ALCS tickets go on sale Thursday (updated)

The Tigers postseason begins tomorrow at 5:30pm ET (that’s finally set now that the Royals have advanced), but tickets for the next round go on sale a few hours earlier. AL Championship Series tickets go on sale Thursday at noon ET online exclusively at (limit 12 per customer). They’ll also be available beginning Friday by phone at 866-66-TIGER and in person at the Comerica Park box office.

Unlike the Division Series, where it was pretty clear a while ago that the Tigers would open the road, Detroit’s ALCS seeding (if the Tigers advance, of course) would depend on which team advances from the other series. An Angels-Tigers series would open in California with Games 1-2 on Oct. 10-11. Games 3-5 would be at Comerica Park Oct. 13-15.

A Royals-Tigers rematch, on the other hand, would open in Detroit Oct. 10-11, go to Kansas City for the middle three innings, then return to Comerica Park for Games 6-7 (if necessary) Oct. 17-18.

A limited number of AL Division Series tickets also remain on sale, including Game 3 Sunday afternoon. The Tigers are encouraging fans going to Sunday’s game to head downtown early and give themselves some extra time. Gates will open at 1:45pm ET for the 3:45 game.


watch out ordering tickets – if the game doesn’t happen you do not get your money back quickly. or at least in the past i’ve noticed this pattern.

If you need the money back that quickly, you can’t afford to buy the tickets. 🙂

of course I cannot afford tickets – i could hardly afford regular season tickets even if i lived in SE MI again – however – they don’t clearly tell a purchaser how long it will be. i learned the hard way a few years ago, seen others learn the hard way since.

My dream WS would be Tigers & Pirates. I’m thinking Leyland would love that too.

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