three things we love to hear from you so allow me to indulge myself:
1) Brad did not use Joe Nathan
2) Brad did not use Al Alburquerque
3) Brad did not use Phil Coke

Where was he? Why didn’t they use him….Moya, where was he?

Tyler Collins can hit a HR John.

Tigers 3B coach Dave Clark: “When it was all said and done, it was a bad decision on my part.”

I still think they could comeback. But I wont root for KC if not, Dodgers all the way

They could come back, but only if the pen is minimally involved.

Dave, worse than bad actually.

Price needs to perfect. If not, bring in Porcello and pitch Max with 3 days rest and Anibal ready to relieve.
Joba gets no innings. Soria gets no innings. Sometimes the obvious has to be addressed.

If Brad has the temerity to play Raja again he should be tarred and feathered at best and fired at least.

I was on board with the Ausmus hiring this year. mostly because it meant that JL was gone. But I also thought it would mean some imaginative and creative managing.
That really did not materialize.
At least JL signed year-to-year!

Post game interview Ausmus talks about how he couldn’t use Sanchez more than 30 pitches because he’d only pitched one sim game and one inning on September 26th. There were times over the last week to get him in and build him arm strength. Another dumb move.

He is right and you too. Pitching him was injury risk. But Ausmus had plenty of time to use him last week

30 is an arbitrary number to be used at “normal”, regular season times. This was a do or die and Anibal was dealing and had the O’s mesmerized. The alternative was unpleasant, unpredictable and unreliable. Brad $hit the bed. Clear as a bell.

I had to get out of the house and cool off. Brad is awful at BP mgmt. It’s like he’s still the catcher and is willing the guy to pitch well, Too timid, Brad. Too timid. Soria didn’t have it yesterday and you knew right away he didn’t have it today. Joba didn’t have it and there was no one warming up. We’ll have to watch Baltimore go crazy in our ball park. Take that BP and flush ’em.

I had to take a long drive even my dog was upset . Thought Brad learned his lesson after last night . Who knows what he will send out there on Sunday . The pen has been the problem most of the year yet he marches out the same problems .
If DD was serious about winning he would have fixed it in July .

Where is Alburquerque?

But yes, Ausmus did have opportunity to throw Anibal more in the last few games. He did not anticipate the critical nature of doing so. Perhaps some blame can be passed on the media who painted a jock into a corner with this bullpen selection. He just seemed a have a need to prove himself right. Very JL like.

Albuquerque may as well be there (Albuquerque).
Can’t see him doing much worse. The HBP of Jones told every Tiger fan what they needed to know.

meant to say there “in” Albuquerque

This “he was done after 30 pitches” is a BS CYA answer. These guys throw 30 pitches or more in their first spring outing after being off for 4 months. He is a starter. He will adapt. Ausmus is too worried about not hurting feelings by going back to the same bullpen pieces. I cannot imagine that Joba or Soria can pitch in Detroit. It could get ugly. This was absolutely ridiculous. All around and across the board. I didn’t think a game could upset me more than Game 2 in Boston last year but this is pretty darn close. It was won.
As far as the announcers go … they seem to be biased. But guess what? The Tigers are not well liked. Same as the A;s. When the two GMs are joking publicly at the trade deadline about one upping each other like they are the only teams with a chance … that is arrogant. When JV makes a comment that the “the A’s did that for us” (referring to getting Smarjidza and Hammel) … that is arrogant. A lot of people will laugh when the A’s and the Tigers are the first two teams eliminated from the playoffs from the AL.
The old saying goes that you are not in trouble until you lose a game at home. Let’s see what they are made of on Sunday. But this one hurt. And badly.
— Bob

Amen. DUMBrowski is stupid. He needs to be the first to go and Ausmus needs some time in the AZ Fall league as a pitching coach. That trade has to be one of the Tiger ‘s all-time worst because of what it did to the aura. I’m not even going to watch Sunday…After 55 yrs as a Tiger fan I’m done

Poor planning. The starters not being able to get beyond 5 or 6 innings and not getting Anibal a little more stretched out in the past 10 days or so. Not including Evan Reed on the roster, It’s such a godawful disappointment. I’ll be dead before they win a World Series.

JV could have gone more. Anibal could have gone more. Brad could have done more.
The announcers were biased but they have no trouble in seeing the obvious in the pen and on the bench.
Those are two critical areas for DD to work on. Not sure he understands either.

“If there’s a Game 4 for Tigers in ALDS, it’ll be a day game Monday. 12:07 1st pitch, or 1:37 if Royals-Angels series is over.”

So again screw over the Tigers/Baltimore fans.

4th game for the AL, 3rd for the NL so they get the best window. In the inverse order, the game would be at 9 AM in LA , same was true today with SF. I began watching at 1:50 PM today. 5th inning. I was following the updates by phone. I understand you but when there were no Tigers playing I did not like two simultaneous games

Actually I think they should have played 2 wild cards on Tuesday. 2 alds on Wednesday and 2 Thursday and so on. Its crap.

Carrera gave a single and the runner was stranded. JD´s throw was late and Kinsler ´s throw was to the wrong side and the winning run scored. But fans want Carrera´s head,I would like the overhyped 2b to play good baseball: 1 hit in 8 AB and base-running blunders. For the veteran, excuses and no blame,the bench player made the reason they lost and for some blog the image of defeat.

Whole ton of blame to go around. Carerra did screw that up and he is supposedly his specialty.

Carerra is a better solution out there as it stands, than Rajai. Fans have to get used to it. The base hit did not hurt us and Carerra understandably held up on it. He’ll be fine and might surprise Sunday.

I beg of you folks asking them to lose Sunday and put us out of our misery to hold that thought. I have my Sunday ticket and am still holding out hope for redemption. Very tough 2 games to take in and we all deserves to be upset. we need our starters to go deeper and our pen to step up. Not sure the pen can figure it out though after today.

Glad I missed this one. It’s bad enough watching the recaps…gonna go fishing Sunday. Gonna get the jump on the better fishing holes ahead of Joba, Joe, Ausmus & Dumbrowski. Nice bullpen action too, Ausmus..taking JV out too early and not giving Anibal another inning. Just a terrible game all around. What ya gonna do now, Mr. Ilitch?

Yadier Molina ran over the ump, no expulsion

I saw that he literally shoved him out of the way!

The Tigers are getting raked over the coals from the talk show pundits for taking Sanchez out. MLB network was dumbfounded Brad took him out, especially with our BP. They showed the play off the wall and great throw from Jones to his catcher that got Miggy out, the misplay off the wall from JD and the throw from Kinsler that moved Alex away from the plate. They also showed Carerra’s misplay.

Castrovince: “In September, a veteran member of the Tigers confided, “We have no bullpen. None. You feel like you have to score seven runs every night to win.”
Wow-first I’ve heard that one. That’s very telling.
Why on earth would Soria throw a ball over the middle of the plate to Delmon? The guy will swing at virtually anything and has walked 10 times all year.
This one was a tough one to swallow and I’ll bet you Miggy’s displeasure in the dugout was directed at his manager.

that is upsetting to hear – only because then the bullpen will feel it has no support in their own locker room and that can’t be good for anyone. True statement from the veteran, but something that should never be said in public in my mind

all offseason I pined for signings that would solidify a bullpen. they never came. If miggy is pissed, perhaps he should have signed a contract for less money under the agreement the money would be spent on pitching arms.

Wainwright and Kershaw give up 13 runs. Pitching has been bad in the playoffs this year with a few exceptions.

shocking…….they bomb Kershaw for 8 runs

I haven’t made any comments because what else can be said? Question- Can you really change a whole bullpen in one winter?

They did, 5 of 7 are new with the team. Coke did not rebound, his numbers were padded in low leverage situation..

eh more could have been done. honestly, i think the bullpen is better than I expected it to be. ALBQ and Joba both had good regular seasons, Coke rebounded, etc.

i think i’d be in favor for the home team’s regular TV guys to do the national broadcast. At least they are knowledgable about the team, and there is no debating their bias (i.e. a lot of orioles fans are complaining the broadcast guys are PRO tigers).

When fans of both teams are complaining, the crew is a good . The same happens with ESPN in español.To be truthful , one of them really is a Tigers fan and the rest of the crew mock him for that but that not prevent him from be a harsh critic of the team. Fans will complain unless homers like Rod are saying what they want to hear.
While ,sometimes, they say things that you could consider due to lack of familiarity with the team, it is nothing but an unbiased outside perspective and that is good

Starting Pitchers going 220+ innings and failing to get 6 innings completed in the post season, poor bullpen management and pathetic (Romine, Carrara) defense equals the 0-2 deficit the Tigers are in. There will be a massive overhaul of this mediocre team in the offseason. Mr. I, money can’t buy you a championship!

I am not sure you need a massive overhaul. First get Brad to learn from his mistakes. Then either get a SS with pop that can bat 7th or maybe Igleasias can bat 2nd. If Hunter wants to come back for 1 more platoon him with Collins to bat 7th would be good. Bring back VMart. We need more than defensive replacements on the bench. And we need to bring back some hard throwers for the bullpen. Hopefully Rondon will be able to stay healthy. But you have to work some magic and find a role for Nathan. He can’t be an everyday closer, closer by committee with no preference might work. With some good arms to choose from.

As stated below, JD and Knlser failed to allow the winning run to score. Carrera´s error was meaningless. JV was in his way out, error or not.

Sounds desperate, hopefully there is more personnel change next year than that.

Staring pitchers? Lester, Shields, Kershaw and Wainright have been as bad as our starters.
Kershaw was left at least one batter too much

The difference in yesterday’s game came down to them executing a great relay from outfield wall to the plate and the Tigers not executing the same play.

That play did not lose the game for us. Maybe a mental error. We had the game won and the bullpen lost it.

Scout: #Tigers’ bench (Perez, Suarez, Carrera, etc.) nearly as big an issue as their ‘pen. Rookies Perez, Suarez pinch-hit in 9th yesterday.

Difficult to have all those stars AND a deep bench. Dombrowski made two attempts to fix the pen. He had agreed to an Andrew Miller deal and did get Soria. Soria should have worked and Miller would have worked. They won the division. The postseason,as we’ve seen the past two days, remains a total crapshoot.

There is no other option than to go to AlAl (other than blind optimism and obstinancy).
Take Al aside and tell him if he promises to mix in his pitches, listen to his catcher he can have the 8th inning. Simple as that.
Al can do the job and he can do it with penache.
That is something this team is without right now.

The only “why not” is Ausmus has turned out to be a formula manager. Surprising and disappointing. Wonder if it’s too much Gene Lamont in his ear?

A simpler switch would have been to start the 8th with Soria and see how that goes.

Usually when we use Albie (Alburquerque), it’s earlier in the game, sixth inning, occasionally seventh inning.”

I saw that quote and had to chuckle. “Usually”? How’s that working for you Brad?

Royal BP (4 relievers) last night threw 4 shutout innings giving up 1 hit and 1 walk.
They were equally impressive in Game One.
There are some names there fans will not even know.

Lots of media coverage of Rajai.
You’d swear this guy is the 2nd coming. Media thinks this guy is needed to win a game for us? Actually quite the opposite–he is likely to cost us a game not win for us, in his condition.
If they play Rajai it only announces how desperate this team is.
Better to have DK in CF tomorrow.

Actually they should have replaced Rajai with Kelly yesterday since it’s a smaller outfield in Baltimore. Kelly probably catches that 6th inning flyball and Verlander stays in the game until there’s a baserunner. That could have pushed Sanchez back an inning and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. There would be about 150 less comments here too.
Carrera could still come in when Kelly replaced Nick or he could have pinch run if necessary. That was my thinking anyway.

without question that would have been the right way to do it

looking back at it, who came up with the idea that someone with virtually zero experience at managing a MLB club was going to come in here and run the show. Obviously all of us could do it, but only from our couches. Brad might be a great coach some day

Brad has a bench coach who has been a manager and a coach forever . Not sure if he is taking advice from the coaching staff. But they should be honest and guide Brad .
Most Clubs require their Managers to come up thru the minor league system first . That did not happen in Brads case and his lack of experience shows .

Pretty sick of the media diversion that is Rajai Davis. What’s all this fuss about? What does it matter how he feels tomorrow or what the weather is?
He can’t R-U-N.
For bloody sakes. Take him OFF the roster and replace him with Collins, who at least can.
It gives us a LHB and a little power that might preclude a Suarez, Romine, Perez situation in the bottom of the 9th.
The O’s are throwing a couple of RHP anyway.

Kershaw , last 3 vs STL: 0-3. Are they stealing signs?

“Mattingly convinced #STLCards didn’t get signs. Says most teams try to get location but can’t get it and most hitters don’t want info anyway.
Mattingly added that in all his years, he could recall only one player who stole actual pitch type, no more than five who could get location”

Tipping pitches has been mentioned too

Tippecanoe and Tyler too?

Jordan Zimmerman is only making 7.5 million this year.

I know you’re watching, Rich.

So Davis is playing tomorrow – silly idea. We don’t need him – sure he can light us up when he can run, but dude can’t run all out right now.

Justin Verlander wants everyone to wear blue tomorrow. There was a choice of orange, white or blue. He says blue. Justin, summer has left the D. Everyone will have winter jakckets on, probably. Hopefully, they will hand out thousands of towels.

Luckily my tiger jacket is blue!

harper throwing temper tantrums out there!

Just grateful I’m not invested in either team. Rich has been known to be a Nat’s fan. It would be agony to watch this, but us Tigers fans are used to it.

TG–are you serious? Did you see that somewhere? That is travesty of managerial decisions if it is correct.

I saw it on an update but just saw kelly is in instead

A pretty damn good article. The key word being gamble—an abbreviation of what I have called “Hope & Dream”.

The Nats going thru a Tigers like game. I want to share Damaso Blanco´s word about the Cabrera AB
The pitch was high but the Ump called it last night, for players it is about consistency. It does not matter if the ball fit or not the box in the screen or what you see from the stands as soon as he calls it for both team and from AB to AB
He is old school so he thinks players, not only Cabrera , are irresponsible when they throw a tantrum like that.
I add,Cabrera was correctly expelled, no argument about strikes calls.
The go ahead was out at home, with a good but not perfect throw.On the road with two outs , in the 9th. It was right to send him home.Bad break for the Giants that the wrong foot was on the air.

Not only the Tigers are killed by Sandoval

davis tomorrow is negligible if porcello is going to pitch the way he has the past few games – well never make it back to BAL with porcello + brad + this bullpen

Evan, nothing is negligible when your back is against the wall and you are lookingfor every edge you can get. Rajai is not a prime time player and getting him into the lineup is not a mandate for management. They have to have functional servicable human beings doing their job. Rajai is a disaster waiting to happen.
This is not a situation where he is being hidden at a DH spot and that his bat is so awesome that it makes a difference.
We’re talking about patrolling CF at Comerica Park.

I mean I’m fine with Don playing CF – but win or lose game three, game four’s starter has been as bad as the bullpen – lately.

it going to be a long hard road back to BAL. i’m questioning whether the offense hasn’t already made plans for this coming week with their families. This series is by all means over. Aside from the bullpen in shambles, we are not playing good baseball. We might win game 3 (50% chance), but I’m putting about 30% chance on game 4. That’s a 15% chance to get back to BAL. So that’s about 7.5% to get to the ALCS….if you assume a 50% chance for game 3 and 5.

the offense has been the only bright spot — but i fear they might have given up — you can’t win series with a bullpen in shambles and not playing good baseball.

davis, kelly……that’s furniture on the titanic man!

Davis said he will play. But Joiba said he wants the ball. They are in the denial phase

It is not over till is over

not officially, but if i asked you to put a valuable amount of money on it with 9:1 odds you would take or pass?

Never understood, the gambling odds.I have seen teams down 1-3 and 0-3 , 0-2 and they won

I would put them winning in my parlay for tomorrow

see above post 50%, 30%, 50% is 8%, even 70, 70 , 70 is 35%

my grade so far:
offense: B+
defense: C-
baserunning: D+
Starters: A
Bullpen: E
gunna be hard to cut it….especially with Rick possibly being awful game 4…on road game 5

The Tigers were better on the road,it is not the NFL

So, this how a good bullpen looks like

Yeah, I was watching the Nats until I came in here to the office. Williams is nuts for pulling Zimmerman, so it’s a bad week for rookie managers. Vic Carapaza behind the plate is a nightmare. No consistency whatsoever. He changed his zone just enough for the Giants to tie it in the 9th. Hours later, here we are.

After watching all 18 innings, all I could think of was just how good their bullpens were. Just to have 1 or 2 of those guys would be a blessing. Of course it could have ended sooner if Posey had been called safe at the plate (which, I believe he was) but having been called “out” by the umpire, I guess NY thought it was too close to tell.

I think it was the right call. his most advanced foot was up, so he was touched at the waist before he finally got to home.

giants know how to do it

giants bullpen gets better in the postseason lol

“Jose Iglesias, SS, Tigers — He may be back in the driver’s seat as the Tigers’ future shortstop now that Eugenio Suarez and Andrew Romine have had their runs and fizzled out. Iglesias has recovered fully from stress fractures in both shins, which were originally diagnosed as shin splints. There had been some discussion that Iglesias could become trade bait, but it’s expected he will pick up where he left off as one of the top defensive shortstops in baseball”

Also: Miller 21/3 will be the starting point.
A 7 th inning pitcher for 21 MM. They refused to pay 15 to a setup Benoit

next season: give Suarez a full AAA season, Romine being the infield utility guy. Try Jose out for a year – take it from there.

No way I give starters an A…..Max kudos to me Scherzer gave up 5 runs all earned. JV a bit better with 3 earned runs that is a C+ in my book.

8 of 11 postseason games decided by one run. With competition this equal, managing/coaching decisions are crucial.

One of those 8 is not like the others.
Svrluga´s point has been made before: “Most games are lost , not won”

When Jordan Zimmermann walked off the mound last night, I said to my wife “He’s taking him OUT?!? NO!”
Matt Williams would call that hindsight. Whatever, brother.

Tigers PR ‏@DetroitTigersPR · now1 minute ago
Lineup vs. BAL: Kinsler 4, Hunter 9, Cabrera 3, V. Martinez DH, J. Martinez 7, Avila 2, Castellanos 5, Romine 6, Kelly 8. Price starting.

Same scenario on our couch in our living room, Wife couldn’t understand “Why are they taking that pitcher out?” Thing that surprised me most was the lack of argument by Zimmerman.
At least today’s lineup doesn’t have Rajai in it. Nothing against him personally but the baseball gods have stolen the legs out from under him. Seemed silly to pretend otherwise.
Today is the day that everyone on this team has to play ball like they know how to.

A Giants-Royals WS would not only be an idiotic matchup of WC teams, but probably draw the lowest viewership in years.

Why a pitcher, and the consensus is Price too, fails to perform like they did with the previous team?
Nathan had lost speed well before being signed by the Tigers. Lost command here.
Soria, injured after being rushed without due warming up.
Joba over performed before the ASG. he regressed.
Four things are different: pitching coach, defense ,catcher, manager. Price supposedly ditched his best pitch, was he told to or lack confidence in his catchers?

Giants-Dodgers for the pennant would be a series to remember. The real rivalry in baseball not the prefabricated Yankees- Boston

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